Sunday, October 21, 2007

Will Weitz help kill Blacks?

Over 50 committed souls braved strong winds and near blinding snow
this Sunday morning for a church service in the neighborhood of Weitz
Construction VP, Gary Meggison.

The pro-life activists and members of Denver Bible Church brought
the message to Mr. Meggison and his neighbors that building a
death camp in a minority neighborhood is bad for weekend peace and tranquility.

Large signs and a truth truck with the Margaret Sanger statement about
the racist roots of Planned Parenthood underscored the horrible truth
that more than 1,400 black babies die each day in America at the hands
of an abortionist.

Very often the killing clinics or “death camps” are located in minority
neighborhoods. Although blacks make up about 12% of the population,
black women receive nearly 35% of abortions.

Denver is no exception. Weitz Construction has been hired to build
the newest super killing center in north Denver’s Stapleton area,
home to many African American citizens.

Keep Peace in Stapleton’s head, Will Duffy, spoke with Gary Meggison
by phone, expressing the prayers of the group that he might help
Weitz change its mind about building Planned Parenthood's facility.

The tenacity of the cadre of pro-lifers was demonstrated in a very
visible way during today’s winter blast.

The babies deserve nothing less!