Tuesday, March 04, 2008

More Planed Parenthood Depravity

Article published Mar 3, 2008

Free condoms in businesses part of new Planned Parenthood marketing campaign
By Cari Merrill

Local bars participating in a Planned Parenthood marketing campaign by allowing safe sex literature and condoms to circulate around their establishments said they’re doing their part to promote safe sex.

But one restaurant and bar manager was “shocked” when she found out that material was distributed in her bar without prior approval. And some of the target audience questions the campaign’s effectiveness.

Coasters and business cards with safe sex tips and Planned Parenthood resources as well as free condoms circulated around the Old Town Old Chicago bar the night of Jan. 25. Manager Joanna Hennessy learned about that night on Monday morning and was upset that it wasn’t approved first.

“That is not something we do. I would have heard about it,” she said Monday morning.

Hennessy approves of the Planned Parenthood organization but doesn’t think its materials belong in a place of business. “It’s kind of disconcerting. We’re an eating and pizza establishment. We don’t want to bombard our guests when they’re out enjoying their dinners.”

The information and condoms are part of a relatively new marketing campaign by Planned Parenthood, said Katie Groke Ellis, public affairs coordinator for Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains. Volunteers travel to different bars and disseminate the information with business’ approval.

Old Chicago was not on the list of places to hand out information Jan. 25 but Groke Ellis said volunteers stopped in for dinner, a bartender was interested in the information and it was passed around the bar. Groke Ellis has heard no complaints from the restaurant, but Hennessy said Monday morning was the first she had heard about the distribution.

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