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Kevin Simpson's piece, "Letting Dylan Go," merits the
nation's most morally repugnant story of 2005.

Your decision to get the Exclusive by waiting until
Dylan's "journey" to the grave was complete is

Readers might feel like they are reading a Twilight Zone
episode if they don't think about the reality of a disabled child starving
for 24 days, unto death.

Of course the whole sordid tale had the blessing of
the parent's spiritual leader, Pastor Conn - could a name be more apropos?

A morality tale at Christmas lacking love, hope, faith or
sacrifice - the real reasons for the season.

Leslie Hanks
V.P. Colorado Right to Life

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


The Denver Post made an agreement with Dylan's parents to let them
chronicle his starvation murder for the EXCLUSIVE - so long as they
didn't go public until the killing was complete!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

SELFLESS COURAGE! Inspiration at Christmas

The Washington Times ^ | 12/11/2005

Posted on 12/13/2005 8:49:21 AM MST by Rutles4Ever

A mother who found out she had cancer after becoming pregnant sacrificed her life for her unborn baby by refusing an abortion and chemotherapy, a British newspaper reported.

Devout Catholic Bernadette Mimura, known as Milai, shunned the potentially life-saving treatment because doctors told her it would kill the child, the Northern Echo regional daily reported Friday.

The 37-year-old, a native of the Philippines who lived near Stockton-on-Tees in northeast England with her British partner, Adam Taylor, survived long enough to see the birth of their son, Nathan.

But soon after seeing him baptized, she was transferred to a hospice and died about a week later.

"Being a Catholic, for her abortion was out of the question," Mr. Taylor told the newspaper. "It was a tough decision, but the decision was we could not give up on Nathan."

The boy, now 4 months old, was premature but was born fit and healthy.

Father Alan Sheridan, who performed the baptism, told Britain's domestic Press Association news agency: "Bernadette said the most important thing was the birth of her baby and she would not do anything to harm him.

"Having an abortion was never a consideration. I know she talked it over with Adam and because she was a Catholic, there was no way she would have done it.

"She had to judge which life was more important and she just prayed there would be a cure for cancer." Father Sheridan is spearheading an appeal to raise $6,490 to repatriate Mrs. Mimura's body to the Philippines for burial. Money left over will help her other three children from a first marriage.

The priest said he hoped the Manila government would help with a grant to fly the three youngsters from Britain for the ceremony.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Leslie Hanks
December 3, 2005



Brian Rohrbough, father of Danny who was murdered in the Columbine
massacre, will address the 2006 MARCH FOR LIFE.

The annual event, sponsored by Colorado Right to Life, will be Saturday
January 21, 2006 at the State Capitol beginning at 1:30 p.m.

Brian understands the killings at Columbine are linked with the teaching of
generations that taking the lives of pre-born babies through abortion, is

“When we allow mothers to murder their children, we undermine the
foundation of life.
If our society teaches children that we will not value or protect the life
of an innocent
baby, then our children will realize there are no boundaries

“When schools, like Columbine, deny that life is granted by our Creator
as our Declaration of Independence states, then teach as a religion the
theory of evolution, students now believe that the survival of the fittest
is their right. Further, when schools teach that there is no absolute right
or wrong, students can decide for themselves if they want to murder their

“Brian Rohrbough is a hero for his courage in stating what our elected
should be saying,” notes Leslie Hanks, V.P. Colorado Right to Life.

“The incredible pain and loss in his life has taught him that all human
life is sacred
and worthy of legal protection. He knows that Colorado began the abortion
holocaust which has led to the unjust taking of nearly 50 million innocent
and the deaths of nearly 60 students in related school shootings in the

Coloradoans are invited to hear Brian Rhorbough’s timely and critical
challenge for
Colorado to lead America back to the legal protection of all innocent human
life, from fertilization through natural death, because abortion is always

Salk Institute Grows Human Brain Cells in Mice

“Man-Mice” creations show how far medical ethics has degraded
La Jolla, CA – Scientists at the Salk Institute have created human/mouse chimeras by injecting the brains of mice with human embryonic stem cells obtained by killing live human embryos.  Chimeras are mixture of human and animal species that cannot develop in nature.
Operation Rescue, one of the first groups to publicly oppose experimentation using live human embryos, expresses shock and horror at this latest revelation, showing how far ethical barriers within the medical research community have collapsed.
“Human embryonic stem cells are harvested by killing live and developing human embryos before cell differentiation has begun.  This alone should present problems for ethicists,” said Operation Rescue spokesperson Cheryl Sullenger who has authored a number of published articles decrying human experimentation.  “But to inject the cells from these humans beings into the brains of mice creates new ethical considerations.  We have no idea of the consequences of such actions.  Creating a new breed of man-mice should be shocking and unacceptable to anyone who values and respects human life.  Just a decade ago, it would have been.”
“Adult stem cell treatments have shown much greater promise than the use of stem cells stripped from live human embryos.  There is not one person alive today that has benefited from embryonic stem cells, but there are many who have had their lives improved with emerging adult stem cell treatments,” said Sullenger.
“Yet researchers continue to insist upon using life-destructive research, when there is more promise with research that does not take innocent life.  This is an indicator that the ethics of the medical research community have eroded to the point where they apparently can no longer see why the degradation of life through these appalling experiments is wrong,” continued Sullenger.
The Salk Institute is revered the world over for the discovery of it founder, Jonas Salk, of the cure for Polio. 
“It is sad to see this institution, which was once dedicated to saving lives, so callously pervert and destroy the lives of the most vulnerable among us in a depraved quest for medical advancement.
“Research derived from such human loss and degradation must not be accepted by civilized men and women.  The price we will have to pay, morally and ethically, is just too high.  This crosses the line of decency,” she said.  “Where will it stop?”
Operation Rescue is one of the leading pro-life Christian organizations in the nation.  Its activities are on the cutting edge of the abortion issue, taking direct action to restore legal personhood to the pre-born and stop abortion in obedience to biblical mandates.
Web site:

Monday, December 05, 2005

Wednesday, November 9, 2005 - 12:00 AM

Permission to reprint or copy this article or photo, other than personal use, must be obtained from The Seattle Times. Call 206-464-3113 or e-mail with your request.

Alito voices no threat to Roe, senators say

By Charles Babington and Michael A. Fletcher
The Washington Post

WASHINGTON — Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito expressed reluctance to overturn long-standing precedents such as the 1973 Roe v. Wade abortion-rights ruling, a move that has helped silence some critics and may resolve a key problem early in the Senate confirmation process, several senators said Tuesday.

In private meetings with senators who support abortion rights, Alito said the Supreme Court should be wary of reversing decisions that have been repeatedly upheld, according to the senators, who said it was clear the context was abortion.

"He basically said ... that Roe was precedent on which people — a lot of people — relied, and been precedent now for decades and therefore deserved great respect," Sen. Joseph Lieberman, D-Conn., said after meeting with Alito on Tuesday.

Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, said she had a similar conversation about an hour later with Alito, who has made clear that he personally opposes abortion. "I asked him whether it made a difference to him if he disagreed with the initial decision but it had been reaffirmed several times since then," Collins said. "I was obviously referring to Roe in that question. He assured me that he has tremendous respect for precedent and that his approach is to not overturn cases due to a disagreement with how they were originally decided."

Collins, Lieberman and others cautioned that they did not directly ask Alito if he would vote to overturn Roe and that his comments should not be seen as a guarantee. But the conversations appear to be building Alito's resistance to what might be the biggest impediment to his confirmation: liberals' claims that he is a threat to legalized abortion, which most Americans support, according to polls.

As a moderate Republican who supports abortion rights, Collins is viewed as pivotal to any serious bid to block Alito. She is a member of the bipartisan "Gang of 14," which has agreed to oppose a filibuster unless the nomination involves "extraordinary circumstances." Collins said Tuesday, "At this point, I see no basis for invoking 'extraordinary circumstances' and for anyone to mount a filibuster."

Several Republicans who oppose abortion rights said they are not alarmed by Alito's comments because they believe he will base his decisions on the Constitution and the law, standards they can live with. "I think pro-choice Republicans are feeling more and more comfortable that whatever stand he takes on the Roe issue will be driven by the law, not ideology," said Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.

Alito's confirmation hearing has been set to start Jan. 9.

