Monday, March 17, 2008


Need a boost to get your day going and heart focused
on Him?

I've been thinking and praying today about Lauren Richardson.
For the first time I found my way to the testimonial page on her web site.

Let your heart be blessed by the love, dedication and hope in these individual's stories of their disabled loved ones.

Take a moment to Praise the Lord for dear souls like these, who love in spite of the obstacles and persevere when the system tells them to give up.

These are the kinds of hearts that established America's hospitals, before they became money driven.

Lord, we pray for an outpouring of your love and healing upon Lauren and her family this day.

Touch the heart of the judge in this matter, that he will recognize the value of this beautiful young mom. Let Lauren understand the love and concern pouring forth on her behalf. Bring goodness where some mean for evil to prevail.

LORD, WE LOVE YOU AND PRAISE YOU for every day that you give us to proclaim your mighty name.

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Anonymous said...

Leslee, I opened my email up while in SC visiting my son in law's family.My son in law died 9 years ago(at 24) at the hands of irresponsible doctors and his two daughters come back to visit his family.How beautiful to see your prayers for Lauren. Let's hope that her daughter Ember will have the chance to know her mom unlike my grandchildren who were denied their father from the culture of death.THank you for your witness of faith and God's love.