Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rohrbough Rejects All Laws As Evil And Wicked Which Allow “And Then You Can Kill The Baby”

In his “Institute On The Constitution” January “First Friday” address, Brian Rohrbough, President of the Colorado-based “American Right To Life,” told an attentive packed house about the important differences between those who see the pro-life cause as a business and those who see the pro-life cause as a Godly calling. Emphatically rejecting the regulation of murder-by-abortion, he characterized as evil and wicked any law which says, in effect, after being complied with - “and then you can kill the baby” - a phrase first used by Bob Enyart, pastor of the Denver Bible Church.

To order a DVD of this important talk, please contact “Institution On The Constitution” at 1-866-730-9796.

Brian became active in the pro-life movement after his son Daniel was murdered at Columbine High School. Through his unrelenting years of investigation, he found an undeniable link between Columbine and our “culture of death” - a culture which has its roots in the secular humanist teachings of Darwinism promoted by our Godless, government-run education system. When “survival of the fittest” and “natural selection” became the official policy of our government, Brian says, the legalized murder of innocent children through abortion became acceptable in the eyes of man.

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“American Right to Life” is a no-compromise, no-exceptions organization dedicated to ending abortion by recognizing the God given right to life and establishing the personhood of every human being beginning at the very moment that biological life begins. “A.R.L.” opposes every “pro-life” initiative or legislation that compromises God’s enduring command “Do Not Murder”.


Anonymous said...

Brian is no different than the pro-life people he unBiblically condemns. His version is to fail a state ballot vote miserably... and then they can just keep on killing the baby. His version is to attack pro-life groups that save lives, and then babies keep on dying after he talks.

Scott Evans said...

That state ballot initiative that "failed miserably" garnered over 580,000 votes. That's well over half a million people that agreed that, "The term person or persons shall include any human being from the moment of fertilization." That many yes votes on the first try could hardly be considered a failure. And those "pro-life groups that save lives?" If you're referring to National Right to Life, they don't appear to save any lives. After all, if they ended abortion in America, they would all lose their cushey jobs, large salaries, and retirement benefits.

Pain said...

Well at least some of you recognize that this is a form of welfare for white Christians who have had a family tragedy and seek to parlay that into a cushy job w/ retirement benefits or steady cash flow.

Most of the leaders who make the big bucks at this and the middle class folks who get face time on Fox once or twice a year know that this is a perpetual gig because Roe v Wade will never be overturned by the Supremes. At best a few states [the Dakotas?] will liklely ban abortion with the force of law since it is de facto illegal already.

Still We find it amusing that you are all fighting each other because it is more important to your egos to be seen as in charge or on the right side than to carry out your stated mission to reduce and end abortion as a practice in America.

Profitable futility, but futility nevertheless.

Anonymous said...

"That many yes votes on the first try could hardly be considered a failure."

Stupid people like you are funny, Scott. For your tiny maggot brain, try to grasp that when an overwhelming majority of the voters piss on your mindless initiative, you are losers and failures of the first water. To you, Leslie, Brian, and all the other fundie pigs, suck my ass.