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I am pro-choice
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I don’t say that to attract or alienate readers. I respect many people who oppose abortion on moral grounds (unless they are physicians and refuse to give their patients correct information, but that is a topic for another day). But wherever you fall in the abortion debate, you should be willing to admit that truth is important. Today’s Denver Post follows a local controversy about a Planned Parenthood clinic. My views on this are irrelevant. What irks me is the statement from the Vice President of Colorado Right to Life, Leslie Hanks. According to Hanks:

Let’s face it, they’re in the business to kill babies for profit. First and foremost, they get young girls hooked on their birth control pills, which don’t work.

Now, I don’t believe the first statement, but that’s the Right to Life line…it’s an opinion, however hyperbolic–opinions can be foolish, but not wrong. It’s the second statement that is, well, a lie. Actually it’s a damned lie. I’m not sure what she means about “getting girls hooked on BCPs”, but I do know that oral contraceptive pills (OCPs) work. To say otherwise is a lie. Yes, a lie. She is a lying liar who lies a lot.

I don’t think it helps her position on abortion to bleed over into a debate about contraception, and she does everyone a disservice by lying. She should be ashamed.

Expert: The Pill is outdated and leads to unwanted pregnancies and abortion

By Ruben Obregon

Professor James Trussell, a well recognized expert on contraceptives, told attendees of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service conference "The Pill is an outdated method because it does not work well enough. It is very difficult for ordinary women to take a pill every single day..."

Though he did not intend to, his statement in some ways vindicates those who argue that the net impact of the pill has been an increase in unwanted pregnancies and abortion.

The push to use multiple methods of contraception, along with Trussell's statement, is an admission that, at the population level, contraceptive programs and technologies have largely been a failure.

Predictably, Trussell doesn't advocate abstinence over the pill - for some reason the contraception crowd simply cannot fathom a cultural shift towards abstinence. Instead, he calls for increased use of the IUD: "The beauty of the implant or the IUD is that you can forget about them." IUDs have their own problems, including the "cost" of obtaining them as well as various side effects.

Trussell also mentioned that studies indicated that women miss more pills than they recall - something that, at least in this author's mind, may cast further doubt on the calculated failure rates of combined methods as published by Santelli et al(2006).

Trussell's statement should bring into focus the public funding of Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion chain and one of the largest distributors of the pill.

Planned Parenthood is well aware of the problems with the pill, yet over the past few decades it has provided it to minors – sans parental consent – using public funding. In the long run, a large population of sexually active teens and young adults dependant on the pill or other contraceptive methods to engage in sexual activity, sustains the demand for abortion. Planned Parenthood is well aware of this and has capitalized on it to grow their abortion practice - at the taxpayer's expense.

Trussell's admission should be a catalyst to re-evaluate both the public funding of contraception programs and cultural permissiveness towards premarital sexual activity, which is largely dependent on contraception. It should also bolster the call to eliminate – not simply to cut – funding for Planned Parenthood at all levels of government.

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Governor Ritter's SB200

What's next?

No criticizing pro-aborts?

Weep over the death of Free Speech in America.

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Friday, June 20, 2008

State denies cancer treatment, offers suicide instead 'To say, we'll pay for you to die, but not pay for you to live, it's cruel'

Posted: June 19, 2008
11:15 pm Eastern

State officials have offered a lung cancer patient the option of having the Oregon Health Plan, set up in 1994 to ration health care, pay for an assisted suicide but not for the chemotherapy prescribed by her physician.

The story appears to be a happy ending for Barbara Wagner, who has been notified by a drug manufacturer that it will provide the expensive medication, estimated to cost $4,000 a month, for the first year and then allow her to apply for further treatment, according to a report in the Eugene Register-Guard.

But the word from the state was coverage for palliative care, which would include the state's assisted suicide program, would be allowed but not coverage for the cancer treatment drugs.

"To say to someone, we'll pay for you to die, but not pay for you to live, it's cruel," Wagner told the newspaper. "I get angry. Who do they think they are?"

(Story continues below)

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Norma McCorvey - Jane Roe - who was used by Sarah Weddington in the historic U.S. Supreme Court decision Roe v Wade, which led to the unjust taking of over 50 million innocent lives - has made a commercial.

Her tender message that all life should be protected and that she never even
had an abortion is most welcome.

Thank you Virtue Media for helping the truth come to the forefront.

Thank you Flip Benham for helping her to see the Light!!

Bobby Schindler Decries Current Plague in US of Hospitals Denying Life Sustaining Treatment

Commentary by Bobby Schindler

June 16, 2008 ( - Recently, yet another situation similar to that of my sister Terri Schiavo has made headlines. In West Palm Beach, Florida, Raymond Weber is asking the court to dehydrate his disabled wife, Karen, to death.

