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HARWINTON (AP) -- A human fetus, with the umbilical cord still attached, was discovered Tuesday at a sewage treatment plant.

The fetus was discovered in a screen at the Torrington Area Water Treatment Facility which serves the Torrington, Hartford and Litchfield areas, police said.

Medical personnel believe the fetus was in the first trimester, said Sgt. J. Paul Vance, a spokesman for the state police.

The fetus was taken to the chief medical examiner's office for examination.

Several witness have been interviewed and detectives have specific leads in their investigation, Vance said.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


This letter ran in the Colorado Springs Gazette May 3, 2005.  Read the comments of others or post your own!  Back to KGOV.

Focus on the Strategy

Republican Judges are Pro-Choice
Dobson Criticizes His “Own” Judges

An Open Letter, with Love and Respect, to Dr. James Dobson:

In desperation, some members of Denver Bible Church had our own Justice Sundae in a peaceful protest at Senator Salazar’s Dairy Queen. The goal was to oppose his support for the killing of unborn children, but mostly to expose the result of your quarter-century strategy of getting judges who respect life by electing pro-life Republican presidents.

On your Justice Sunday, you were outraged by your own judges! Dr. Dobson, you listed the 11th Circuit decision against Terri Schiavo as an example that the judiciary is “out of control.” But all six of the justices nominated by our pro-life Republican presidents (Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II), voted against your position! All six (including William Pryor whom President Bush recess-appointed last year to avoid a Democratic filibuster), voted not to save Terri’s life and against our side. All six!

It is time to admit that your strategy has failed. Republicans nominated 58 percent of the federal judiciary [Ft. Collins’ April 28], which you rightly expose as firmly against family values. The Moral Majority/Christian Coalition/Focus on the Family 25-year strategy of getting anti-abortion judges through Republican victories has utterly failed; and now George W. Bush is keeping his word by living up to his very first campaign promise to ignore abortion when nominating judges. It was a Republican Supreme Court which legalized abortion, and a Republican-nominated judge even wrote Roe v. Wade. The current Supreme Court keeps abortion legal with seven of the nine sitting justices nominated by Republican presidents.

The judge who wrote the 9th Circuit ruling against the words “under God” in the Pledge was nominated by a Republican president. In 2002 a New York federal judge ruled that a convicted child sex offender could not be stopped from attracting children with balloons in a public park. That judge was nominated by George Bush Sr., and this compares to the current Republican U.S. Supreme Court which decided in favor of the child-porn industry against families and law enforcement, making it harder to prosecute those who sodomize children for profit. Will you please publicly expose that the vast majority of the justices nominated by our pro-life Republican presidents are pro-choice and refuse to uphold traditional biblical morality?

Our biggest successes are mostly hollow. We have spent most of a decade fighting to ban partial-birth abortion, which is tantamount to Germans banning Zyklon A only to have Zyklon B used in the extermination camps instead, while today’s abortionists simply use a different method on late-term babies and have not canceled a single abortion as a result. And the “pro-life” justices on the U.S. Supreme Court have never declared an unborn child’s fundamental right to life, but rather criticize Roe only because abortion should not be a judicial but a legislative issue; this very position undermines the safety of children as though any subdivision of government could have the right to decriminalize murder. The judges that we pretend are conservative actually are only committed to process, not to Christian values, so that when Clarence Thomas dissented from overturning the Texas sodomy law that mercifully opposed harmful behavior, we touted him as supporting Christian values, yet he wrote that if he were a state legislator he would vote to overturn the “silly” law [see or see excerpt below].

Dr. Dobson, respectfully, you are outraged by your own judges. Those in the womb when Reagan campaigned for president have now graduated from college, and the de facto Focus political strategy has packed the Federal judiciary with pro-choice Republican judges. You must come to terms with this failed strategy. You carry a heavy weight as America’s evangelical leader in the war against injustice, especially heavy if you lead by compromise; whereas Christ’s burden is light. We recommend the strategy you declared a decade ago but have since abandoned. Back then you repeatedly pledged, as stated on your program in March of 1995, “I am committed never again to cast a vote for a politician who would kill one innocent baby.”

Our leaders have been reduced to plotting battles in which every victory is a retreat. Yet your previous strategy permits no defeat. Do right and risk the consequences. The battle is not only in America, but worldwide 45 million babies [] die annually. Elevating campaign savvy above righteousness guarantees only failure. Truth is not politically naive. For decades we have done evil that good may come, only to affirm Romans 3:8. Faithfulness to God is our best hope of outlawing abortion and protecting family values. Our failed political strategy makes America increasingly unsafe for children. Sadly, George W. Bush is proud of the pro-choice judges he packed the Texas Supreme Court with, and has put on the federal judiciary.

Without Christian leaders upholding your old pledge, Republican presidents simply use us conservative Christians; and the compromise tremendously weakens our side. You noticed that during the battle for Terri Schindler most religious conservatives in the media stated, “this all could have been avoided if Terri had left a written directive.” With those words, the pro-life community crossed the line to support assisted suicide, starving to death people who are not dying, as long as there is a Living Will. Our pro-life leaders have become weak after a quarter-century of compromise, never compromising on Republican-party politics, but on Thou Shalt Not Murder, all in vain hope of thereby making progress toward victory.

Federally, Republican-nominated judges issue most of the anti- Christian rulings in America. We have to stop focusing on code words that are a recipe for surrender, such as demanding strict constructionists, judicial philosophy, original intent, and constitutionalists (by which justices upheld Article I in the Dred Scott ruling that black people were property, and the Nuremberg trials brought convictions). Such terminology is another part of the failed strategy which obscures our true demand, for judges who fear God and oppose the killing of the innocent.

Thus, the issue is not the Democratic filibuster, but the failed Christian political strategy that has packed the federal judiciary with pro-choice Republican judges. Please, Dr. Dobson, take up your pledge again, and provide the leadership we desperately need.

In Christ, -Pastor Bob Enyart
(call in at 800-8Enyart or give your comments at our web forum!)

Focus on the Family is headquartered in Colorado Springs and so this letter ran in their newspaper, The Gazette, on May 3, 2005.  Read the comments of others or post your own! 

Monday, June 27, 2005

Oh! Well, it's OK to have Murdered Her Then.

Mr. Thogmartin has told us that, after fifteen years of a patient lying in bed recovering, Terri Schiavo might have fully recovered from any abuse she endured. Miraculously he was also unable to see whether or not this person had, fifteen years ago, a heart attack or not. Of course, I’ve never met anyone whose cardiologist was ever unsure, say 24 hours after the incident, that a heart attack had occurred or not. No, in my experience cardiologists can tell you precisely how many nano-seconds the heart attack lasted.

Continuing, the Pinellas medical examiner tells us that a person's brain, which consists of 85% water, can, oh my gosh, shrink when dehydrated for 12 days while simultaneously being starved to death.

Last, he reveals that this excruciating process could leave a person blind, actually subjecting their brain to being killed as a horrible consequence of the rest of them being killed.

Friends, that's all we really know from the autopsy of Terri Schiavo. There’s nothing particularly observably wrong with anything Mr. Thogmartin did. He is simply an observer reporting the present state of the laboratory truths: brain shrunk, brain was killed, person was thirsted to death, fifteen years of living recovery erases much data. He is a scientist performing an observation today on remains which were subjected to most nasty kind of stresses and trying to say something credible about facts a decade and a half in the past. We have been deprived, by the Pasco good ole boy club, of the normative scientific process of peer review – neither science nor the law of Moses allows anything to be established without at least two observations of the same phenomena.

So what does this report mean? It means absolutely nothing. All of its substance could have been easily predicted before the report based on publicly known facts and it is the testimony of only one individual – it cannot be confirmed or denied.

What does mean something is that these no-brainer findings are being used to perform an acquittal on the national conscience – and that is vile. The argument being forwarded by the witlessly evil pontificals is that: because after being thirsted to death her brain shrunk it means that her brain must have been shrunk for all the fifteen years before that. But regardless - proof of brain damage is proof enough that we were perfectly OK to have murdered her. NPR smarmily danced around demanding an apology from Bill Frist who had the audacity to assert that a diagnosis of persistent vegetative state was hard to make.