Material from The Associated Press is included in this report

Copyright © 2005 The Seattle Times Company

Each year approximately 11,930 teenagers become pregnant in Colorado.

In 1996, the pregnancy rate in Colorado for teen girls 15-17 years old was 58 per 1,000.

In 1999, the CDC reported 280 abortions performed on girls 16 and under in Colorado.

24.1% of Colorado abortions are performed on girls 16 and under.

26,680 teenagers are seen each year at Colorado family planning clinics.

Each year, 12,350 Colorado teenagers receive birth control or other services from Title X clinics.

In Colorado, approximately 9,870 teenagers receive birth control or other services from Planned Parenthood every year.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Terri would be turning 42 this weekend, were it not for her
psychopathic husband Michael, deciding to remove her
food and water - resulting in her starvation/dehydration
death this past spring.

Please take a moment to remember TERRI in your thoughts
and prayers on 12/3 and for justice to prevail for the wicked
who chose to end her life prematurely!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005



WASHINGTON, Nov. 22 - Federal drug regulators have discovered that all four women in this country who died after taking an abortion pill suffered from a rare and highly lethal bacterial infection, a finding that is leading to new scrutiny of the drug's safety.

Since all four deaths occurred in California, an unusual clustering, the Food and Drug Administration quietly tested to see if abortion pills distributed in California were somehow contaminated. They were not.

Stumped, officials from the F.D.A. and the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have decided to convene a scientific meeting early next year to discuss this medical mystery, according to two drug agency officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the topic.

Among other issues, the experts hope to explore whether the abortion pill, called Mifeprex or RU-486, somehow makes patients vulnerable to an infection with Clostridium sordellii, the lethal bacteria. If so, they will explore how such an infection "could be more easily diagnosed and even prevented," one official said.

Monty Patterson, whose daughter Holly died on Sept. 17, 2003, less than a month after her 18th birthday, said he believed that Mifeprex inhibits the immune system, making women more vulnerable to bacteria.

Mr. Patterson's campaign against Mifeprex helped persuade the family of at least one other woman who died to have tissue samples tested for the presence of the rare bacteria, he said.

"I believe this drug should be taken off the market," Mr. Patterson said.

For now, there is no indication that the F.D.A. is considering restricting access to the drug. Indeed, it has advised doctors against giving antibiotics as a precaution to prevent the rare infections since antibiotic therapy carries its own risks.

Mifeprex has been used in more than 500,000 medical abortions in the United States since its approval in September 2000. The risks of death from infection after using the pill are similar to the risks after surgical abortion or childbirth, said Dr. Steven Galson, director of the F.D.A.'s center for drugs.

Warnings about the drug's possible link with Clostridium sordellii were placed on Mifeprex's label in July, and the drug agency without announcement updated this information on its Web site on Nov. 4 after it discovered that all of the deaths involved the lethal bacteria.

"I think everyone would like to know what exactly is going on regarding these rare and really serious Clostridium sordellii infections that we have seen happen in California," said Dr. Cynthia Summers, a spokeswoman for Danco Laboratories, maker of Mifeprex. "I don't have an answer for you, and because of that I don't have any running theories."

Information about the Clostridium sordellii infections has emerged slowly because the drug agency largely relies on voluntary reports by doctors, patients and others to identify drug problems and side effects.

Ms. Patterson died seven days after taking Mifeprex. She lived in Livermore, Calif.

On Dec. 29, 2003, Vivian Tran, 22, of Costa Mesa, Calif., died six days after taking Mifeprex.

On Jan. 14, 2004, Chanelle Bryant, 22, of Pasadena, Calif., died six days after taking Mifeprex. And on May 24, 2005, Oriane Shevin, 34, of Los Angeles died five days after taking Mifeprex.

In each case, Clostridium sordellii infected the women's uteruses, flourished and then entered their bloodstreams. The bacterium can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and weakness but may not induce fever, so victims often fail to realize how sick they are until it is too late and succumb to toxic shock. Antibiotics are often ineffective once an infection has flourished because even in death, the bacteria release toxins.

The families of Ms. Patterson, Ms. Tran and Ms. Bryant have all filed suit against Danco, claiming the company failed to warn patients of the drug's dangers.

A woman who died in Canada after taking Mifeprex during clinical testing in 2001 also suffered from a Clostridium sordellii infection. No similar deaths have been reported in Europe, where Mifeprex is widely used. But in the United States, most physicians give Mifeprex and an accompanying drug, misoprostol, in a regimen that involves inserting misoprostol vaginally.

Federal drug regulators have not approved this regimen, but it is not unusual for doctors to use drugs differently from how they are officially approved. Studies indicate that this regimen is effective, requires a lower dose of misoprostol, and allows women to undergo the most emotional and painful part of the procedure at home. What is unknown is whether it may somehow contribute to bacterial infections.

Any hint that Mifeprex may cause problems usually leads to a firestorm of criticism directed at the F.D.A., and the meeting scheduled for next year is bound to incite controversy. A 1996 federal advisory committee that recommended the drug's approval met under intense security in a windowless building surrounded by federal marshals.

Wendy Wright, executive vice president of Concerned Women for America, a conservative group, said that the latest news about deaths involving Mifeprex proved that the drug was unsafe. Ms. Wright also speculated that more women were dying after using the drug but that their deaths were going unreported.

"I'm pleased that the F.D.A. is taking a serious look at this," she said, "and hope that they will no longer allow this drug to be available to cause the deaths of more women."

Dr. Scott J. Spear, chairman of the national medical committee of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the nation's largest provider of abortions, said there was no evidence that the vaginal administration of misoprostol increased the risks of bacterial infections.

"They're all in California, so is this a local issue?" Dr. Spear said. "I think it's dangerous to speculate in the absence of good data."

Mifeprex is sold through physicians, who dispense the drug directly to patients. Physicians are required to give their patients a medication guide that lists the drug's risks.

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Monday, November 21, 2005


Former Colorado Governor Richard Lamm will carry an
initiative to restrict benefits to Colorado citizens. He might
ponder his involvement in creating the problem he now
seeks to fix.

"Sir, do you think it possible that your 1967 legislation legalizing
abortion for the first time in America has led to the
situation we now face - a shortage of nearly 50 million Americans,
many of whom would be workers.

Illegal aliens are naturally filling that void are they not?"

Friday, November 18, 2005


Some parents upset over sex booklet in schools

Thursday, November 10, 2005
The Sun Star

STRONGSVILLE _ An informational booklet that describes the symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases and contains phone numbers for Planned Parenthood and confidential reproductive health services has raised protests after it was placed in students' lockers throughout the district.

City resident Theresa Fleming said her 11-year-old son, a sixth-grader at Kinsner Elementary School, was among those who received a copy of the booklet, Youth Pages, A Guide for Cuyahoga County Teens published by United Way's 211 First Call For Help.

She said the booklet, which also provides information on the need for parental consent for abortion and a Web address for the Lesbian/Gay Community Service Center of Greater Cleveland, is inappropriate for 11-year-olds.

I believe some sex education needs to be given, but when subjects are discussed or material is given to kids of this nature, a notice should be sent home to the parent and they should be allowed to opt out of the program if they wish, Fleming said.

School Superintendent James Gray said he gave an OK for the pocket-sized directories, which were provided to the district by United Way Services in conjunction with the county health department and county commissioners, to be given to students at the high school, middle schools and to sixth graders.

Gray said he received two calls from parents who took exception to the booklet's content.

I understand that and probably, in retrospect, I should have considered sending a letter along with it as far as an explanation, he said, adding, this is a developing situation. I don't know what we are going to do at this point.

Colleen Grady, a city resident and a member of the state school board, said she got calls from four parents concerned about their children getting the directory.

Grady, who is also a former city school board member, said she has not personally seen the publication, but they (parents) read me sections over the telephone.

She said the state board of education may wish to make a legislative recommendation to the Ohio general assembly, and the board could also consider discussion about adoption of a model policy for the distribution of such materials.

Gray said there will be continued discussion, in the district's curriculum and pupil services departments on whether to curtail distribution of materials which are considered to be sensitive, particularly for the younger kids.