If you have read any of the reports in mainstream media, it’s just another case of a husband looking out for the “best interest” of his spouse. And just as in Terri’s case, Raymond Weber is asking the government to deliberately kill his wife who is not dying and is guilty of nothing more than having difficulty swallowing and therefore needing help, in the form of a feeding tube, to eat.

Not surprisingly, in a story by the AP, was a quote from the husband’s attorney who so touchingly referred to his client’s brain-injured wife as a “vegetable,” thus offending the tens of thousands of people and their families who do live with a profound brain injury.

The reporter also wrote that the decision whether Karen should live or die will depend upon whether or not a committee finds her “competent” to go on living. Yes, that is correct, competent enough to live. I guess passing an IQ test will be next.

Factors such as what is being taught in our medical schools, the breakdown of our health care system, the powerful influence of assisted suicide organizations, and the propaganda of our mainstream media have taken their toll.

As a result, the physically and mentally “inferior” are being denied the most basic care—food and water—in our nation’s medical facilities every day. (Thank goodness we have laws making it a felony if we do the same to an animal, although I would expect there would be a greater outcry if it were the family pets at risk.)

Equally as disturbing is the fact that our politicians, including our two presidential candidates, ignore this issue and because of it are failing in one of the most important responsibilities they have as leaders—to protect our most vulnerable citizens.

Perhaps our general public doesn’t have a clue as to how widespread this problem is in our nation today. This ignorance is in large part because of a stealth and powerful lobby who support patient dehydration based on quality of life judgments. This has slowly but surely changed our laws regarding food and water. Nutrition and hydration through a feeding tube, once considered basic care, are now recognized as “artificial nutrition and hydration”—and therefore a form of “medical treatment.”

Because of this, people have the right (this now includes hospital ethics committees under the banner of “futile care”) to refuse medical treatment (food and water via feeding tube) either for themselves or for others, which is often based on “best interest” scenarios. Denying the disabled food and water has become a routine part of medicine that only becomes an issue when family disagrees, as in the case of Karen Weber and my sister Terri.

If you need proof, read what was recently written in a March 18 New York Times article. In this column by Jane Brody, Judith Schwarz, a registered nurse and clinical coordinator for “Compassion & Choices” of New York was quoted as saying the following: “1.3 million people die each year in American hospitals as ‘a consequence of someone’s decision to withhold or withdraw life-sustaining treatment.’”

If this is accurate, these numbers are staggering. Although there are no statistics available to indicate exactly how many of these 1.3 million are simply being starved and dehydrated to death because a “loved one” doesn’t feel like taking on the “burden” of caring for these individuals, it is safe to say that dehydrating the disabled to death is happening every day in our country—in fact thousands of times daily, if the figures are to be believed. During Terri’s battle, Michael Schiavo’s attorney admitted that his effort to kill my sister by denying her food and hydration is a widely practiced “medical treatment.”

How have we sunk so far as a nation to become so desensitized and disconnected to the value and dignity of our most vulnerable, that dehydrating the disabled to death has become about as ordinary as buying a loaf of bread?

Someone once said that when your life becomes difficult, change your life, not your morals. Faced with difficult life choices today, too many have become too comfortable acting immorally.

Bail set at $1 million for woman in baby's death

GRAND JUNCTION (AP) - A judge has set bail at $1 million for a woman charged with first-degree murder in the death of her newborn son.

Prosecutors say 22-year-old Morgan Hite of Wasilla, Alaska, secretly gave birth while visiting her family in Grand Junction in February. Authorities allege she wrapped the infant in a garbage bag, put him in a plastic tote and left him in a closet at her family's home.

Authorities say Hite's father and stepmother found the baby's body on April 29th.

A judge set Hite's bail Monday at her first appearance in a Colorado court. She had been extradited from Alaska.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Right To Life Warns Colorado Republican Chairman

"You're headed for another election catastrophe."

Contact: Donna Ballentine, Colorado Right To Life, 303 753-9394,

DENVER, June 16 /Christian Newswire/ -- "Colorado Right To Life is warning Dick Wadhams, the state Republican Party chairman, that by shunning their pro-life conservative base they're headed for another election catastrophe in November," said Joe Riccobono, CRTL president.

"Wadhams banned the nation's oldest Right To Life organization from their state convention while he welcomed a radical pro-abortion group," said CRTL vice president Leslie Hanks. "The state's top Republican is out of touch with his own party's base, where 4 out of 5 Republicans at the convention voted to defend life beginning at fertilization."

