Saturday, March 08, 2008

This is what Terri's family would have done

This Miami Herald story teaches us the true meaning of love!!

Oh that Governor Jeb Bush had had a spine, Terri's family
would have been doing the same thing - loving and caring
for her.

Posted on Fri, Mar. 07, 2008
Mom who cared for comatose daughter for 38 years dies


She never broke her promise.
Kaye O'Bara, who pledged to never leave her then-teenage daughter's side as the girl slipped into a diabetic coma 38 years ago, died at her Miami Gardens home this week -- in the same room she shared with her child, Edwarda, since 1970.

O'Bara, 80, died in her sleep. She had suffered for years from a cardiac illness that dated back to a heart attack in the early 1980s, said her niece Pamela Burdgick.

''We thought she'd outlive us all. The woman was so strong,'' Burdgick said.

The story of O'Bara's steadfast devotion to her child, and her belief that Edwarda's life was not a burden but a blessing, inspired countless visitors who passed by the small one-story O'Bara home over the decades. Well-wishers traveled from as far away as Japan to take part in the annual celebration of Edwarda's birthday -- as did fellow Catholics and others who believed Kaye O'Bara had seen apparitions of the Virgin Mary and sought to pray at the bedside of her sleeping daughter.

Her story also inspired bestselling author Dr. Wayne Dyer to write the book ``A Promise Is A Promise: An Almost Unbelievable Story of a Mother's UnconditionalLove and What It Can Teach Us.''

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