Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Obama protest Denver ~ MSM blackout!

OK, if you've followed the action from the state that started the abortion holocaust for very long, you know we never miss an opportunity to protest evil. But if you are looking at the MSM coverage of the current resident of the White House's rally in Denver today, you'd never know that we brought the truth of America's holocaust to the 1,000 in line to hear their "anointed one."

You might read that there were 6,000 in attendance which, IMO, is a beyond ridiculous exaggeration but I digress.

Though our numbers were small, we connected with the majority of the 1,000 who were given tickets and had to wait for their courtesy groping, prior to being allowed into the campaign rally for Jobs, jobs, jobs!!

Not one to face accusers head on, the BHO motorcade entered the venue from the backside so our signs didn't impact our intended target, but nevertheless, he might learn about the cadre of Coloradans who cherish the God given, inalienable right to life of every baby in the womb. So much so, that we speak truth to power and show the ugly truth of America's shameful holocaust at every opportunity, especially to the wicked leaders who are bought and paid for by evil, racist Planned Parenthood!

If you are moved by the fact that the "Leader of the Free World" supported even infanticide by his votes against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, perhaps we can collectively figure out a way to get the new video "180" onto his radar screen!

Apart from such a miracle, all his calls for God to bless America as he takes his jobs bill on the road for his 2012 presidential campaign, ring especially hollow.

God will not be able to bless America, until the slaughter of the innocents stops and the Personhood of the pre-born is established in law.

Repent, America!!! God will not be mocked!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Colorado Med Waste picks up picked over dead babies

Sept. 20th, 2011 ~ Jo Scott

Colorado Medical Waste was observed picking up buckets of aborted baby parts from the notorious Mayfair Women’s Center in Aurora, Colorado, today.

Mayfair Women’s Center “Safety, Compassion, Respect”
Affiliated with the National Abortion Federation since 1976
Ronald E Kuseski, MD, Medical Director
Associate Clinical Professor, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
Staff Physician, Kaiser Permanente Medical Group

Suzanne Thorp, RNC, MS,
Certified Women's Health Nurse Practitioner

14446 East Evans Avenue
Aurora CO 80014

Mike Marcavage, of Repent America, is leading a national campaign to pressure medical waste companies that collaborate with the abortion industry into ending their contracts with the mills. Stericycle and Colorado Medical Waste Disposal “efficiently” clean up after the bloodshed of the abortion industry in Colorado.

On September 20th, 2011while protesters stood on the street outside the Mayfair Women’s Center, an abortion facility located in Aurora, CO. a Colorado Medical Waste Disposal truck pulled in front of the mill to make a pick up. He exchanged several buckets filled with baby parts (left over parts that Mayfair couldn’t sell for profit) for empty containers to collect the remains of the children to be killed by abortionist Kuseski.

As the truck driver carried the hazardous waste containers to his truck, he realized that pro lifers were taking his picture and he flew into a rage. He spouted all sorts of profanity as he loaded his “morgue on wheels” with the remains of innocent baby boys and girls sacrificed on alter of convenience at Mayfair. The truck was brimming with bio hazardous waste when the driver shoved the remains of the children into the “cradle to grave” tracking truck.

Colorado Medical Waste Disposal’s motto is: “All waste is manifested for "cradle to grave" tracking.” An ironic idiom considering the children that are picked up at Mayfair only experience the cold metal appliances used to pull their delicate bodies into pieces, never the comfort of a cradle.

Mayfair Women Center advertises “Safety, Compassion, Respect” but in reality the mill is well known for its nefarious activities, from grinding the remains of children in a meat grinder and flushing them down the toilet to overdosing Christie Stiles in 1993 leaving her in a coma to this day.

In the October 23, 1999 World Magazine article Ms.Ying Bei Wang, stripped of her medical license, is named as Mayfair Woman’s Center’s “harvester” employed by Anatomic Gift Foundation (AGF). No longer able to perform abortions she satisfied her bloodlust by harvesting aborted children for AGF. See baby parts price list. See fetal tissue consent form.

In the future, Colorado Medical Waste Disposal company will be visited by pro lifers and exposed for their gruesome collaboration with the bloody abortion industry.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Headed to the Ovens ~ Redux

Denver, Colorado September 6, 2011

By Sidewalk Counsellor, Jo Scott

"These murdered children are then taken to Stericycle’s incineration plants, where they are burned with the trash. "

Stericycle is a medical waste disposal company operating internationally with a presence in eleven countries. In Colorado, Stericycle leases its trucks from Idealease that is partnered with Mc Candless Truck Center in Aurora CO. Planned Parenthood contracts Stericycle to pick up the remains of the children that are aborted at their abortion facility in Denver. The motto emblazoned on their trucks is “Protecting People, Reducing Risk”. It’s an ironic idiom considering the precious children that they cavalierly cart away to be disposed of as hazardous waste.

Mike Marcavge, of Repent America, heads up the national campaign to expose Stericycle and has made quite a stir within the companies that lease to Stericycle. In the past two years both Ryder and Penske truck rental companies have dissolved their contracts with the abortion mogul due to public pressure from Marcavge’s efforts .

On September 2, 2011 pro lifers took video and photos of a Stericycle truck at entering and leaving the Planned Parenthood abortion mill in Denver. The driver sat on a side road waiting for the rescuers to leave so that he would not be photographed entering the mill but he had a schedule to keep and entered in full view of the sidewalk counselors.

After leaving Planned Parenthood for the day the pro lifers decided to visit Mc Candless Truck Center to expose them for their part in America’s Holocaust. Ron Brock's truth truck circled the business while 10 saints held large graphic signs on the street outside of the business and at the entrance to the Mc Candeless facility.

A gentleman who claimed to own Mc Candless greeted Ken Scott and explained that he had a contract with Stericycle that couldn’t be broken. Ken pleaded with the man to do all that he could to end his relationship with the abortion provider and informed him that Ryder and Penske found a way to get out of their contracts.

Recently Abby Johnson, former director of Planned Parenthood, now pro lifer, related this grotesque story about the Planned Parenthood freezer that held the remains of children waiting to be transported by the medical waste truck. “…I was introduced to our freezer in the POC (products of conception) lab. This was the freezer that held the fetal tissue until the biohazard truck came for disposal. I found out the name for that freezer…the nursery.”

Mc Candless Trucking is participating in the most gruesome crime in the history of this country. Whether we like it or not Planned Parenthood has involved the entire country in its cruel perversions. The postman to the trash man, the phone companies to the public schools, and everyone who pays taxes has been dragged down into the mire of abortion.