The thousands of convention delegates passed all forty resolutions offered, except for the only one that failed, the pro-abortion Resolution #21. Convention rules require literature to be approved by the party chairman. Wadhams allowed the misnamed Republican Majority for Choice to distribute flyers quoting him about the Personhood Amendment 48 sponsors as "on the fringe of the pro-life movement, and they do not represent by any stretch of the imagination the hundreds of thousands of pro-life Coloradans."

130,000 pro-lifers signed the Personhood petition. Delegates overwhelmingly passed all uncompromising pro-life resolutions including the 78% vote affirming that "life begins at conception." 20-year-old Personhood Amendment sponsor Kristi Burton was elected among the top ten most popular of the 46 national delegates.

The Denver Post last week quoted Wadhams regarding conservative leader Dr. James Dobson's refusal to support the Republican presidential candidate. "Dobson's comments that he would not vote for the party's presumptive nominee, John McCain, won't hurt." Further, according to the Post, Wadhams agreed that the party should "avoid social issues," and the liberal headlined their report about the state Republican chairman: "Wadhams: Dobson Is So Yesterday."

"Wadhams sells out Dobson and pro-life voters in favor of pro-abortion lobbyists," said Hanks. "Social issues have motivated Republicans in every presidential cycle since 1980."

In sharp contrast, the candidate questionnaire has identified many heroic leaders running for office. "But Wadhams has moved U.S. Senate candidate Bob Schaffer to the liberal middle, and he's trying to drag the Colorado GOP to the left."

"Wadhams promotion of abortion will be the straw that elects Democrat Mark Udall," said Riccobono. Wadhams pushing the party to the left helps explain the Rocky Mountain News report that Bob Schaffer's convention speech received, "the loudest applause… when he criticized his own party."

In the past, Schaffer fought for protection of innocent human life from the moment of fertilization. "Now he's allowing the party boss Dick Wadhams to position his own former pro-life belief as bad for the Colorado GOP," said Riccobono, "so Schaffer will be blamed for their third election strike out and game over."


Barack Obama's campaign stop today in Flint, Michigan offered him the chance to confront his conscience.
Flint Right to Life's beautiful billboard above, might yet awaken Mr. Obama to the truth that abortion kills more black Americans than any other cause.

His presidential aspirations and pro-abortion bona fides, notwithstanding; any candidate knowing the truth about the racial component of the abortion industry who will still stand for the evil killing of innocent black babies, is unqualified for even the office of dog catcher.

Recent UCLA stings have powerfully illustrated that Margaret Sanger's founding principles are still alive and well in America 2008.

Hat tip Jill Stanek.

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WB Yates

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.
Surely some revelation is at hand;
Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the desert
A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.
The darkness drops again; but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

Of Gay Rights

Jun 10, 2008
* Focus on the Family Promotes Gay Rights: Oops.

With Colorado enacting the most hostile homosexual law against Christians in American history, Focus on the Family is ignoring the governmental censorship of SB 200 which forbids publication of most Christian teaching on homosexuality. Christian pamphlets and books against homosexual marriage, adoption, etc., are now illegal in Colorado. However, Dr. James Dobson's Focus on the Family is opposing a cartoon-version of this law, complaining that it will allow men in women's restrooms.

However that bathroom aspect is least devastating part of the SB 200 attack on Christians, and it was certainly not the intent of the majority of the wicked and naïve legislators who voted for this attack law. Why has Dr. Dobson focused on the bathroom stall and ignored that SB 200 criminalizes the publishing of Christian teaching on homosexuality? Focus on the History of homosexual rights in Colorado to understand. In 1993, Focus vice president Tom Minnery and their public policy group, along with the well-meaning but short-sighted Will Perkins and Keven Tebedo at Colorado for Family Values, steered the Body of Christ down a tragic path of appeasement with humanists and homosexuals by caving in to gay political correctness. In a statewide Colorado campaign on Amendment 2, Dr. Dobson actually advocated, this is shocking even to recall, "equal rights" for homosexuals.

That initiative, reasonably designed to stall the homosexual agenda, succeeded by passing with 54% of the vote, a statewide majority, bolstered by Dr. James Dobson's unwise but opportunistic campaign slogan of "equal rights, not special rights," for homosexuals. Winning that battle gave Christians a short-lived victory that cost them the war. Since Dr. Dobson advocated equal rights for homosexuals, he has lost his standing to recognize, let alone oppose, the real devastation of Colorado's SB 200, the criminalizing of traditional Christian and biblical teaching on homosexuality. If the bill's sponsors would amend it protecting toilets from cross-gender intrusion, it seems Focus on the Family would be at a loss to continue their criticism.

