Saturday, May 28, 2005


I figure Memorial Day started Thursday...Since that day, I have watched as mothers brought their children to be killed at two of Tampa's abortuaries...That I know of only two mom's turned away...Four very large babies came inside their moms today at Hyde Park to be injected with digoxin, into their tiny hearts, by Harry the Hacker Perper, who then left to kill those waiting at the Kennedy Killing Place...He would return around noon or so to finish killing the little tiny first trimester babies by hacking them up and sucking them into a canister, the same ones used in liposuctions...Sue and I actually saw the sucking tubes being carried into Alternatives on Thursday...

The alter-ego of Margaret Alvis, owner of Alternatives, again threatened to sue me...She told me that if I told one more person "they would die in here" that she would sue me...She had witnesses that would sign affadavits, yada-yada-yada...I told her she should go ahead now and sue...Why wait?

Alternatives has spent huge bucks lately on a very rotten roof and soffits, AC, etc. Keep praying for more disasters to befall this place. I put her, Margaret, among the worst of the killers, since she purposely located across from a high school...She thought she could capitalize on killing kid's kids...Ed Martin thinks she would be the easiest to put out of business. I know they are threatened because no one else ever came out to threaten me with lawsuits, etc...(Harry just comes out and screams.)

Pray that this place goes down...The killer, DeHaan is 81 ...If a young woman is severely injured at that place and we can use that to shut them be it...

Will you join me in that "attack" prayer?



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