Tuesday, September 09, 2008

This week's I-70 Scout, my local
paper, had a letter to the editor from
Amanda Mountjoy advising against voting
for Personhood - Amendment 48.

I decided to see how Repubs for Choice (Murder) are doing in Colorado and nationally. At the national level,
they are still setting up their state pages from when Bill Owens was on the RNC platform committee - in the 90s.

Locally, they have a meeting set for 9/11/08.

So far, no attendees but 2 said maybe! The Republican Party is utterly broken,as evidenced by Dr. Dobson
saying last month the nominee was unacceptable and this week reversing himself, so he can be a player.

Pro-Choice meeting (for those of you that are pro-child killing)

Sep 11 Thu 6:00 PM

Denver Athletic Club
1325 Glenarm Pl
Denver, CO 80204
(303) 534-1211

Who’s coming?
0 Yes / 2 Maybe

Who's organizing?

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