Sunday, May 17, 2009

Notre Dame "Permanent Collaborator Status"!!!

Ok. So now Notre Dame has "Permanent Collaborator Status"!

Not sure anyone will care.


We might still use this to call attention to the dereliction of duty of Notre Dame president, Father Jenkins, and others
who have allowed this travesty.

Of course, The Collaborators Project, might have garnered more attention were it not for "World Can't Wait" - front group "Abortion on Demand - Without Apology"!

These intensely deceived individuals need a hearty dose of Theologyonline!

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NOAH said...

my name is hilary, i've followed your daughter's blog since before tuesday was taken. i came across your blog tonight for the first time. what an incredible thing you are doing. i'm a young mother of 2 and my sweet 3 year old was saved from my selfishness by a friend who intervened. my passion now is to educate girls about other options besides murder and cover up. thank you for your blog and for your drive to educate and protest the horrible thing our country endorses.