Because Dr. Dobson has trusted lawyers, moral relativists and secular humanists to direct Christianity's current spiritual warfare, increasingly believers are looking elsewhere for substantive political, moral, and spiritual leadership. Thus, Christians oppose a cartoon version of this sweeping anti-Christian law, complaining that it will allow men in women's toilets, when in reality, SB 200 is the most far-reaching, hostile homosexual attack on Christians America has ever seen.

To learn more about this deplorable situation in Colorado and our nation, tune in to


Praise God for Bob

Thursday, June 12, 2008
WorldNetDaily Exclusive

Biblical message
now criminalized

Penalties created for those criticizing
homosexuality outside church walls
Posted: June 12, 2008
12:45 am Eastern

By Bob Unruh

A new Colorado law is helping homosexual activists achieve their goal of forcing Christians to teach biblical condemnation of homosexuality only behind the closed doors of their sanctuaries.

The as-yet untested state law promotes sexual identity "perception" to the level of skin color under state discrimination laws.

Some opponents are calling it a "bona fide censorship law," and top analysts for Focus on the Family, the Christian publishing and broadcast powerhouse, are expressing concern over the "mischief" they expect to follow the signing by Gov. Bill Ritter.

Bill Ritter
As WND reported, Ritter, a Democrat, struck gender-specific restrooms and locker rooms statewide when he signed the plan into law in May.

The law makes it illegal to deny a person access to public accommodations, including restrooms and locker rooms, based on gender identity or the "perception" of gender identity.

"Who would have believed that the Colorado state legislature and its governor would have made it fully legal for men to enter and use women's restrooms and locker-room facilities without notice or explanation?" said James Dobson, founder of Focus.

"Henceforth, every woman and little girl will have to fear that a predator, bisexual, cross-dresser or even a homosexual or heterosexual male might walk in and relieve himself in their presence," Dobson said.

(Story continues below)

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The Bad Decision
That Started It All


Forty years ago, in Griswold v. Connecticut, the Supreme Court of the United States struck down state laws forbidding the sale, distribution, and use of contraceptives on the basis of a novel constitutional doctrine known as the “right to marital privacy.” At the time, the decision appeared to be harmless.

After all, Griswold simply allowed married couples to decide whether to use contraceptives. But the Supreme Court soon transformed the “right to privacy” (the reference to marriage quickly disappeared) into a powerful tool for making public policy. In Eisenstadt v. Baird (1972), the Court changed a right of spouses — justified in Griswold precisely by reference to the importance of marriage — into a right of unmarried adults to buy and use contraceptives. Then, in a move that plunged the United States into a “culture war,” the Court ruled in Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton (1973) that this generalized “right to privacy” also encompassed a woman’s virtually unrestricted right to have an abortion.

More . . .

To hear Jodie Wagner of Pharmacists for Life click here.

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American Life League Applauds Habitat for Humanity For Ending Relationship with Planned Parenthood

WASHINGTON, D.C. (04 June 2008) - Jim Sedlak, vice president for American Life League, issued the following statement about Habitat for Humanity of Sarasota, FL ending its cooperation with Planned Parenthood:

"We received news this morning that the Board of Directors of Habitat For Humanity of Sarasota, Inc. voted last evening to disengage itself from Planned Parenthood and not go through with a planned land deal. We are extremely pleased that the Habitat board saw fit to take this action."

“In early May, Sarasota Habitat had agreed to buy a piece of land from Planned Parenthood for $10 and agreed to build multi-family housing on the land. This agreement allowed Planned Parenthood to fulfill a zoning requirement it needed in order to get an occupancy permit for a new abortion facility it is building in Sarasota. American Life League worked with local pro-lifers and publicized this fact across the country, resulting in a large number of phone calls to local Habitat offices as well as Habitat for Humanity International offices.”

“Organizations must realize that associating themselves with Planned Parenthood – operators of the nation’s largest abortion chain – will be viewed negatively by many good people in this country. Planned Parenthood is a controversial organization and that controversy will transfer to any group associated with Planned Parenthood.”

American Life League was cofounded in 1979 by Judie Brown. It is the largest grassroots Catholic pro-life organization in the United States and is committed to the protection of all innocent human beings from the moment of creation to natural death. For more information or media inquiries, please contact Michael Hichborn at 540.659.4171.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


June 7 marks the 43rd anniversary
of the appalling Griswold v Connecticut
in which the U.S. Supreme Court first found a right to privacy in
the constitution.

American Life League is hosting a nationwide protest on
June 7 to highlight the 43 years of lying by the pro-death
cabal of Planned Parenthood and NOW.

To learn more about this event and how to participate,
check out Michael Hichborn's American Life League Report