Friday, May 16, 2008


Governor Ruth Minner
State of Delaware

Dear Governor Minner:

I am writing to you concerning the life of Lauren Richardson. I am asking that you intervene in order to save Lauren from what I fear is an imminent court order indicating that Lauren be starved and dehydrated to death.

I know that it may be easy for some people to say that in her current state her life is not worth living and therefore not worth saving, but I ask you to search your heart. There have been several people in recent years that have suddenly been awakened from comas. I ask you to consider that the same thing may happen for Lauren. She may wake up one day and ask to see her daughter.

What happens when this child grows up wondering how an entire state of people could stand by as they did Terri Schiavo--watching her mom starve to death?

As summer draws near I am spending more and more time enjoying bright skies and warm breezes. These are things…even in a coma that Lauren can feel. As I grow thirsty and guzzle down bottles of refreshing ice cold water, I can’t help but think that there are people who will go to great lengths to keep Lauren from receiving hydration. I can’t imagine being that thirsty.

I wonder if Lauren’s daughter will one day ask how so many people could stand by as her mother’s lips dried and cracked—her tongue swelling up—with dark sunken eyes planted in ashy, scaly, flaking, skeletal skin.

Governor Minner, I am begging you to do what others in your position, (and higher), were not courageous enough to do in Florida. I am asking you to use the power that your office holds to stand up for the life of this young girl.

In an era of “dead beat dads”, society presses fathers to step up to the plate to take care of their children. Lauren has a father who wants to do just that.

Please, grant Lauren Richardson a “stay of execution.” Please, allow her to live.


Day Deborah Lipford-Gardner
Miss Delaware 1976
President, National Black Pro-Life Union

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