© 2005 Sun Newspapers© 2005 All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Komen Ups Planned Parenthood Funding
By Eve Sánchez Silver
Executive Director

The Aspen [Susan G.] Komen [Breast Cancer] foundation (SGK) one of the largest grant-making organizations in its service area [has designated funds to the] Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, Glenwood Springs Health Center, for clinical breast exams, screening mammograms, diagnostic mammograms and ultrasounds to uninsured and underinsured women with a focus on Latina women: $12,887. (Aspen Times, 11/03/05)

In 2003 this writer resigned as a charter member of The National Hispanic Latina Advisory Council of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation upon receiving an article from a colleague which suggested that SGK was funding Planned Parenthood.

She thought it was a lie. It wasn't.

As a two-time breast cancer survivor and charter member of SGK she had quieted her personal convictions to work with a determined freedom, within The National Hispanic/Latina Advisory Council, towards the eradication of breast cancer as a life-threatening disease, and, with the other honorable multi-cultural councils of SGK. She was honored, purposeful and committed to The SGK Foundation.

Upon investigating the allegations that SGK was indeed funding Planned Parenthood through affiliate grants, she resigned from SGK, canceling several speaking engagements around the country and resigning as well from her own beloved council. The Foundation's decision to affirm life with one hand and support its destruction with the other was unacceptable.

The Komen Foundation has boosted its grants by 30% and is using Latina women to funnel funds to Planned Parenthood. Latinas are being sold-out by Planned Parenthood who claims to be using breast services to under-served populations to save lives. This is an egregious lie. Planned Parenthood’s own records show that when Planned Parenthood of North Texas received Komen funding in 2003, ostensibly for “breast services”, abortion services went UP and breast services went DOWN. Money is fungible. Komen naively states that they are providing funds that will have nothing to do with abortion. At Planned Parenthood ? Oh, give us a break! Here is what used to pop into people’s head when they thought of these organizations:
Planned Parenthood: ABORTION
That’s no longer the case. The organizations have melded into one giant organization abortion-funding machine:
Based on their shared ideologies, Komen and Planned Parenthood have generated great synergy with Komen seducing people in, via fund raisers for breast cancer, and consistently raising their funding to Planned Parenthood, who waits in the shadows to hack them up in the background: They race through the country on other people’s sneakers, picking up dollars as they go. Together they have finally been able to put a pepto-pink-pastel-party race-face on Planned Parenthood’s murder machine. Pay no attention to the abortionist behind the screen, “breast cancer services” will draw people in via The Komen Race, and other fund raising events that add to Planned Parenthood coffers. Funds get to Planned Parenthood by using under-served groups as the funnel, breast services as the reason and Planned Parenthood gets a little more chump-change to use so that they are freer to murder people’s children with the now extra money they have in the other pocket of their surgical pants.

Abortion kills the child and later the mother, through breast cancer. Komen-Planned Parenthood denies the Abortion-Breast Cancer link. These are the undeniable physiological facts concerning the breast:
-The breast is the only organ not fully developed at birth
-The breast is NEVER mature until after 32 weeks of pregnancy
-Interruption of a pregnancy before 32 weeks leaves cancer prone lobules exposed to the DNA damaging affects of estrogen, a hormone that causes breast cell proliferation
-50 out of 50 studies show that even ONE abortion places women at high risk of having pre-mature births.

Peer reviewed and dependable studies show these factors to be true, however, those making dollars from abortion victims hide these facts. Smoking and lung cancer information was denied for 50 years so that the tobacco industry could grow rich. The current US trend is to rely on the discredited Melbye and Beral studies (Ethics & Medics, 2004 -, 11/04, Angela Lanfranchi, MD; Dr. Joel Brind, Ph. D.

Latinas and other women of color are outraged that The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation supports Planned Parenthood an organization with murder at its heart, and designed from its inception to eliminate people of color, as its founder Margaret Sanger intended.

All women must be alerted to the facts and informed of the increased risk factors in the link between abortion and breast cancer. The ever-escalating affiliate funding funnels from Komen to Planned Parenthood show their ideological solidarity and unity. They have melded into one dangerous unit, and lives are at stake.Let’s call it what it is: KOMEN-PLANNED PARENTHOOD, the murder machine.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Michael Schiavo endorses Kaine

AP Political Writer

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) -- Michael Schiavo, who was at the center of a passionate national end-of-life debate when his brain-damaged wife, Terri, died in March, endorsed Democrat Tim Kaine for governor Wednesday.

"I have seen firsthand what can happen when a governor disagrees with a single citizen. In Florida, Gov. Jeb Bush abused the power of his office in an attempt to replace my personal family decisions with his own opinions and political grandstanding," Schiavo wrote a six-paragraph statement distributed by a Democratic political consulting firm in Miami.

Conservatives vilified Schiavo for ordering the removal of the feeding tube that had sustained his wife for 15 years. In the resulting legal and ideological conflict, Congress, Jeb Bush and his brother, President Bush, all sought to have the tube reinserted.

Schiavo based his endorsement on responses from Kaine and Republican Jerry Kilgore during their Oct. 9 televised debate when asked if governors should intervene in disputes within families over discontinuing life support for a loved one.


Kilgore said he is "not going to agree to the forced starvation of any individual if that individual hasn't had a say." He said he would urge people who don't wish to be kept alive artificially to write their instructions in medical directives.

Kaine's response: "I don't think governors should use their PR grandstanding to intervene in these cases." He said such disputes should be settled within the privacy and dignity of juvenile and family courts.

Schiavo, who lives in Florida, wrote that Kilgore "is wrong to follow the example of a governor who did not respect me, my family or the rule of law, and I fear what may happen to unsuspecting Virginians when Mr. Kilgore disagrees with their deeply private family decisions."

Kaine campaign spokesman Mo Elleithee was unaware of Schiavo's letter. "Tim Kaine has never met or talked with Michael Schiavo, but Tim's position on this issue is very clear," he said.

Kilgore's campaign declined to comment.

Derek Newton, manager of the November Group consulting firm that released the statement, said Schiavo was not available for comment Wednesday.

"Michael issued the statement because he is interested in getting more involved in the political process," Newton said.


I intend to read your article on Rosa Parks - Devout
Christian. Having read on Wikipedia that she served
on Planned Parenthood's board of directors, it makes
me sad that she was likely duped by their slick,
seductive lies. With 1,300 black babies dying
every day from abortion in America, her faith
should have led her to a better organization with
which to serve.

Leslie Hanks
V.P. Colorado Right to Life

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I-70 billboard

Denver Tribute - Forgive us for being the state that began
the abortion holocaust!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Abortionist Warren Hern got Plastered Today.

That is, his picture was plastered all over Boulder Colorado. Two pro life grannies decided to go for a stroll through Boulder. And what a day it was, the trees displayed their glorious fall attire in 75 degree weather while the streets of Boulder were decorated with late term abortionist Warren Hern’s Picture along with his own quotes.
Warren Hern
indicts himself with
his own statements.

Abortionist Warren Hern
Are these the words of a
respectable caring doctor,
or a man driven by bloodlust?
“We have reached a point in this particular technology
(D&E abortion) where there is no possibility of denial of an
act of destruction by the operator. It is before one’s eyes.
The sensations of dismemberment flow through the
forceps like an electric current.”— Warren Hern’s statement at an
Assoc. of Planned Parenthood Physicians meeting in San Diego — Oct. 26, 1978
“Most physicians regard abortion as a stigmatized
operation done by people who are otherwise incompetent
and can’t do anything else ...If you’re going to do abortions
and make that your specialty the best you can hope for is to be
tolerated by your colleagues...”— American Medical News, Sept. 5, 1994
Abortionist Warren Hern
We pray that God would take the wicked heart of
Warren Hern and turn it towards Himself. We
pray that Jesus would apprehend his heart and
enable Mr. Hern to use the wonderful gifts and
abilities given to him to bring health, healing,
and life, rather than destruction and death.
In Jesus Name!
Reverend Flip Benham

Fliers were posted coming and going in his neighborhood. They were attached to the back of stop signs, taped to poles, added to campaign signs and displayed in store front windows. A short hop in the car and they found themselves at Hern’s own “Boulder abortion clinic." They posted their fliers up and down the entire street, on all the cars. Most fun of all was posting them right outside the abortion mill itself.

In true granny stereotype, they found themselves in need of a restroom, which was found across the street from the mill in the Boulder hospital. There they discovered that lavatory doors were a great place to display their information.

Believe it or not, the grannies weren’t quite finished! They headed to C U Boulder for the free speech area where in the middle of the courtyard stands a pillar, ten feet in diameter, used for posting student notices. Tonight that pillar stands ringed with the "late term abortionist Hern" flier.

