Monday, November 24, 2008


Lauren Richardson -- Wrong Result

The Delaware News-Journal had more, this morning, on the settlement between the parents in the Lauren Richardson case.

The mother had originally fought to remove Lauren's life-sustaining medical treatment because "she felt bound by her promise to her daughter." She proved in a court of law with clear and convincing evidence that lauren would not have wanted that treatment.

Now she has agreed with Lauren's father to continue treating Lauren. That agreement, however, should not be sufficient to end the court's involvement here. At this point, it looks like Lauren's parents are not acting as proper substitute decision makers under the Delaware Health Care Decisions Act because they appear to be doing something to Lauren that she would not have wanted.

In short, it seems that an evidentiary hearing is required to determine exactly why the mother has changed her mind. Otherwise, the court should appoint a guardian authorized to make the decision to withdraw life support.
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JacqueFromTexas said...

This is the guy on the exact opposite side of all that I am working towards. My research and dissertation is on futile care, with the intent of overturning laws that allow hospitals to remove treatment, and he wholeheartedly supports it.

This is why I need to finish my Ph.D. and outrank him.

Leslie said...

Woo Hoo!!

Hurry up dear, we need you.