Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Last night’s State of the Union speech gave President Bush
the national spotlight to highlight the most important things
for our nation to ponder about his legacy. It would seem
he still confuses Americans, rather than leads with a piercing

"Bush zeroed-in on the items that will be a part of his legacy," Perkins told Cybercast News Service, adding those items include almost seven years as commander-in-chief of a nation at war, efforts to make his 2002 tax cuts permanent, and his unwavering pro-life stance.

"He is steadfastly pro-life and in defending the unborn," Perkins said.

Yet, just last year Breitbart.com reported:

"US President George W. Bush signaled his opposition to a South Dakota abortion ban that forbids the procedure even in cases of rape or incest, saying he favors such exceptions."

"But Bush declined to predict the outcome of any legal challenges to the legislation, which would make it illegal to terminate a pregnancy except in rare cases when it may be necessary to save the life of the mother."

"That, of course, is a state law, but my position has always been three exceptions: Rape, incest, and the life of the mother," the US president told ABC news in an interview. http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=060228234030.bd7pj26u&show_article=1

Please, President Bush, use your bully pulpit to call for the legal
protection of all innocent human life, from the moment of fertilization
through natural death! Why do you believe that children of criminal rapists deserve the death penalty?

You have the opportunity few men ever have to promote a consistent and truthful culture of life and champion the God-given right to life for all innocent humans. It isn’t too late to speak God’s truth.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Black women get breast cancer two decades earlier than white women

Women's Health News

Published: Thursday, 17-Jan-2008

Black British women in Hackney, East London, are diagnosed with breast
cancer 21 years younger than white British women, according to a
Cancer Research UK study published online in the British Journal of

In the first UK study to look at the patterns of breast cancer in
black British women, the researchers studied 102 black women and 191
white women diagnosed with breast cancer at Homerton University
Hospital in Hackney, East London, between 1994 and 2005. They found
the black patients were diagnosed with breast cancer at an average age
of 46 while the white patients were diagnosed at an average age of 67.

Researchers based at the Institute of Cancer and Cancer Research UK
clinical centre at Barts and the London School of Medicine and
Dentistry also found that survival was poorer among black women with
smaller tumours. In addition, their initial findings suggest that
tumours in the younger black patients were more likely to be
aggressive, and a higher proportion of tumours were basal-like â?"
meaning they were less likely to respond to newer types of targeted
breast cancer treatments like Herceptin.

If these results are confirmed in larger studies, the findings could
have implications for diagnosis, screening and treatment of black
British breast cancer patients in the future.

Study author Dr Rebecca Bowen, said: "Twenty five per cent of all
breast cancer cases diagnosed in London during the period studied were
in women aged 45 or younger â?" but this figure rose to 45 per cent
among the black population in Hackney. We think the differences in the
way tumours of black and white women behave can be put down to the
biological differences between the two ethnic groups. We're now trying
to find out why the tumours are so different so that we can develop
new treatments to target the aggressive forms of breast cancer seen in
young black women."

Until recently, UK cancer registries have not collected ethnicity data
routinely, but incidence of breast cancer among black British women is
thought to be lower than the white population. American research has
suggested that African-American women get breast cancer at a younger
age and at a more advanced stage â?" but this is the first UK study to
draw these conclusions.

Dr Bowen added: "We've just received funding for the next stage of our
research which will allow us to determine the type of cancers these
women are getting at this young age. It's important that we use the
information learnt from this study to raise awareness of breast cancer
risk factors and the importance of early detection among the black

Dr Lesley Walker, Cancer Research UK's director of cancer information,
said: "This is very interesting research. The fact that black women
are being diagnosed with breast cancer at a much younger age than
white women is clearly worrying. If these results are confirmed in
follow-up studies, it might be appropriate to alter screening services
offered to black women to better reflect the age at which they are
diagnosed with breast cancer â?" but at the moment itâ?™s too early to
suggest any changes to the screening programme because the study was
so small.

"These findings highlight the need for all women to be breast aware,
report any changes to the doctor promptly and attend screening
appointments when invited, as early detection is important for
successful treatment."

Eve Silver
Clear Research

Saturday, January 26, 2008

anniversary of Roe v Wade:


It is difficult to find a rational sentence in abortionist, Warren Hern's
rant at the Colorado for Equal Rights effort to establish personhood
and legal protection of innocent pre-born life and to protect the babies
from those who make a profit by their dismemberment.