Next, their stroll took them to the student union. It seems their imaginations ran wild! Works of art under glass strategically placed in waiting areas now have the Hern flier included under the glass strategically placed in waiting areas. The union was strewn with bulletin boards with plenty of room for their little flier. Free newspaper stands with glass fronts made a great display case for abortionist Hern’s photo. Oh, what fun two little grannies can have on a collage campus.

When they finished their assignment in the student union, finding "where on earth" they had left their car was the next order of the day. It took a while but they did find the car - not before leafleting several parking lots, stop signs, and even a bicycle rack packed with bikes chained to it. It was truly a glorious day in Boulder and Warren Hern was truly plastered.

Jo Scott

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Posted by: lesforlife54.


Posted by: lesforlife54.

Fwd: Pics

Fwd: Pics
Posted by: lesforlife54.

Monday, October 03, 2005

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Leslie Hanks
October 3, 2005
720-394-8946 C


Attendees at the 2005 Colorado Right to Life, State Meeting September 24, 2005
voted unanimously to adopt a resolution opposing the use of fetal tissue in the
production of vaccines and proposing the development of ethical alternatives grown
on cell lines which are not tainted with fetal tissue from aborted babies.

Furthermore, the body calls upon the congress to pass the Fair Labeling and Informed
Consent Act, which was introduced earlier this year by Children of God for Life. (

Patti Johnson, former State School Board member, wrote and carried the
resolution to the organization’s annual State Meeting, at which new board members
were elected and the vision for 2006 was charted.

CRLC President, Diane Hochevar noted, “Our organization believes that all human
life is precious and should be equally protected under the law from fertilization to natural
death. “We commend Patti Johnson for raising this important topic, about which many
citizens are unaware.”

Most parents have no idea that their children’s vaccines contain DNA from
an aborted human baby. “We intend to embark upon an education campaign to help
families understand the ethical and medical implications of this hidden issue,”
states CRLC Vice President, Leslie Hanks.

Unlike Merck, who obtained their rubella virus from an aborted baby, Japanese scientists simply swabbed the throat of an infected child. “Why American pharmaceutical companies have not pursued a similar ethical avenue, remains a mystery,” said the resolution’s sponsor, Patti Johnson.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Rocky Mountain News


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Speakout: Breast cancer-abortion link slighted

By Leslie Hanks, Special to the News
September 23, 2005

As the leaves begin to turn gold each fall, cities begin to turn pink.

Everywhere one looks one finds pink ads, pink attire, pink hats, pink tennis shoes, pink teas - yes The Republic of Tea makes a Sip for the Cure. The Race for the Cure (for breast cancer) has become the cause celebre for the nation.

A perusal of a recent O, The Oprah Magazine found 14 pages of ads for the politically correct event. The Susan G. Komen Foundation is proclaimed on radio commercials, seen in huge displays in shopping malls and their pink ribbons decorate buildings all over town. Has there ever before been a more comprehensive marketing campaign? On Oct. 2, Denver's Clear Channel radio stations, 9News and Safeway will sponsor this year's Race for the Cure to raise funds for a cure for breast cancer.

The participating women are highly motivated to find a cure for the dread disease, and who can blame them? In the recent past, however, a growing body of evidence has been amassed linking breast cancer and the most avoidable risk factor for it: abortion. One can study the statistics and come to one's own conclusions, but the data found on is pretty persuasive.

The Susan G. Komen Foundation lost a founding member of its National Hispanic Latina Advisory Council, Eve Sanchez Silver, because of her concern about the foundation giving funds to Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of abortions in the nation. Sanchez Silver asking, "Why aren't women being told?" Her concerns can be found at

As early as 1986, government scientists wrote a letter to the British medical journal The Lancet acknowledging that abortion is a cause of breast cancer. They wrote, "Induced abortion before first term pregnancy increases the risk of breast cancer" (The Lancet, Feb. 22, 1986).

Aborting one's first pregnancy - when the breast's cells are changing from nonmilk-producing to those able to sustain life - apparently leaves the cells in a vulnerable state to toxins, leading to a serious increase in one's risk for developing breast cancer later in life.

As the abortion-breast cancer link's strongest proponent, Joel Brind, Ph.D., explains, "So full-term pregnancy is protective; it lowers breast cancer risk. But if that pregnancy is cut off artificially somewhere in the middle after some weeks or months, [a woman] has far more cells in her breasts that are capable of proliferation, and that have proliferated, than she did at the beginning of the pregnancy, which translates statistically into a higher chance of getting breast cancer later in life."

Why does giving grants to Planned Parenthood, the organization that may be most responsible for the dire increase in breast cancer rates since Roe v. Wade, make any sense? Why do the mainstream media insist on a media blackout about the most relevant topic to women's health today? Why do editors routinely ignore the queries begging them to reveal the truth? Do they believe women can't handle the truth?

Leslie Hanks is the vice president of Colorado Right to Life. She is a resident of Watkins.

Copyright 2005, Rocky Mountain News. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, September 18, 2005


Pro-life activists met with one of Colorado’s Deputy Attorney Generals, Jason Dunn, and prosecutor Jeanne Smith to inform them of abortion industry violations state-wide of the mandatory reporting law for suspicion of sexual activity with underage children.  Colorado’s law does not empower the Attorney General’s office to investigate or prosecute local crimes.  However, Colorado Right to Life vice president Leslie Hanks, sidewalk counselor Jo Scott, and Denver Bible Church pastor Bob Enyart argued that this matter rose to the level of the Attorney General’s office because of its multi-jurisdictional nature.  Also, the pro-lifers asked Dunn to recommend that Attorney General John Suthers use the lawful authority he does possess to issue a statement to make statewide local law enforcement aware that, because of apparent violations of mandatory reporting, abortion clinics are systematically aiding those who commit incest and rape against children in the cover-up of these crimes.

Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, and the National Abortion Federation, operate facilities across the state, from Ft. Collins, through Denver and Colorado Springs, to Durango.  Longtime prosecutor Smith was familiar with the frequent prosecutions throughout Colorado of sexual predators for crimes against minors, but could not recall any examples of cases arising from abortion clinics complying with Colorado’s mandatory reporting law.  Smith, and Deputy Attorney General Dunn, stated that in preparation for this meeting they had discussed the possibility of multi-jurisdictional issues.  The pro-lifers played recorded phone-call evidence, obtained by Life Dynamics of Denton Texas, of Colorado abortion clinics telling a woman posing as a 13-year-old to forget that you told us the 22-year-old age of the man who had impregnated her.  Both lawyers indicated that such information seemed insufficient to prompt the AG to investigate.  Enyart indicated the statistical evidence, since studies show that 60% to 80% of young teens impregnated have been violated by adults, and many of those children are brought to abortion clinics, and yet Colorado’s law requiring reporting from such workers who “suspect” is utterly ignored.  The officials asked if the pro-lifers had direct evidence that any abortion organization had centralized training procedures or policies specifically designed to evade the mandatory reporting law, which the pro-lifers did not.  Leslie Hanks then said, “These are children’s lives that are being ruined.  This seems so wrong, that you are telling us that, as citizens, Colorado’s Attorney General’s office cannot look into the evidence, and that we, as citizens, are the ones who would have to investigate.”

Aside from informing these officials of this concern, the September 16, 2005 meeting yielded three action items.  The Deputy AG agreed to raise the matter with Suthers of the AG issuing a statement to law enforcement; the Deputy agreed to inform the pro-lifers of the outcome of that request; and it was agreed that both parties would gather further information and meet again, possibly next month.

This report should not be understood to imply that abortion clinics would be less condemnable if they reported rather than systematically ignored their suspicion of child rape.  Abortion clinics murder unborn children.  And abortion is always wrong.  In this instance, our love and concern for violated young teenagers who get brought to an abortion clinic, often by the very adult who raped them, parallels our effort to save the life of each and every unborn child, and to expose the wickedness of the abortion industry.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Fwd: 100_9722.JPG - Jo Scott, Bob Enyart and Leslie Hanks after meeting with Colorado deputy AG, Jason Dunn

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> Subject: 100_9722.JPG - Jo Scott, Bob Enyart and Leslie Hanks after
> meeting with Colorado deputy AG, Jason Dunn regarding Planned
Parenthood's coverup of adult men sexually exploiting very young
teen girls.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Racing Against Hope – Why aren’t Women being told the truth?

