Sunday, May 18, 2008


Today the LA Times reports the death of one
who may have caused the deaths of untold

Harvey Karman, invented a device in the 1970s that made abortions simpler, cheaper and less painful.

According to the Times, "He did more for 'safe abortion' around the world than practically any other person."

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GrannyGrump said...

Do you know what he did to those rape victims in Bangladesh during his "humanitarian" visit? He stuck them full of plastic springs and balsa wood. Yup. Model airplane parts. He left them with pieces of wood and plastic stuck in their uterine walls. He left them with hemorrhage and infection. God only knows how many of them were sent back to their villages to die for want of aftercare.

He also killed Joyce Johnson in 1955, right home in California, when he got it into his head that a NUTCRACKER would make a good abortion instrument.

He treated women like lab rats. He injured them. He killed at least one. But he's a hero, an icon. Why? Because of his unbridled enthusiasm for abortion. That's all it takes for some people. Kill babies and you're a hero, even if you injure and kill the mothers as well.

Then they have the gall to claim that it's all about the well-being of women.