One line, however, jumps off the full page of print.


Truer words were never spoken.

Yet, on October 26, 1978 at the Associations of Planned Parenthood Physicians
meeting he said: "We have reached a point in this particular technology
where there is no possibility of denial of an act of destruction by the operator.
The sensations of dismemberment flow through the forceps like an electric current."

Which is it Warren Hern, is viewing the little
arms and legs you rip off the babies heart breaking,
or does it give a bit of a thrill as the quote implies?

Leslie Hanks
V.P. Colorado Right to Life

After an hour at the PP 20th and Vine killing
clinic this am, I joined Cal Zastrow - petition
signature expert from Michigan - in front
of the Stock Show, a perennial favorite of

Soliciting young families with 3 and 4 youngsters
in tow seemed a safe bet to approach with our
30 second spiel to capture a signature to help
establish personhood from the moment of
fertilization: www.coloradoforequalrights.com

What a rude awakening to see how many moms
would say, "Absolutely not!" in front of their
young children. One wonders about the conversations
that must follow the inevitable questions. Out of the
mouths of babes.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008



I had the privilege of marching in the DC
gathering yesterday with the crowd which
stretched as far as the eye could see.

How very encouraging to have heard at the
Blog4Life event, hosted by Family Research
Council www.frc.org, that over 80% of the
crowd was under the age of 30.

Praise God!

Over 200,000 at pro-life march in Washington DC
The annual March for Life brought out thousands on the streets of the US capital. Young people increasingly represented.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Today tens of thousands of people committed to supporting the sanctity of human life rallied on the National Mall in Washington D.C. for the annual March for Life. The theme for this year’s march is “Build unity on the life principles throughout America – No exception! No compromise!”

In recent years, over 200,000 pro-lifers have congregated in the U.S. capital in protest of Roe v. Wade. Across the nation today, thousands of pro-lifers are gathering in their hometowns to oppose this decision that has claimed the lives of over 48.5 million babies.

This annual event continues to draw an increasing number of young people who have been born since the Supreme Court decision was handed down 35 years ago.

President of the Institute on Religion and Democracy, Jim Tonkowich commended the leadership of the youth:

“Changing the hearts and minds of the culture begins when the young decide to lead. In a country where the young are known for their lack of involvement in voting and political causes, the Pro-Life movement stands as a strong exception.

“It is amazing that the realities of abortion, which are so muddled with the older generation, are increasingly seen with a striking clarity by young men and women.”

Copyright © 2008 Spero

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Fox 31 called this blogger to get a comment
about the new pro-abortion plan to endorse candidates
described in this Wall Street Journal article below.

Believing that Planned Parenthood had
already been in the business of advocating
for candidates who believe women should
be allowed to destroy their children in the
womb, I stated that they will be doing nothing
new - just sowing more death and destruction.

The reporter indicated this was never done
before because they would never have violated
their 501c3 status. Considering how many
passes PP gets in the legal system for
all their criminal behavior, one wonders
how accurate his assessment is?

Follow the money!

January 22, 2008

Planned Parenthood to Push Candidacies
January 22, 2008; Page A6A
WASHINGTON -- For the first time, abortion-rights advocate Planned Parenthood is launching a major effort to elect pro-abortion-rights candidates to Congress and the White House in November.

The nation's largest reproductive-health-care provider plans to spend $10 million in hopes of persuading one million people to vote for abortion-rights candidates in the 2008 election. Planned Parenthood will roll out its election plans today to mark the 35th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade that made abortion legal.

With its "One Million Strong" campaign, Planned Parenthood becomes the latest Washington interest group to launch an independent effort to elect candidates who back its priorities. Since Congress enacted a campaign-finance-reform law banning large financial contributions to the Republican and Democratic parties, a growing number of individuals, labor unions, corporations and other interest groups have started or boosted their own campaigns to elect like-minded candidates.

In the presidential primaries, the fiscally conservative Club for Growth has aired television advertisements against Republican candidates who have backed tax increases in the past. Labor unions have spent heavily to support Democratic candidates they endorse. And Emily's List, a group that supports pro-abortion-rights female Democrats, has funded a campaign to get women to go to the polls for New York Sen. Hillary Clinton in the primaries.

