Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Dear Leslie,

Yes, I’ve been gagged.

No this is not Al Qaeda or the Taliban. This is the University of Saint Thomas – the largest private university, a Catholic university, in Minnesota.

They’ve denied permission for me, Star Parker, to speak on their campus about the impact of abortion in America.

It’s true. The Washington Times has written about it. The Minneapolis Star Tribune has written about it.

What this tells me is that I’m being effective. It’s why liberals, even at one of the nation’s largest private Catholic universities, don’t want me there. And it’s why I’m writing today to ask you to support my organization CURE so we can fight these liberals running our universities and keep my speaking tour active.

I have spoken at over 150 universities around the United States and getting a platform in the belly of this liberal beast has often been a challenge. But I must say that this snub is particularly disturbing to me.

My concern is that it comes in an election year that has made race and gender issues front and center. Yet a black female cannot speak at one of our nation’s premier universities on the very issue that has deeply divided us politically left and right.

This rejection is particularly ironic during the very week when Pope Benedict XVI begins what he is calling a “teaching” visit to the United States.

This Pope has called abortion “Today’s gravest injustice.”

More than a million human lives are aborted in the United States each year. About 120,000 a month. Approximately 30,000 a week. One third of which are black. Yep. One of two black pregnancies are aborted. That’s 400,000 a year. More than 1000 black human lives every day.

The left says that conservatives only want to talk about abortion and ignore poverty. But the collapse of values, the collapse of reverence for life, the collapse of family, is what drives poverty. The overwhelming number of families living in poverty today are single parent households. And they are disproportionately black.

Yet a Catholic university decides to keep a black conservative who once lived on welfare and who knows first hand of the abortion genocide off its campus.

But within the last year this same university which has slammed the door on me hosted liberal Al Franken and transgender male now female activist Debra Davis.


You know, national polls keep showing that our young people are moving further and further to the left. And this incident might tell us a little of why.

A Gallup poll of recent days shows that in a match-up between pro-abort Barack Obama and pro-life John McCain, Obama wins by twenty points among voters 18-29.

This is the Barack Obama who for twenty years has gone to the Trinity United Church of Christ and listened to his pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, spew venom about America. The Obama who condemned the Supreme Court’s decision banning partial birth abortion. The same Obama who National Journal rated the single most liberal Senator.

There are 42 million young Americans in the 18-29 age bracket. And yet it is a great battle to let these young people, who are our nation’s future, hear both sides of today’s important issues?!

This imbalance of discourse feeds into the problem that when you lose a sense of what something’s worth, you’ll throw it away. I’m afraid that our young people are losing a sense of what freedom is and what it is worth and I’m afraid many are ready to throw it away. If they don’t learn about real American values at our own universities, where will they learn?

Over ten years ago, I founded the Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education (CURE) to fight the left, to fight the welfare state and to fight poverty with a message of traditional values and limited government.


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