As the leaves begin to turn gold, each fall cities begin to turn pink. Not exactly complimentary colors. Pink suggests spring, renewal and growth.

Everywhere one looks one finds pink ads, pink attire, pink hats, pink tennis shoes, pink teas – yes The Republic of Tea makes a Sip for the Cure. The Race for the Cure has become the cause celebre for the nation. A recent perusal through an Oprah Magazine found fourteen pages of ads for the politically correct event. The Susan G. Komen Foundation is proclaimed on radio commercials, seen in huge displays in shopping malls and their pink ribbons decorate buildings all over town. Has there ever before been a more comprehensive marketing campaign?

On October 2, 2005, Denver, Colorado’s Clear Channel radio, 9 News and Safeway will sponsor this year’s Race for the Cure to raise funds for a cure for breast cancer.
The participating women are highly motivated to find a cure for the dread disease, who can blame them?

In the recent past, however, a growing body of evidence has been amassed, linking breast cancer and the most avoidable risk factor for it: abortion. One
can study the statistics and come to one’s own conclusions, but the data found on is pretty convincing.

The Susan G. Komen Foundation lost a board member, Eve Sanchez Silver, because of her concern over the foundation giving funds to Planned Parenthood, the largest
provider of abortion in the nation. Not only is Eve asking, “Why aren’t women being told?” she also wants to know why Planned Parenthood targets people of color with its
policies. Her concerns can be found at

Asking tough questions doesn’t bother Eve. What bothers her is the silence in the U.S. media. Taking her cause to Australia has revived fresh interest for her message, where it
hit a brick wall in her own nation.

When the truth begins to seep out of the bulwark standing against it, the racer’s anger will begin to simmer. They will demand to know why some pretty important information
was withheld from them.

As early as 1986, government scientists wrote a letter to the British Journal Lancet acknowledging that abortion is a cause of breast cancer. They wrote, “Induced abortion
before first term pregnancy increases the risk of breast cancer,” Lancet 2/22/86 p.436.

Aborting one’s first pregnancy - when the breast’s cells are changing from non-milk producing to those able to sustain life – apparently leaves the cells in a vulnerable state to
toxins, leading to a serious increase of one’s risk for developing breast cancer later in life.

As the ABC link’s strongest proponent, Joel Brind PhD explains, “So full term pregnancy is protective; it lowers breast cancer risk. But if that pregnancy is cut off artificially somewhere in the middle after some weeks or months, she has far more cells in her breasts that are capable of proliferation, and that have proliferated, than she did at the beginning of the pregnancy, which translates statistically into a higher chance of getting breast cancer later in life.”

Why does giving grants to the organization which may be most responsible for the dire increase in breast cancer rates since Roe v Wade make any sense? Why does
mainstream media insist on a media blackout about the most relevant topic to women’s health today? Why do editors routinely ignore the queries begging them to reveal the truth?
Do they believe women can’t handle the truth?

Absent that, all the pink attire, buttons, and tennis shoes in the country won’t restore health while one of the main causes of disease is denied.
All the running and racing for a cure will never happen as long as women go against nature, destroy their progeny and the beautiful functions for which their bodies were incredibly designed.

Keep the color pink for the time when women rediscover, with perfect joy, their majestic endowment as life givers.

Until that day is embraced and renewed, the colors of October shall remain naturally those of falling leaves.

Leslie Hanks

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Current Colorado Right to Life billboards in Denver.

Choose Life: Your mom and dad did.

Fwd: 100_9715.JPG - Seen at 11th and Speer and northbound Santa Fe south of Oxford west side of street

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> From: Leslie Hanks
> Date: September 11, 2005 6:40:23 PM MDT
> To: steve curtis
> Cc:, Ken and Jo Scott , Diane
> Hochevar
> Subject: 100_9715.JPG - Seen at 11th and Speer and northbound Santa
> Fe south of Oxford west side of street

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

'March of the Penguins' vs. March for Women's Lives

By Jill Stanek

© 2005

Last week, my 5-year-old grandson and I went to see the movie, "March of the Penguins."

MOTP is a documentary that tells of the incredible sacrifices emperor penguins make to reproduce, protect their eggs, and safeguard their babies' lives in the harshest conditions on earth.

In light of the pro-life issue, I watch animal documentaries and dramas with mixed emotions. On one hand, there are usually a couple of scenes about pregnancy or giving birth corroborating that, yes, on a gut level, people do recognize the sanctity of life.

For instance, an early scene of "Finding Nemo" shows Nemo's desperate father, whose wife and incubating eggs have just been devoured by a predator, spotting Nemo, his lone surviving embryonic progeny, in a see-through egg. Instantly his despair turns to joy. He certainly does not consider his preborn son a blob of tissue.

On the other hand, scenes like this magnify the depravity of people who condone abortion, and I am refilled with angst.

MOTP hit me harder than most. Almost every scene and narrative verified the beauty of life and the rightness of protecting it.

Every March, as the Antarctic summer ends, scattered tribes of emperor penguins travel up to 70 miles to an ancient inland breeding ground, chosen instinctively because this is where ice is the thickest and will remain solid until the following summer, so the young won't fall through it. Upon arrival, penguins find mates with whom they are monogamous for a yearlong breeding cycle.

In early June, females lay one egg, and, as pro-abort actor Morgan Freeman narrated, "From now on the couple has but a single goal – keeping the egg alive ... The tiny beating heart within the shell cannot survive more than a moment in the freezing air."

(Mr. Freeman, do you ever contemplate what you read?)

By now, parents have gone without food for two months, and mom has lost 1/3 of her body weight. In a chivalrous role reversal, dads assume responsibility for their eggs for an incredible two additional months, so moms can trek 70 miles back to the sea for food and to regain strength to care for their hatchlings.

Sometimes when mom transfers the egg to dad, it cracks. In that case, narrated Freeman, "The couple can only watch as the ice claims their egg and the life within it."

Throughout the harshest winter in the world, when there is no sunlight, temperatures drop to -80 degrees, and winds blow 100 miles per hour, fathers huddle together to protect their eggs, nestled atop gentle, clawed feet and underneath a fold of warm, feathered skin.

Mothers instinctively return when hatchlings are a couple of days old. Most of them return, anyway. Seals have killed a few. "With a snap of its jaw," said Freeman, "the seal actually takes two lives – one of the mother and one of her unborn chick, who will never be fed."

Mothers assume care of the chicks so fathers can trod 70 miles to the sea to eat. For the next several months the two will take turns caring for their baby and shuttling back and forth to the ocean, until their baby is old enough to fend for itself.

As I watched MOTP, I wondered how people could ooh and aww when baby penguins pecked out of their shells, or cover their eyes when a giant petrel attacked a baby penguin, yet not give a thought to the dismemberment and killing of human babies.

I wondered, what would it take for people to connect? I juxtaposed the willingness of penguins to freeze and starve to death for their babies to the unwillingness of humans to forfeit any indulgence whatsoever for their babies.

I remembered last year's March for Women's Lives in Washington, D.C., when pro-aborts gathered to bolster their right to kill babies.

I thought, maybe a penguin movie analogy would help people understand.

The movie would open with militant feminist penguins marching to their ancient political breeding ground, where lusting, self-centered males waited. There they would all serial-mate, despising the prospect of producing babies. Should the unthinkable happen, close-ups would show frenzied penguins pecking open eggs and ripping babies apart, or inserting little hoses into the eggs to suction babies out. Fathers would abandon mothers who changed their minds and wanted to keep their eggs to fend for themselves.

But a movie like that won't ever be made, because it would expose anti-lifers as demented.

Still, I sometimes wish humans would behave more like animals.

Jill Stanek fought to stop "live-birth abortion" after witnessing one as a registered nurse at Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, Ill. In 2002, President Bush asked Jill to attend his signing of the Born Alive Infants Protection Act. In January 2003, World Magazine named Jill one of the 30 most prominent pro-life leaders of the past 30 years. To learn more, visit Jill's blog, Pro-life Pulse.
Dear Pro-lifers,

Louisiana and Mississippi pregnancy resource centers are in desperate need of our help. Four New Orleans area pregnancy resource centers were destroyed by Katrina, and it t is unclear how incapacitated the Mississippi PRCs are, because no one has been able to get through to any of their directors.