In all, Emily's List hopes to exceed the $46 million it raised for the 2006 election. Another abortion-rights organization, Naral Pro-Choice America, plans to spend $10 million on the general election.

Together, the efforts by the three abortion-rights groups are the most aggressive attempt by abortion-rights advocates to elect like-minded candidates -- most of whom are likely to be Democrats.

The campaign spending by Planned Parenthood and the other groups will compete against conservative organizations who are spending money to elect antiabortion Republicans, so it isn't clear how much impact the efforts will have on turnout and voters' choices.

The efforts come at a time when many abortion-rights advocates feel they are under attack. Since President Bush took office, he has nominated federal judges who have chipped away at abortion rights and installed two antiabortion justices to the Supreme Court. Two of the oldest justices on the current Supreme Court are liberal. If a Republican wins the 2008 presidential election, two more conservative judges could be added to the court.

Until recently, Planned Parenthood hadn't played a role in elections. In 2004, the organization endorsed Massachusetts Democratic Sen. John Kerry for president, marking the first time it had endorsed a presidential candidate in its 90-year history. In 2006, Planned Parenthood lent its backing to a handful of Democratic candidates for governor.

Officials at Planned Parenthood say they decided to move into the campaign arena because they say reproductive rights are under assault by Republicans. The political effort will be led by Cecile Richards, the organization's president, who has a long history of working in Democratic politics. "To keep our doors open," Ms. Richards said, "it's clear that we need to step into the electoral arena."

A former aide to Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California, Ms. Richards took over Planned Parenthood last year. She is the daughter of Ann Richards, the former Democratic governor of Texas.

Ms. Richards said she believes Planned Parenthood can rally an important demographic that has proved to be elusive to the traditional political parties and candidates: young, unmarried independent and Democratic women.

"Women voters and young adults already trust Planned Parenthood's health information -- and this year they'll be able to rely on the Planned Parenthood Action Fund for election information," Ms. Richards said.

This year's presidential primaries underscore the importance of women and younger voters. In New Hampshire, women made up 57% of the Democratic vote and helped to deliver a surprising win to Mrs. Clinton. In Iowa, younger voters are credited with propelling Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois to victory.

Planned Parenthood has a potent political tool to reach its target voters: a database of nearly four million people. About five million women visit Planned Parenthood clinics across the country each year and 10 million people browse Planned Parenthood's Web site, the organization says.

The political campaign will be run by a legally separate entity that was set as a 501(c)4 organization called the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. In the last few years, an increasing number of interest groups have formed 501(c)4 groups to fund their political efforts in part because Internal Revenue Service rules allow them to keep the names of their donors secret.

Planned Parenthood will fund political advertisements for candidates and organize paid staffers and volunteers to go door-to-door seeking votes.

Write to Brody Mullins at brody.mullins@wsj.com1

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(1) mailto:brody.mullins@wsj.com

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Local views still spark debate 35 years after Roe v. Wade
nbergin@thehawkeye.com Sunday, January 20, 2008

John Gaines/The Hawk Eye

Dan and Donna Holman have a personal crusade against abortion. The couple met at an anti-abortion rally six years ago.

Nearly 35 years after the Supreme Court of the United States decided one of the most controversial cases in its history, Roe v. Wade, a local woman has lost her own battle with the law.

Anti-abortion activist Donna Holman, 72, of Keokuk will observe the Jan. 22 anniversary of the Supreme Court decision from a jail cell in Johnson County.

Holman is serving a 30-day stint after being convicted of third-degree harassment, which stemmed from a November 2006 confrontation with patients at the Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa clinic in Iowa City.

Donna Holman and her husband, Dan, have become known throughout the region for their in-your-face abortion protests. Using graphic pictures of aborted fetuses, the Holmans have targeted politicians, speakers and abortion rights advocates.

The Holmans' view of the issue and how the Supreme Court's decision affected the United States leaves no room for debate. To them abortion and all other forms of chemical or surgical birth control are the ultimate sin -- murder.

"They have normalized baby-murder here in America," Dan Holman said. "They have accepted the murders of 50 million Americans -- 4,000 Americans murdered per day, one out of every three babies is being aborted.

"It is evident that these people (aborted fetuses) are people," he continued. "They were people prior to 1973, and they are still people today. You don't change reality by changing the law.

"They are what they are. They are human beings. They are people."

