Thursday, February 21, 2008


While recently reading a Delaware On Line article
about Lauren Richardson's fight to live, a George Felos quote jumped
off the page and made the hair on the back of my neck stand up!

Inserting himself into another disabled woman's family turf battle should
raise the hackles of any who remember his work with Michael Schiavo to
ensure Terri's untimely demise.

Felos, author of "Litigation as Spiritual Practice" has a history with disabled women
who can't speak for themselves. As a matter of fact, George Felos has a habit
of speaking for them.

The Delaware On Line, February 3, 08, article explained, "Felos said he was pleased that this is apparently exactly what happened with Lauren Richardson and her mother."

'This is just an example of why living wills (also called Advance Heath Care Directives) ... is not just an elderly issue. It is for everyone. We just don't know when our time will come,' he said. 'If there is any grace that came out of the Schiavo case, it is that lives were affected in a positive way,' he said."

Mr. Felos musings about Estelle Browning's so-called "right to die" struggle are chronicled in his chilling book available
from Blue Dolphin Press.

"Such a deep, dark, silent blue. I stared as far into her eyes as I could, hoping to sense some glimmer of understanding, some hint of awareness. The deeper I dove, the darker became the blue, until the blue became the black of some bottomless lake. "Mrs. Browning, do you want to die ... do you want to die?" I nearly shouted as I continued to peer into her pools of strikingly beautiful but incognizant blue. It felt so eerie. Her eyes were wide open and crystal clear, but instead of the warmth of lucidity, they burned with the ice of expressionlessness."

This encounter with Mrs. Browning led Mr. Felos, Esq. to his current crusader role in "freeing the disabled" in Florida
and chillingly beyond.

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catholicandgop said...

I would have been perfectly happy going the rest of my life without every hearing from Felos again. Ugh. No surprise he wants to get involved in this one.