But now we’ve got Proof!


Proof of what?

That she was brain damaged and that thirsting people for 12 days shrinks the brain.

But didn’t we already know that?

Uh, yes.

But what you don’t understand dear reader is that the smear campaign to anesthetize the American conscience to this murder needed some exalted “science” to say that proof that she was, gasp, blind means it was OK to murder her too. Blind on March 29th 2005 or blind in March 1997? Doesn’t matter, shut up.


But the absolutely damning proof is that we can now see that she was brain damaged irrecoverably! The fact that the brain damage was “irreversible” (yeah when I’m dead on an autopsy table and my brain is in a jar, its pretty irreversible too) is equated in the popular press to mean Terri was a total loss like your car when you wreck it. See? She couldn’t have been taught the full webster’s dictionary again’s OK to have even shot her! That my friends is the smarmy argument being foisted on us by the devil Felos and his apologists. And it is an evil that thinking people must forcefully resist in word and deed. They act as though proof of disability is proof of murderability – and they want you to nod your head as if you agree.

Friends, we have to cut to the quick here: this meaningless autopsy is trying to mislead the public mind away from core moral truth which is: it is evil to starve and thirst to death an innocent defenseless injured woman NO MATTER THE EXTENT OF HER DISABILITY. If we begin to make ANY disability worthy of judicial murder ALL DISABILITIES will be under threat of preemptive claim to the authority of judicial murder. They argued before hand that “substantial” disability was enough to murder her - “substantial” being a term they defined. They search afterward and announce that “substantial” disability existed – safe knowing they can define “substantial” up or down as needed. Then they celebrate everyone’s relief that their moving-target definition was reached. They stamp Terri as “worthless”, stamp the file “closed”, pop their champaign and cheer Michael Schiavo’s cheer, “When will that bitch die?”

Expensive weasels now pound one another gently on their Brookes Brothers backs comforting each other that they were right all along: whew! She was worthless! Thank God!

But God sits in judgment of them and knows that they were never given power over the life and death of the innocent. The Almighty knows that all men were created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights. Yes - God knows there will be hell to pay.

This is a smear job on the worth of Terri Schiavo and is a failed attempt to exorcise the conscience of all those who cheered her death or who sat meaninglessly by and did nothing. It is just another damnation in the string of evils spewing from the contagion that is Felos-Greer. But we don’t fall for it. The smarmy bar boys of the Pasco-Pinellas watering hole cannot convince us of their righteousness. Couch it in as much lawyer-speak as you want; the man on the street knows they committed murder.

Holocaust survivors have observed that holocaust denials are like "double killing" because they erase even the memory of the horror. Yet we who remain are responsible for all the more deliberately holding a megaphone before Terri's Blood which cries out from the ground, saying:

“You are my witnesses.”

By FarRockaway from FR

Sunday, June 26, 2005


On June 2, 2005, ADAPT WV will be sponsoring a call in day on behalf of the MR/DD waiver services of Vicki Shaffer. The state of West Virginia is, under the pretense of saving money, trying to take away the services that enable her to live in the community and improve her life all the while saving the state thousands of dollars every month compared to nursing home placement. So on June 2 ADAPT WV is asking you to call one of the following numbers and help fight for Vicki’s services.
Governor Manchin 1-888-438-2731
Martha Walker, secretary of DHHR, 1-800-642-8589
or your own state or national representative and ask them to help Vicki stay in her own home.

Vicki is a Terri supporter who needs our help to stay in her own place!

Please help her by making a call to Governor Manchin and saying a prayer for this dear sister in the Lord!

100_9577.JPG - HEAVEN HELP US!

Today Denver's Mayor Hickenlooper marched with numerous Colorado churches, aiding and abetting the aids crisis, in a "Gay Pride" parade down Colfax Avenue to the State Capitol.