Others don't see things so black and white.

In Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court ruled in 1973 that a Texas criminal abortion law dating to the 19th century violated a woman's 14th Amendment rights. The ruling overturned the patchwork of state abortion laws.

For those advocating abortion rights, the court's decision gave women control of their bodies and the right to choose when to have a child.

"If the mother doesn't feel she is prepared to do that (have a child), then I don't think she is ethically bound to carry that baby to term," said the Rev. Roger Mohr, president of the local American Civil liberties Union and minister at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Burlington. "The baby does not exist without the mother. If the mother doesn't feel she can handle it, we have to respect her decision."

The act of abortion has been documented throughout human history and prehistory, Mohr said.

"Abortion, that is something that has always happened. Back in the day, the way that you performed abortion was you carried the child to term then laid it out on a rock and abandoned it," he said.

Abortion is a medical procedure, and before women had the option of receiving it in a medical clinic, they often resorted unsafe abortions under unsterile conditions, Mohr said.

"We don't have to do that anymore. And I would like to think at this point we have gotten to the point where we realize it's not always a good time for a baby," he said.

Making abortion, contraceptives and sexual education available to women -- and teenage boys -- has revolutionized the opportunities available for women in their education, careers and personal lives, said Cherry Klein of director of Burlington-based Planned Parenthood of Southeast Iowa.

"They have the ability to plan when they might have children so they can work their education their jobs and their personal lives around that," Klein said, noting the women sometimes had their lives shortened because of repeated childbearing.

Being able to choose when and whether to have a child also helps ease financial strain on women and families, she said.

"In a lot of situations, it has allowed women to have happier marriages and family lives because they don't have the stress of not being pregnant all the time or having more children they might want or be able to provide for," Klein said. "Those (issues) still are big stressers for women."

Never give up

No argument or jail time will ever change either Dan or Donna Holman's mind or stop their protests.

The Monday before Donna Holman's arraignment hearing in Iowa City, the couple discussed their beliefs, and why they do, what they do.

The couple has a tidy, single-story, ranch-style home in Keokuk.

For the interview, Donna Holman wore a purple sweater with the names of her grandchildren embroidered on it in white print. Around each name was an embroidered heart. She has five children, Dan Holman has three children, and together they have 16 grandchildren.

Their living room window is cracked and broken where someone threw a rock through it. Over the hole is taped a sign reading "Life the first inalienable right."

While he talked about his wife's trial, Dan Holman made dough for homemade multi-grain bread.

The couple has a video of the incident that led to Donna Holman's current incarceration.

In the video, she's outside the Iowa City Planned Parenthood clinic wearing sandwich boards with pictures of aborted fetuses, and she is trying to hand literature to women entering the office. The women refuse the literature, and Holman follows them to the office entrance, stands in the doorway and shouts at them as they enter the building.

"They (Planned Parenthood employees) didn't like people in the waiting room hearing me say 'thou shall not murder,' " Donna Holman said of the incident.

In the tape, Dan Holman can be heard in the background shouting, "Your baby wants to live. It's not a piece of garbage. ... How can you pay a total stranger $500 to rip the legs and arms off your baby?"

Within minutes, two police officers showed up and began questioning the Holmans and others.

Donna Holman was given a 30-day suspended jail sentence and placed on a year of probation for third-degree harassment.

As part of her probation, she was ordered to receive a psychiatric evaluation and comply with any treatment recommendations.

Holman refused because she believes "psychiatry to be a psuedoscience on par with astrology, fortune telling and palm reading," she wrote in a statement to the court.

Last Tuesday, a judge ordered Holman to serve the sentence for not complying with the terms of her probation.

The Holmans called the arrest "bogus" and unjustified.

Still, it was hardly surprising.

Dan Holman has said he's been arrested more than 300 times and has spent considerable time in jail.

Four years ago, he was ordered him to stay away from the Iowa City clinic after he made comments sympathetic to Paul Hill, who was executed in Florida for killing an abortion doctor.

"Some day, I hope I will have the courage to be as much a man as he was," he told the New York Times.

A perfect match

The Holmans met about six years ago while protesting abortion in New England. Donna is a widow, and Dan, 61, is divorced.

They married after a three-month courtship. Donna Holman can recite to the day exactly how long they have been together.

The couple appears to be a perfect ideological and domestic fit.

