Monday, April 14, 2008


Final Push for the Babies
Personhood Update from Keith Mason

Just a quick note to all of my fellow laborers on behalf of unborn babies. We are doing amazingly well! With a final, big effort from all of us in the next 31 days, we will see tremendous results!

I know you have given so much of your time and energy to putting personhood on the ballot so far – and believe me, I could not be more amazed by what you've accomplished. Kristi and her family have said they are overwhelmed by the hard work you've invested into this ballot initiative, and I am honored to be working with you!

I do have a major request. We have 31 days left. If you have contributed an hour a week to getting signatures, please consider contributing two hours. Or maybe more, Sandra a few weeks ago spent 4 hours in front of King Soopers in Wheat Ridge and collected 350 SIGNATURES!

You can make a huge difference just by stepping out with just a little of your time.

I am pouring myself into this effort because on May 13th I don't want to say "I could have done more". What about you?
We need every available volunteer getting signatures at every available moment! Your efforts will ensure that Personhood is on the ballot. If we all push ourselves, and do even more in the next few weeks, we can be successful!

So many people said we could not do this. Planned Parenthood will be stunned when they see what we've done, getting 76,000 signatures, with just a grassroots coalition!

I am happy to report to you that we are almost there!
If you can commit to any more time giving signatures in this last little bit of time we have, it could make or break the campaign. I don't want to miss the mark by just a few thousand signatures! We are putting out a call – anyone who possibly can invest any more time into Personhood, please do it! Again, we are almost there!

The best weekday places to petition are:

· King Soopers

· Wal-Mart

· Safeway

If you haven't yet gotten signatures at your church, please talk to your pastor and see if you can have a petition there this Sunday! Remember, Time is short!

Remember, all petitions must be mailed to us at P.O. Box 298, Peyton, CO 80831 on May 1st. That's just 19 days away! If you are able to join us when we turn in the petitions, on May 12, please keep circulating your petition until that time, then join us to have them notarized and submitted before we turn them in to the Secretary of State.

We are so thankful for you – God bless you!

Keith Mason

Teen Pregnancy/Parenthood Support Group
Support for Expectant Teens & New Teen Parents

Highlands Ranch/South Denver – 04/11/08

Announcing the formal launch of a distinctive group established for the soul purpose of providing support to local teens who are expecting their baby soon, as well as those who've just become parents.

Confident Birth of Colorado presents:
The Highlands Ranch/South Denver Teen Parents To Be & New Parents Group

Our group is for anyone who would like personal support during their pregnancy and/or for the months after birth. Whether you are an expectant mama, daddy, partner, friend, birth professional, or parent of a pregnant teen, our group welcomes all interested and non-judging adults, teens and babes in arms.

Our group provides a unique community of support specifically geared for teenagers, their pregnancy and birth. We are a group in which the members aim to encourage one another, not judge or lecture, and become fast friends.

Our group meets monthly, every 4th Saturday at 11am. Currently we meet at the Borders Bookstore Café on County Line (9515 County Line Road, Englewood 80112). Details of our meetings and events are updated on our website.

A place…

To make and be a friend, to put aside fears, and to not be judged.
To find security and encouragement for your pregnancy and/or new job of parenting and an opportunity to just be and to thrive.

Contact information: