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Wednesday, August 22, 2007
Planned Parent Decides To "Be Forth Right"

That's right. Planned Parenthood has, according to the newspaper, "decided the best way to handle that was to be forth right about it's plans."

The interesting part is what "that" was.

"That" was their intention to complete a new $4.2 million headquarters and clinic in Denver. In secrecy. At least that's what they told the Denver Post. (Read story).

Leslie Durgin, a Planned Parenthood senior vice president said, "We changed that several months ago. We decided that wasn't right for us."

The reason Planned Parenthood changed their mind had more to do with being exposed than with a desire to be "forth right." At least, in my opinion.

Pro-life people in the Denver area became aware of their plans and called them on it, thus leading to their decision to come clean.

I guess it's understandable that Planned Parenthood can believe they can cover up some of their illegal activities regarding abortions to minors without proper consent and the like. Although, they have been caught in several such situations recently, only they would know how much they have actually gotten away with.

But did they really think they could build a $4.2 million, 50,000 square foot building in secret?

And even more important, what would lead them to come to that conclusion? That's a big building.

Perhaps they have become so emboldened by recent victories that they believe they are invincible--also a thought not lost to the gay rights activists.

Thank God for those who are willing to stand up for the sanctity of life and do so publicly.

Leslie Hanks, vice president of Colorado Right to Life, said,"Let's face it,they're in the business to kill babies for profit. First and foremost, they get young girls hooked on their birth control pills, which don't work." She also said of the contractors who have been working on the "secret" project,"Companies in the business of trying to build a death camp need to be exposed."

Lolita Hanks (no relation to Leslie) and a member of Colorado Right To Life said, "As an African-American woman, I find it disturbing that their clinics that do abortions tend to be in African-American neighborhoods."

And that, of course, is exactly where this new clinic is being built.

Many across the nation read the blogs and comments on this website. If you live or have family in the Denver area, please join the pro-life people as they advocate for life. If you do not live in the area, please remember them in prayer as they stand for life.

Life is a gift and it is worth fighting for.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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