Sunday, June 26, 2005


On June 2, 2005, ADAPT WV will be sponsoring a call in day on behalf of the MR/DD waiver services of Vicki Shaffer. The state of West Virginia is, under the pretense of saving money, trying to take away the services that enable her to live in the community and improve her life all the while saving the state thousands of dollars every month compared to nursing home placement. So on June 2 ADAPT WV is asking you to call one of the following numbers and help fight for Vicki’s services.
Governor Manchin 1-888-438-2731
Martha Walker, secretary of DHHR, 1-800-642-8589
or your own state or national representative and ask them to help Vicki stay in her own home.

Vicki is a Terri supporter who needs our help to stay in her own place!

Please help her by making a call to Governor Manchin and saying a prayer for this dear sister in the Lord!

100_9577.JPG - HEAVEN HELP US!

Today Denver's Mayor Hickenlooper marched with numerous Colorado churches, aiding and abetting the aids crisis, in a "Gay Pride" parade down Colfax Avenue to the State Capitol.