Wednesday, May 04, 2005

In tribute to Terri and her beloved family and supporters....


I wandered, lonely as a cloud
O'er hill and valley, 'neath leafy shroud
Of stately forest that raised its head
To sky above from earthen bed.

I paused ' neath cool of sylvan wing
That sheltered there a tiny spring
Giving forth from Natures breast
To infant waters, virtue blest.

Crystal waters, cool and sweet
Dance o'er pebbles on twinkly feet,
Sparkling droplets, sunlight kissed
Gurgle on 'neath moon and mist.

Sombred now this babbling brook
Drifts on quiet thru valed nook
And winds its way thru mossy side
Where creature small and flower hide.

On they course thru cavern walls
That echo back the erie calls
Of searching waters pounding on
To find New Life within the Dawn

The Gate is won, the battle's done
Reborn they leap to greet the sun,
Plunging down, proud and grand
Crowned in mist upon the sand.

Times tides surge on
But mortals end,
And to his Fate each one must bend.
Coursing on magestically
These waters meet the Eternal Sea.

mary mitchell lafrancis 1955

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