Saturday, May 28, 2005

Freeper Prayer Request: 8-month old boy with rapidly growing cyst on brain5-28-05 |

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Dear Freepers and prayer warriors,

My good friend and his wife, who together have done Pro-Life work for about 30 years have an 8-month old grandson with a rapidly growing cyst on his brain.

His name is Teddy Thaddeus Ladislaus and he’s in Texas, just like our tiniest Freeper, Logan, aka. Texas Termite.

Teddy was diagnosed with brain anomalies and I believe other problems when he was still in-utero and the doctors advised his mother to abort him. Well his good mother is a tried and true Pro-Life Christian and would not consider that.

Teddy is now 8-months old and has been diagnosed with a rapidly growing cyst on his brain.

I will provide more details when I get them.

My friend is a member of Knights For Life and his grandson needs many prayers. Please hold little Teddy, his mom, and family in your prayers.


Kevin (

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