Monday, May 11, 2009

Another way to honor Moms: Increase social tension!

No child killing with tranquility!!

I missed this year's Mother's day Holiday Home Visit to a Denver abortionist O'Laughlin, but I'm so impressed at those who took time out of their day to remind the neighbors what he does, allowing him to live in that Mc Mansion and park a Mercedes in his drive way.

This activisim is starting to spread and I'm so proud of our friends in Indianapolis who are bringing the truth to abortionist's neighbors there. It is becoming an effective way to shine the light of day on these cockroaches and take abortion from the abstraction of being a "medical procedure" to showing the ugly reality.

And by the way, what could be more priceless than a 6 year old asking a local "law enforcement" official, why he won't arrest the killer?

Here's a word from her lovely Mother:

Price of the average abortion? - $400
- Price of the car driven by an abortionist? - $50,000
- Price of the home bought with blood money? - $300,000
- Price of the look on a policeman’s face when my six year old asks him why he doesn’t arrest the baby-killers? - PRICELESS!

Here is a little clip of Kiralee's bold witness!

And to clarify the sound:

Kiralee: “Excuse me.”

Policeman: “Yes mam.”

Kiralee: “Um, why do you not arrest, um, the baby killers?”

A brief hesitant pause then an unforgettable panicked look appeared on the policeman’s face as he glanced over at me with regret before stumbling over his response. (I was trying to be sneaky while recording on the DL so unfortunately his face is blocked – but trust me, you’ll just have to take my word for it – it was PRICELESS!)

Policeman: “Well… because they have their beliefs, and you guys have yours……….Some people think it’s okay, and some people don’t.”

Kiralee: “Oh, okay…….thank you……………………………..awe…”


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

What a bold witness!! It never ceases to amaze me that the children "get it" and adults do their best to deny the truth in unrighteousness.

Dani said...

Thanks for posting this Leslie - What a great day that was, we sure missed you. I couldn't think of anything greater to do on mother's day than protest with my family & friends from church!

As you may or may not know, I've been receiving a ton of criticism on my blog over this video from feeble-minded, feminist fools accusing me of "using" my daughter for political gain, "indoctrinating" her with lies & wrongfully exposing her to stuff she shouldn't know about at only 6-years-old. And by "stuff" I mean exposing her to the radical idea that babies are people too & should be protected by law.

As for the question my daughter asked the policeman - she doesn't yet comprehend the fact that we have immoral laws, all she understands is that policemen are supposed to catch the bad guys & protect the innocent. So when she came up with the question ON HER OWN I told her she should ask the cop herself to hear his answer. I know the police can't arrest child-killers because of the corrupt laws - but I imagine it is quite disheartening for a six year old to learn that the very people who are supposed to serve & protect her are not allowed to protect the most innocent of the population - unborn babies.

People will get so outraged over me "exposing" my children to the horrors & harsh realities of abortion, but there is absolutely no outcry over the fact that thousands of babies, every single day are legally getting mutilated in the womb & tossed in the garbage. What's wrong with humanity?

Liberals think it's a bizzare & backwards belief for me to teach my kids that serial baby-killers should be convicted of a capital crime & put to death, not have the right to earn a living as a hit-man for hire with the protection of the armed forces, all while the blood-money overflows as killing unwanted, unborn kids stays in high demand thanks to a woman's "right to choose".

What it boiled down to is this: My 6-year-old has more of a moral compass and conviction of right & wrong than than all these college educated adults combined.

It doesn't take a genius to know that killing babies is wrong, but it does take intense indoctrination & moral depravity to justify killing any innocent child for any reason under the sun.