That's the bad news. The good news is that five of eight Louisiana abortion clinics were also destroyed.

The PRCs in Baton Rouge, Shreveport, and other outer Louisiana areas have been inundated by families needing diapers and formula. Area hospitals are also asking the centers to recover post-partum patients.

The formula companies say they have sent huge shipments to the area, but they're not getting to the PRCs.

I spoke with three PRC directors in Louisiana yesterday, and they gave me a list of their greatest needs. We are going to collect donations in the Chicago area over the weekend at Parkview Christian Church (11100 Orland Parkway, Orland Park, Illinois 60467), and a semi is going to deliver them to Louisiana on Monday (September 12).

Here are the needs, in order of urgency:

1. Formula: Advanced Similac with iron; Enfamil with iron; any other formulas - dry, condensed, or ready to serve

2. Diapers, especially newborn

3. Infant car seats

4. Pedialyte

5. Bassinets

6. Baby wipes

More than that, the PRCs desperately need money. They need to finance mobile medical units to go into the devastated areas as they are accessible. A director told me that there is lots of giving going on to churches and relief agencies, but the PRCs are being overlooked.

We also need money to pay for the semi truck gas. (The truck and driver's time are being donated.) Donations for gas can be made to Concerned Women for America of IL, P. O. Box 188, Palos Heights, IL 60463.

There is also a need for volunteers to go to Louisiana and stay for a week or two or longer, particularly men for protection. A nurse at the Shreveport PRC says she will help find housing.

Donate directly online to: These funds will go to finance mobile medical units and restoring pregnancy care centers.

Please distribute this alert widely.

Thank you very much,

Jill Stanek


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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hurricane victim needs for baby items are more prevalent that we can imagine. Denver Bible Church is
seeking help for a family whose baby is due this week. They lost everything as thousands

If you want to send layette items to
P.O. Box 518
Watkins, CO 80137

the items will be distributed to the needy.

For life,


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Abortionist Warren Hern3 (2)

Are these the words of a respectable caring doctor, or a man driven by

"We have reached a point in this particular technology [D&E abortion] where
there is no possibility of denial of an act of destruction by the operator.
It is before one's eyes. The sensations of dismemberment flow through the
forceps like an electric current."

Warren Hern's statement at an

Assoc. of Planned Parenthood

meeting in San Diego Oct. 26

"Most physicians regard abortion as a stigmatized operation done by people
who are otherwise incompetent and can't do anything else. If you're going to
do abortions and make that your specialty the best you can hope for is to be
tolerated by your colleagues. American
Medical News, September 5, 1994

Warren Hern indicts himself with his own statements.

Abortionist Warren Hern

We pray that God would take the wicked heart of Warren Hern and turn it
towards Himself. We pray that Jesus would apprehend his heart and enable
Mr. Hern to use the wonderful gifts and abilities given to him to bring
health, healing, and life, rather than destruction and death.
In Jesus Name!

Reverend Flip Benham


Denver Prayer rally for Gush Katif

Leslie holds the banner with the name of the Lord
in Hebrew. The Lord is our banner. Jesus is Lord!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

100_9706.JPG - Killing clinic support -front lines

Doug brought his Gospel ambulance today to the front lines in the Denver abortion wars.

I was almost decked by a large man for saying "don't go into this
death camp!"

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Quick Note on the Komen Breast Cancer Foundation...

Nancy Brinker, founder of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, sat on a Planned Parenthood advisory board at least as late as 2002.

In 2003, Komen gave PP more than $475,000 allegedly to conduct lung cancer screenings and physician referrals.

Screenings and physician referrals are critical. Komen's funds could have been given to a real medical facility.

Colorado auditors found several years ago that PP cannot be trusted with donations that donors specify may not be used for abortion. PP moved funds to pay for a lease from one corporation to another to be used for its abortion "services."

The Coalition on Abortion Breast Cancer
P.O. Box 957133 Hoffman Estates, IL 60195-3051 USA
Toll Free: 877.803.0102 Local Calls: 847.421.4000

"Today's abortion customer increases her chances of being tomorrow's cancer walker. That is a fact backed by scientific research and analysis" - Karen Malec.

Monday, August 08, 2005


Our fee for an abortion under 13 weeks 6 days is $390. Our fee for an abortion between 14 weeks and 15.6 weeks is $525. WE OFFER A $50 DISCOUNT TO ACTIVE MILITARY AND THEIR DEPENDENTS WITH CURRENT MILITARY ID.  We will accept cash, VISA / MasterCard, Discover, Money Orders or Traveler's Checks. We cannot accept personal checks. Please be prepared to pay the entire amount or the balance on the day of the abortion or the day of the insertion of the osmotic cervical dilators.

Planned Parenthood Waco, Texas

Monday, August 01, 2005

This is the Strategy That Wins!

by Flip Benham


When Boulder, Colorado abortionist Warren Hern took out a full page ad in the Rocky Mountain News decrying the methods used by Operation Save America, calling us names and comparing us to fascists, Big Brother, Nazi's, and the Ku Klux Klan – who would ever have imagined that he gave us the greatest pat on the back we have ever had?  Read again what he said in those final three sentences of the ad:"American women who want to have reproductive health and freedom and who want to live in the 21st century instead of going back to the 9th century [Mr. Hern's way of saying women who want to have sex without responsibility or consequences]have less to fear from the overturn ofRoe vs. Wadeby the Supreme Court than from Operation Save America.   A little more of this, and doctors just won't do abortions. Would you?"


What the Church of Jesus Christ did inBoulder,ColoradoSprings, andDenver this past week presents us with the strategy that wins!  The devil has spoken very clearly through Warren Hern’s mouth that it is not the politicians and lawyers inWashington,D.C., that are a threat to him.  It is the Church rising up in the Name of Jesus, and storming the gates of hell with the sharp double edged Sword of the Spirit, that has him in such a tizzy.  Thank you Mr. Hern, and thank you devil for this back-handed compliment. It is simply the greatest single compliment that we have ever been given.


Mr. Hern, you have made it clear that abortion will come to an end inAmerica when the Church of Jesus Christ makes up her mind it will come to an end, and not one second sooner.  This is such glorious news, because now we don’t have to wait upon our waffeling Republican brethren to stand up and be brave – we can “just do it” ourselves! How?  By allowing the theology of the church house to become biography in the streets. When we unsheathe the Sword of the Spirit at the gates of hell the very power of God is loosed. This is what has been lacking in our legislative wranglings.


Until now, we Christians have been ashamed of God's Word. The world had convinced us that if we were ever going to win the battle for the lives of little boys and girls waiting to be born we would have to do it through legislative means.  Of course this meant that we could never fight the battle in the Name of Jesus, and we most certainly could not quote from the Bible.  That would be viewed as so politically incorrect and not conducive to crafting legislation that would be acceptable to all parties involved. Please!  This lie from the pit of hell has been a failed strategy for 33 years! 


But look at what happens when the Church moves out of her cave into the streets and takes her rightful stand on the standard of God's Word. When she unsheathes the Sword of the Spirit all hell stands back and takes notice.  It cannot prevail.  Even our enemies admit defeat, for our Lord"is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think." (Ephesians 3:20.)


So the question remains.  Will we rely on the arm of flesh (political pragmatism) or will we rely on the Sword of the Spirit to accomplish the work we have been given to do – end abortion? One can work on the “Partial Birth Abortion Ban” from now until the cows come home and never save the life of one child.  The “Partial Birth Abortion Ban” was disputably one of the greatest boondoggles ever foisted upon the pro-life community. The devil himself would have signed this into law.


We can, with the very best of motives, get “Parental Notification” and “Parental Consent” bills passed and signed into law.  But then we look at each other with awkward amazement as we realize that it is never right to kill a child, even when the parents are notified or even when they give their consent. Surprisingly, we find ourselves fighting against God and His Word, rather than working with Him.


Many of our high profile evangelical Christian leaders are doing their level best to end abortion, but they cannot do it by relying on the arm of the flesh (Republican political strategy). Abortion will not be be ended by electing a Republican President, a Republican House, and a Republican Senate.  We already have that and nothing has changed. 


It will not be ended by packing the Supreme Court with Republican court appointees. Seven of the justices sitting on the Supreme Court for the past five years have been appointed by Republican Presidents. The court is still decidedly pro-abortion. This vividly reflects the failed strategy of the pro-life movement.


