Friday, November 05, 2010

Juda 4 Praise has a word for No on 62's Fofi Mendez

juda myers 11.4.2010

Well we saw change November 2, 2010. When people actually get up and do something, things do change. There is a silent majority that seems to hold everything inside until they can’t take it any longer. But what if people continually did what is right and made an effort to keep this country as the founders intended – as God intended?

The sign above is what anti Personhood people held. These people are against people like me because I was conceived in rape.They use my situation as an excuse to kill. Next time I want to gather a huge crowd of people conceived in rape to stand there with signs that ask if we deserve the death penalty for the crime of our fathers.

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Hear Juda praise God for her life with this beautiful song on Youtube Take my hand and not My Life.

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