Friday, January 18, 2008

January 15, 2008 Denver, Colorado Contact: Leslie Hanks 720-394-8946


Julie Makimaa sat quietly at the National Right to Life conference a few years back, listening to their strategy about
including rape and incest exceptions in any abortion bans that states would promote that year. After hearing all their
arguments and finding herself steaming inside, this bold woman stood up and stated in no uncertain terms that she
disputed their claims.

Julie Makimaa told National Right to Life that they were wrong, that her mother did the wise thing and gave her
up for adoption. She continued that she was very glad she had lived to meet her mother, Lee Ezell, and to be able to tell this
confused organization that they needed to re-think their flawed strategy.

Colorado Right to Life is pleased to present Julie as March for Life 2008 guest speaker January 19, on the West Steps of the
State Capitol at 1:30 P.M. As a woman who agrees with our statement of purpose that abortion is always wrong and that every life is
worthy of protection, from the moment of fertilization, Julie states:

"Many people believe abortion is morally justifiable and medically necessary for women pregnant through rape and incest.
I encourage everyone who holds this position or who has doubts about the best solution for women in these situations, to attend the rally on
January 19th. I guarantee you'll gain a new understanding of the value of every life and the benefits for women who choose life."

"The promotion of abortion for children conceived in rape or incest is society's way of punishing an innocent victim for the crimes of another."

Kristi Burton, sponsor of the Personhood Amendment will speak briefly and Tony Funderburk will sing his song

Colorado Families Against Planned Parenthood founder, Will Duffy, will encourage the crowd to fight efforts to build the
biggest death camp for babies in the nation at PP's new Stapleton location in north Denver.

March for Life - January 19, 2008 - West steps of the State Capitol - 1:30 p.m.

For more information, please call: 303-753-9394
*Greenwood** Village** Police Abuse John Wiechec
Jo Scott

Planned Parenthood is building the largest death camp in the country to date in Denver, Colorado. Pro lifers there are making a monumental effort to stop the construction of the new super-sized killing center.

Included in that effort is Ron Brock who drives a large ostentatious truth truck displaying large graphic pictures of aborted babies along with scripture verses and the Weitz company name. His truck was parked outside of Bill Hornaday’s home several mornings a week. Bill Hornaday is the president of The Weitz Company Rocky Mountain. One of his neighbors lied about Ron’s peaceful morning protests in the neighborhood and got a temporary restraining order against Ron. In an effort to fight the restraining order in court Ron needed to subpoena two Greenwood Village police officers.

Fellow pro-lifer and friend, John Wiechec, volunteered to serve the subpoenas on the two policemen at the Greenwood Village police department. On the evening of December 17, 2008 Ron left a voice message on Officer Michael W. Fultineer’s phone alerting him to the fact that a subpoena would be delivered to him the following day. John was able to reach Officer Gipson on the phone and made arrangements to meet him at 10:15am the next morning, Dec. 18^th . At 10:15 the following morning John met Officer Gipson, shook his hand and gave him the subpoena. John then asked the receptionist if he could speak to Officer Fultineer. When the officer walked into the lobby, John held out his hand to shake Officer Fultineer’s hand and gave him the subpoena. Officer Fultineer threw the subpoena on a nearby chair, grabbed John’s hand and twisted John’s arm up behind his back. John was confused, but allowed Office Fultineer to throw him to the ground and search his pockets. He then told John to sit in a chair and five other officers entered the room. Officer Fultineer told them that he “had” to tussle with John. John told the sergeant that entered the room that he did not “have” to tussle with him; he had just tried to hand Officer Fultineer a subpoena. The sergeant told John to “shut up” or he’d be arrested. John complied. The sergeant continued to yell and make a scene for another minute.

John was given a ticket for disobeying a lawful order and disturbing the peace. Before he left the building he asked for the name of the receptionist who witnessed the incident and one of the officers told him that he would find out in court. Fortunately, John has ascertained the name of the receptionist and a copy of the police video tape of the incident. When asked about the incident John said, “I’m thankful that office Fultineer did not shoot me.” John is now in the process of finding a lawyer to represent him at his arraignment on January 23rd .