Friday, May 16, 2008


Dear Governor Minner:

The bottom line regarding the preservation of Lauren Richardson's life
is that she is a living person and guilty of no crime that would
demand her death.

Innocent life is not negotiable.

No lawyer's brief or report from a team of physicians can change the
radical truth that Lauren Richardson's Personhood is reason enough to
keep her alive. And not just "enough" but reason to call in the troops
to preserve, defend and protect Laurel's life from those who would
dare to extinguish her God ordained being, in our world. It is
Personhood that must be protected at every single level in the
continuum of life from birth, through frailty and old age. Personhood
is reason enough to honor the living with life. Personhood is reason
enough to honor the dead. Personhood raises the monuments to our
fallen, our wounded, our heroes. Personhood raises the infirmary and
the missionary and the nursing mother at 4 AM. Personhood is enough to
preserve the yet to be born, the yet to die, the dying and the ill.

Governor Minner, as you consider your options regarding the situations
before you as a governor of the persons living in your state, let
Lauren Richardson's Personhood recalibrate your mind, heart, spirit
and gumption sir; it is an easy decision to make, because Personhood
cannot be denied.

As the United States accepts the euthanization of its Persons, it
slips further and further down among its corpses, morally debased,
utterly hollow of spirit and conviction.

Be the strong voice against the lie. Stand up. Speak out. Lead:Save
Lauren Richardson's Personhood.

I will then join my voice to yours.

Most sincerely,

Eve Sanchez Silver
Cinta Latina Research

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