Here is the strategy that will win. Simple little Christians, not loving their own lives so much as to shrink from death, storm the gates of hell where little children are being killed and allow theology to become biography in the streets. 


The Planned Parenthood abortion mill in Denver, on the corner of 20th and Vine, shut down Saturday. Why? Because the Church of Jesus Christ showed up at the gates – not because we voted, not because we packed the court with prolife judges, not because we have a Republican Congress or President, but because simple Christians came to the abortion mill. Countless babies were saved.


Saul's armor makes us wholly dependent upon elected officials to fight the Goliath of abortion that only we can slay. Evangelical leaders don't know it, but the battle is being won as gentle Christians take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the gates of hell. God has given us vision and hope.   We can handle the situation. With God's help, the giant of abortion is coming down!


Just ask Warren Hern!


God bless you,

Embryos preserved in frozen storage offer great hope for life and for families facing fertility challenges. When a family has been successful in having a child through in vitro fertilization, embryos are often cryo-preserved, resulting in the question of what to do with them. These frozen embryos can be the hope of a child for an infertile couple. Embryo adoption shares this wonderful hope with others.

In 1997, Nightlight began the Snowflakes Frozen Embryo Adoption Program, which is helping some of the more than 400,000 frozen embryos realize their ultimate purpose – life – while sharing the hope of a child with an infertile couple. In addition to your physician, you need to trust the people you choose to help you in these important decisions.

Check out

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Please be in prayer for Kara. She is seeking to abort her precious
12 week baby today. Her boyfriend Jay wants to keep his child.
He has been text messaging me about how to spare the baby. I've
never text messaged till today but just sent a message to Kara that
God hates the hands that shed innocent blood. She is really angry
with me now but she has been warned.

Pray that God will break her heart for her baby!!

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

IM for life!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

100_9671.JPG - Remembering the babies killed for their body parts in the 100 degree sun!

100_9670.JPG - PP's pitiful response - little yellow signs saying No to OSA in their window!

100_9668.JPG - The saints on the streets of Denver in front of the racist Planned Parenthood

100_9673.JPG - Praying in front of Aurora's Mayfair Clinic which sells baby body parts!

100_9665.JPG - Your free speech is disturbing our class! Go home!

100_9664.JPG - Flip Benham preaching at CU Boulder about Ward Churchill destroying the university's integrity

100_9660.JPG - Marching to Warren Hern's late term abortion mill in Boulder

100_9659.JPG - Father Pavone speaks to OSA in Boulder about Terri's judicial homicide - Many wept!

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Fwd: 100_9644.JPG - Leslie at Unitarian Church picket where Hemlock Society meets - Operation Save America events July 16-23, 2005

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> From: Leslie Hanks
> Date: July 17, 2005 5:11:55 PM MDT
> To:
> Cc:
> Subject: 100_9644.JPG - Leslie at Unitarian Church picket where
> Hemlock Society meets - Operation Save America events July 16-23, 2005

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Hello, fellow pro-lifers:

Please join us for what many consider the ultimate family fieldtrip...

Operation Save America's annual national event is taking place right here in Colorado.

While some attendees will witness with us Saturday morning the 16th in front of the Planned Parenthood abortuary located two blocks west of City Park at 20th & Vine Streets, the event itself officially kicks off at 6:30 pm Sunday, July 17, at Redeemer Community Church.

The Redeemer Temple is conveniently located about one mile west of Elitch's amusement park just a little west of downtown Denver in a nice neighborhood near 32nd and Lowell Streets. Just take the Speer exit off of I-25 and continue on to 32nd, and then look for Lowell.

Pastor Lou and the good folks at Redeemer have graciously loaned their facility, where we will be offering nightly services and rallies; afternoon equipping seminars and workshops on Christian activism, stem cell research, and similarly interesting topics; and youth training and activities. You'll hear a variety of speakers from around the country and others from right here in Colorado. If you have never heard Reverend Flip Benham, OSA's Executive Director, you have really missed something special. His knowledge of the Word and the exciting ways he shares timely messages are truly exhilarating. His countless preachings and interviews across the nation on various life issues have been some of the more memorable programs anyone recalls.

Have you ever wondered how to get involved in activism? Has your family looked for an outlet to share your faith? Would you like to be better equipped to deal with our antagonistic, GOD-hating society? Would you like to be a part of a solemn assembly whereby Catholics and Christian brothers and sisters come together to praise our LORD and exclaim His glories? During the day for the next six, there will be public witness and displays and many other exciting and effective ways to reach out to the lost and to re-ignite the Church. Understandably, this IS the best way for you and your family to leave the comfort zone and take your ministry to the streets.

Don't worry about not having experience in activism. There are many parts to Christ's body and they all serve different functions; each are valued. Some come to pray. Some come to learn. Some come to be re-energized. But, please, do not miss out on one of the most exciting events you'll ever attend. Please note, we employ only Biblical principles: the Bible is our foundation, the cross of Christ is our strategy, the repentance of the Church is our ultimate goal.

Why Denver, you might ask? After more than fifty million babies, Denver is where the abortion holocaust all began. In 1967 (yes, six years before Roe v. Wade was decided), Colorado was the first state in the union to legalize the murder of pre-born children. The first abortion mill in the country was the Planned Parenthood facility in Denver, Colorado. The Denver area also shamefully boasts of having the second highest percentage of homosexuals - behind San Francisco. Their recent "Pride" parade held in the downtown area drew hundreds of thousands of people in support. They virtually own our current legislature, with a couple of openly and unabashed homosexuals holding prominent positions and driving their agenda of perversion and moral decay. What better place for Christ's Church to storm the gates of hell in the mighty name of Jesus!

Jesus is calling the salt of the earth out of the salt shaker! Please, come and join us.

For details check out the website at, or call OSA's Communications Center (rings at Redeemer) at 972-200-4074 for more information.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


HARWINTON (AP) -- A human fetus, with the umbilical cord still attached, was discovered Tuesday at a sewage treatment plant.

The fetus was discovered in a screen at the Torrington Area Water Treatment Facility which serves the Torrington, Hartford and Litchfield areas, police said.

Medical personnel believe the fetus was in the first trimester, said Sgt. J. Paul Vance, a spokesman for the state police.

The fetus was taken to the chief medical examiner's office for examination.

Several witness have been interviewed and detectives have specific leads in their investigation, Vance said.

(Copyright 2005 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


This letter ran in the Colorado Springs Gazette May 3, 2005.  Read the comments of others or post your own!  Back to KGOV.

Focus on the Strategy

Republican Judges are Pro-Choice
Dobson Criticizes His “Own” Judges

An Open Letter, with Love and Respect, to Dr. James Dobson:

In desperation, some members of Denver Bible Church had our own Justice Sundae in a peaceful protest at Senator Salazar’s Dairy Queen. The goal was to oppose his support for the killing of unborn children, but mostly to expose the result of your quarter-century strategy of getting judges who respect life by electing pro-life Republican presidents.

On your Justice Sunday, you were outraged by your own judges! Dr. Dobson, you listed the 11th Circuit decision against Terri Schiavo as an example that the judiciary is “out of control.” But all six of the justices nominated by our pro-life Republican presidents (Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II), voted against your position! All six (including William Pryor whom President Bush recess-appointed last year to avoid a Democratic filibuster), voted not to save Terri’s life and against our side. All six!

It is time to admit that your strategy has failed. Republicans nominated 58 percent of the federal judiciary [Ft. Collins’ April 28], which you rightly expose as firmly against family values. The Moral Majority/Christian Coalition/Focus on the Family 25-year strategy of getting anti-abortion judges through Republican victories has utterly failed; and now George W. Bush is keeping his word by living up to his very first campaign promise to ignore abortion when nominating judges. It was a Republican Supreme Court which legalized abortion, and a Republican-nominated judge even wrote Roe v. Wade. The current Supreme Court keeps abortion legal with seven of the nine sitting justices nominated by Republican presidents.

The judge who wrote the 9th Circuit ruling against the words “under God” in the Pledge was nominated by a Republican president. In 2002 a New York federal judge ruled that a convicted child sex offender could not be stopped from attracting children with balloons in a public park. That judge was nominated by George Bush Sr., and this compares to the current Republican U.S. Supreme Court which decided in favor of the child-porn industry against families and law enforcement, making it harder to prosecute those who sodomize children for profit. Will you please publicly expose that the vast majority of the justices nominated by our pro-life Republican presidents are pro-choice and refuse to uphold traditional biblical morality?