Friday, June 24, 2005

Pray for Scott!!

Lord, we lift up Scott Thomas to you - your tender
mercies to bestow. Protect him Lord, from those
who seek to harm him or cut his life short.

Lord, we know that you are the ultimate physician.

Let his dear Mother be encouraged this day by the
prayers of those who cherish life.

In the majestic name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Terri's Gravestone:


Teresa Marie

Beloved wife

Born Dec 2, 1963

Departed this Earth Feb 25, 1990

At peace March 31, 2005

I kept my promise.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Terri's Autopsy

On Wednesday I was privileged to speak on Terri's behalf
on Denver's KHOW Radio Caplis and Silverman program.

Pro-life attorney Dan Caplis was out of the studio and
as his "Pro-Choice" partner, Craig Silverman says,
while the cats away, the mice will play.

Former prosecutor Silverman's opening question to me
was "Don't you think you owe Michael Schiavo an apology?"

I said, "Absolutely not!" I think Michael owes the doctors he
sued for not diagnosing Terri's supposed bulemia an apology
and that he should re-pay them for the malpractice settlement
he received, since the autopsy showed Terri didn't have bulemia.

I told Mr. S that I thought the autopsy raised more questions than
it answered. Craig made a big deal about the size of Terri's brain
being half of normal. I asked if it didn't make sense that one's brain
would atrophy after 13 days of dehydration.

I told Craig that any questions about the autopsy's impartiality could
have been alleviated had Cyrl Wecht or Michael Baden been allowed to
observe which is usually done as a professional courtesy. He replied
that it may have been too crowded in the room - LAME!!

Jeb Bush is now calling for an investigation of what Mark Fuhrman's book
will illustrate - that the timeline is not Michael Schiavo's friend.

Why couldn't he have demanded that while Terri was still alive?

Friday, June 10, 2005


The following letter has been sent to Colorado AG, John Suthers.

May 24, 2005

Attorney General John Suthers
1525 Sherman 5th Floor
Denver, CO 80203

Dear Mr. Suthers,

Enclosed please find a report from Life Dynamics regarding the
terrible state of affairs in Colorado and the rest of the country
relating to the rampant sexual exploitation of underage girls
by adult men.

This report exposes the relationship of Planned Parenthood to
this crisis. Several of us who try to rescue babies from the
20th and Vine clinic in Denver would like to meet with you
regarding this matter.

There is a video produced by Life Dynamics which has audio of
a Colorado clinic telling an underage client how to get around
the law. We would like to get this into your hands. This kind of criminal
activity is unconscionable and it is our desire to have a meeting with you to discuss proper enforcement of laws already on the books.

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Most sincerely,

Leslie Hanks
V.P. Colorado Right to Life
720-394-8946 cell

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

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Saturday, June 04, 2005


“Colorado began the abortion holocaust in 1967. State Representative Dick Lamm wrote and carried the first abortion law in the nation. It was passed and signed into law by Governor John Love on April 25, 1967, making Colorado the first state in our nation to “legalize” abortion for rape, incest and the life of the mother. Nonetheless, his legislation opened Pandora's box and once the killing started it spread like wildfire and into abortion on demand.”

“Dick Lamm went on to become Governor of Colorado. He earned the reputation of being “Duty to Die” Dick Lamm. In the late 1970s, he wrote an article for Playboy magazine in which he stated that the elderly should step aside and do their duty to die so that health care resources could be made available for the young.”

“Colorado started the abortion holocaust and planted many of the seeds of the euthanasia movement in America. Colorado Right to Life believes that we have a unique duty and responsibility to lead America back to protecting all life from fertilization through natural death.”

“We encourage and welcome every pro-life individual to join us in the battle of reclaiming America for the protection of God's gift of life. Therefore we are so thrilled that OSA is heading our way. You are giving us an opportunity to honor our Lord and live out our faith in the streets of Denver, Colorado!”

Activities include:

Witnessing at different area abortion mills (Denver has many!)
Proclamation at state capital
Early morning overpass ministry
Teaching seminars
Evening rallies