Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Teen Sex? Please Do! - Planned Parenthood

Matt Barber
Monday, September 01, 2008

Planned Parenthood, the billion dollar corporate abortion mill, has taken indecency to a whole new level and is using your taxpayer dollars to do so. The organization, which is responsible for the abortion deaths of tens of millions of people, was founded in 1916 by admitted white-supremacist Margret Sanger, with the lofty goal of, as Sanger put it, eliminating “the ever increasing, unceasingly spawning class of human beings who never should have been born at all.” Lest there be any doubt as to whom, exactly, Sanger was referring to, she also wrote: “We do not want the word to go out that we (Planned Parenthood) want to exterminate the Negro population.”

Sorry, Maggie. Word’s out.

Although Planned Parenthood’s primary mission is detestable beyond words and remains unchanged still today, its secondary goal, if left in a vacuum, is not so sinister. That is, of course, to make lots and lots of money.

But here’s what is sinister. In order to make lots and lots of money, Planned Parenthood, just like any other “service provider,” needs lots and lots of customers, and the best way to get those customers is to promote the very behaviors which create them. Specifically, to manipulate kids – under the guise of so-called “comprehensive sex education” – to engage in promiscuous, casual sex as soon and as often as possible. It’s simple supply and demand. Planned Parenthood encourages the behaviors which create the demand and then dutifully offers its deadly supply.

To that end, Planned Parenthood has created a new promotional Web site that targets youth. It’s called “Take Care Down There” (. It features short, near pornographic “public service” video vignettes which, among other things, promote casual sex, immodesty, homosexuality and even group sex.



SoMG said...

Two points:

1. Margaret Sanger is ancient history. Racism was normal in the first half of the Twentieth Century, and it wasn't the only strange or oppressive idea floating around. For instance, back then there were weird people called Catholics (you may have heard of them), who (almost all) believed (brace yourself for this) that women should not be allowed to vote! That voting was "un-feminine" and "contrary to women's nature". The Catholic Church actually prevented France from allowing les femmes to vote until the mid 1940s.

I challenge you to identify ANYTHING Planned Parenthood does TODAY that is motivated by racism or eugenics.

2. Planned Parenthood PREVENTS more abortions than any right-to-life organization, including the Catholic Church. Also, PP saves us more than they cost. If they disappeared, your taxes (or government debt) would go up.

Leslie said...

How about the racist sting that Lila Rose
and the LA Advocate did contacting 7 Planned
Parenthood clinics and suggesting donations
to specifically pay for abortions for black babies?
Every PP said they would take the $$$!

Does it seem racist that nearly 80% of PP clinics
are in minority neighborhoods?

Anonymous said...

That's not Planned Parenthood policy, to target black babies for abortion. Not anymore than it's Catholic policy for priests to diddle little kids.

If it's true that 80% of PP clinics are in minority neighborhoods, that's merely a reflection of the people who most need PP's services.

Remember that 96% of PP's services have nothing to do with abortion -- annual exams, STD testing, contraception, etc.