Our biggest successes are mostly hollow. We have spent most of a decade fighting to ban partial-birth abortion, which is tantamount to Germans banning Zyklon A only to have Zyklon B used in the extermination camps instead, while today’s abortionists simply use a different method on late-term babies and have not canceled a single abortion as a result. And the “pro-life” justices on the U.S. Supreme Court have never declared an unborn child’s fundamental right to life, but rather criticize Roe only because abortion should not be a judicial but a legislative issue; this very position undermines the safety of children as though any subdivision of government could have the right to decriminalize murder. The judges that we pretend are conservative actually are only committed to process, not to Christian values, so that when Clarence Thomas dissented from overturning the Texas sodomy law that mercifully opposed harmful behavior, we touted him as supporting Christian values, yet he wrote that if he were a state legislator he would vote to overturn the “silly” law [see or see excerpt below].

Dr. Dobson, respectfully, you are outraged by your own judges. Those in the womb when Reagan campaigned for president have now graduated from college, and the de facto Focus political strategy has packed the Federal judiciary with pro-choice Republican judges. You must come to terms with this failed strategy. You carry a heavy weight as America’s evangelical leader in the war against injustice, especially heavy if you lead by compromise; whereas Christ’s burden is light. We recommend the strategy you declared a decade ago but have since abandoned. Back then you repeatedly pledged, as stated on your program in March of 1995, “I am committed never again to cast a vote for a politician who would kill one innocent baby.”

Our leaders have been reduced to plotting battles in which every victory is a retreat. Yet your previous strategy permits no defeat. Do right and risk the consequences. The battle is not only in America, but worldwide 45 million babies [] die annually. Elevating campaign savvy above righteousness guarantees only failure. Truth is not politically naive. For decades we have done evil that good may come, only to affirm Romans 3:8. Faithfulness to God is our best hope of outlawing abortion and protecting family values. Our failed political strategy makes America increasingly unsafe for children. Sadly, George W. Bush is proud of the pro-choice judges he packed the Texas Supreme Court with, and has put on the federal judiciary.

Without Christian leaders upholding your old pledge, Republican presidents simply use us conservative Christians; and the compromise tremendously weakens our side. You noticed that during the battle for Terri Schindler most religious conservatives in the media stated, “this all could have been avoided if Terri had left a written directive.” With those words, the pro-life community crossed the line to support assisted suicide, starving to death people who are not dying, as long as there is a Living Will. Our pro-life leaders have become weak after a quarter-century of compromise, never compromising on Republican-party politics, but on Thou Shalt Not Murder, all in vain hope of thereby making progress toward victory.

Federally, Republican-nominated judges issue most of the anti- Christian rulings in America. We have to stop focusing on code words that are a recipe for surrender, such as demanding strict constructionists, judicial philosophy, original intent, and constitutionalists (by which justices upheld Article I in the Dred Scott ruling that black people were property, and the Nuremberg trials brought convictions). Such terminology is another part of the failed strategy which obscures our true demand, for judges who fear God and oppose the killing of the innocent.

Thus, the issue is not the Democratic filibuster, but the failed Christian political strategy that has packed the federal judiciary with pro-choice Republican judges. Please, Dr. Dobson, take up your pledge again, and provide the leadership we desperately need.

In Christ, -Pastor Bob Enyart
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Focus on the Family is headquartered in Colorado Springs and so this letter ran in their newspaper, The Gazette, on May 3, 2005.  Read the comments of others or post your own! 

Monday, June 27, 2005

Oh! Well, it's OK to have Murdered Her Then.

Mr. Thogmartin has told us that, after fifteen years of a patient lying in bed recovering, Terri Schiavo might have fully recovered from any abuse she endured. Miraculously he was also unable to see whether or not this person had, fifteen years ago, a heart attack or not. Of course, I’ve never met anyone whose cardiologist was ever unsure, say 24 hours after the incident, that a heart attack had occurred or not. No, in my experience cardiologists can tell you precisely how many nano-seconds the heart attack lasted.

Continuing, the Pinellas medical examiner tells us that a person's brain, which consists of 85% water, can, oh my gosh, shrink when dehydrated for 12 days while simultaneously being starved to death.

Last, he reveals that this excruciating process could leave a person blind, actually subjecting their brain to being killed as a horrible consequence of the rest of them being killed.

Friends, that's all we really know from the autopsy of Terri Schiavo. There’s nothing particularly observably wrong with anything Mr. Thogmartin did. He is simply an observer reporting the present state of the laboratory truths: brain shrunk, brain was killed, person was thirsted to death, fifteen years of living recovery erases much data. He is a scientist performing an observation today on remains which were subjected to most nasty kind of stresses and trying to say something credible about facts a decade and a half in the past. We have been deprived, by the Pasco good ole boy club, of the normative scientific process of peer review – neither science nor the law of Moses allows anything to be established without at least two observations of the same phenomena.

So what does this report mean? It means absolutely nothing. All of its substance could have been easily predicted before the report based on publicly known facts and it is the testimony of only one individual – it cannot be confirmed or denied.

What does mean something is that these no-brainer findings are being used to perform an acquittal on the national conscience – and that is vile. The argument being forwarded by the witlessly evil pontificals is that: because after being thirsted to death her brain shrunk it means that her brain must have been shrunk for all the fifteen years before that. But regardless - proof of brain damage is proof enough that we were perfectly OK to have murdered her. NPR smarmily danced around demanding an apology from Bill Frist who had the audacity to assert that a diagnosis of persistent vegetative state was hard to make.

But now we’ve got Proof!


Proof of what?

That she was brain damaged and that thirsting people for 12 days shrinks the brain.

But didn’t we already know that?

Uh, yes.

But what you don’t understand dear reader is that the smear campaign to anesthetize the American conscience to this murder needed some exalted “science” to say that proof that she was, gasp, blind means it was OK to murder her too. Blind on March 29th 2005 or blind in March 1997? Doesn’t matter, shut up.


But the absolutely damning proof is that we can now see that she was brain damaged irrecoverably! The fact that the brain damage was “irreversible” (yeah when I’m dead on an autopsy table and my brain is in a jar, its pretty irreversible too) is equated in the popular press to mean Terri was a total loss like your car when you wreck it. See? She couldn’t have been taught the full webster’s dictionary again’s OK to have even shot her! That my friends is the smarmy argument being foisted on us by the devil Felos and his apologists. And it is an evil that thinking people must forcefully resist in word and deed. They act as though proof of disability is proof of murderability – and they want you to nod your head as if you agree.

Friends, we have to cut to the quick here: this meaningless autopsy is trying to mislead the public mind away from core moral truth which is: it is evil to starve and thirst to death an innocent defenseless injured woman NO MATTER THE EXTENT OF HER DISABILITY. If we begin to make ANY disability worthy of judicial murder ALL DISABILITIES will be under threat of preemptive claim to the authority of judicial murder. They argued before hand that “substantial” disability was enough to murder her - “substantial” being a term they defined. They search afterward and announce that “substantial” disability existed – safe knowing they can define “substantial” up or down as needed. Then they celebrate everyone’s relief that their moving-target definition was reached. They stamp Terri as “worthless”, stamp the file “closed”, pop their champaign and cheer Michael Schiavo’s cheer, “When will that bitch die?”

Expensive weasels now pound one another gently on their Brookes Brothers backs comforting each other that they were right all along: whew! She was worthless! Thank God!

But God sits in judgment of them and knows that they were never given power over the life and death of the innocent. The Almighty knows that all men were created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights. Yes - God knows there will be hell to pay.

This is a smear job on the worth of Terri Schiavo and is a failed attempt to exorcise the conscience of all those who cheered her death or who sat meaninglessly by and did nothing. It is just another damnation in the string of evils spewing from the contagion that is Felos-Greer. But we don’t fall for it. The smarmy bar boys of the Pasco-Pinellas watering hole cannot convince us of their righteousness. Couch it in as much lawyer-speak as you want; the man on the street knows they committed murder.

Holocaust survivors have observed that holocaust denials are like "double killing" because they erase even the memory of the horror. Yet we who remain are responsible for all the more deliberately holding a megaphone before Terri's Blood which cries out from the ground, saying:

“You are my witnesses.”

By FarRockaway from FR