He bakes bread, works around the house and does the mechanical work their "Truthvan," a van they have covered with posters of aborted fetuses and anti-abortion slogans.

Donna Holman does laundry and writes letters to newspapers. Together, they travel the country protesting. Their activities are financed by Missionaries to the PreBorn, a Milwaukee-based anti-abortion group founded by the Rev. Matt Trewahella.

Recently, they returned from a protest tour in Iowa and South Carolina in which they followed the campaign of presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton to more than 60 events. At the events, they displayed pictures of aborted fetuses with the caption "Hillary's Holocaust."

The Holmans don't attend any area churches. They worship from home and have started a local branch of the Missionaries to the Preborn.

The couple said area churches don't focus enough on the issue they believe is paramount, and they said churches generally regard them as too radical.

The Holmans maintain they will never give up protesting abortions or using graphic images.

"Do they have pretty pictures of an abortion?" Dan Holman asked rhetorically. "If they have a pretty picture we'll show it. God said show the bloody city her abomination, and that's what we're doing."

The Holmans said they use the graphic images because they work.

"We know that graphic images change hearts, change minds," Dan Holman said. "I don't think we're confrontational enough."

Actions lead to reactions

Reactions to the Holmans' protests, literature and frequent letters to the editor occasionally make headlines.

In December, a 71-year-old Fort Madison man made news when he accosted Dan Holman with a broom handle while Holman was protesting a Clinton campaign event in the Lee County community.

The Holmans frequently are harassed, too. Their home and their possessions have been vandalized repeatedly.

While many viscerally oppose the Holmans' use of graphic images, others in the community support their goals.

A member of the Fort Madison Right to Life, an anti-abortion group, Mary Abolt said that while Right to Life does not support the use of graphic images to get its message across, that does not mean she believes what the Holmans do is wrong.

"I think there are all kinds of ways to approach this issue," she said. "At least when people see (the Holmans signs) they get to think, 'it's not right what we're doing in the United States Killing our children.' "

Abolt said the Fort Madison Right to Life group avoids using graphic images so it can participate in community events.

"If we associated with the Holmans and presented ourselves like they do, we wouldn't get in the rodeo parade," she said.

Even though the ACLU disagrees with the Holmans' position on abortion, Mohr said it supports their right to protest.

"We support their right to say what they want to say and say it how they want to say it," the Unitarian Universalist minister said. "They have the right to try to present their case. Even if they do it in a tasteless and lurid manner primarily for the shock value."

As long as the Holmans make their point in a lawful way, on public property and don't harm or harass people, area law enforcement take the same approach.

At the local Planned Parenthood clinic, Klein agreed the Holmans have a right to protest and said the couple generally doesn't scare patients away.

To the contrary, Klein said the Holmans protests actually help galvanize Planned Parenthood's supporters, resulting in an influx of donations.

Looking toward the future

The abortion debate likely will not disappear soon and pundits expect it to play a role in the 2008 presidential general election.

The next president likely will appoint new judges to the Supreme Court as old ones retire. The cases they hear could affect abortion laws across the country.

However, many see abortion as little more than a wedge issue used by politicians and people like the Holmans.

Mohr said he has faith that people will see past the Holmans' graphic images and protests and respond to the issue logically.

"The American people are smart enough to look past just the bold images, to think through the issue and to respond in a way that is more than just a visceral gut level response," he said.

At Planned Parenthood in Burlington, which does not perform abortions, Klein said the clinic would rather the debate to focus on preventing abortions through birth control and education that is age-appropriate and research-based, as required by a state law passed last year.

"Comprehensive sexuality education includes abstinence as the best method, but also discusses birth control, pregnancy prevention, self esteem, sexually transmitted diseases and a wide range of health issues that teens really need information about," Klein said. "They are programs that studies show actually work."

Klein said studies have proven abstinence-only education does not work and does not prepare teens to deal with their emerging sexuality.

The Holmans admit there is no way to completely stop abortions or people having sex outside of marriage, but they still strive to have abortion and birth control outlawed.

"It never ends, but it can be outlawed," Dan Holman said. "It's just like outlawing any other kind of murder."

"The Bible says children are a blessing," Donna Holman said. "The reason God put us on earth is to multiply."

The only sexual education they advocate is abstinence. They believe sexual education "sexualizes kids, makes them promiscuous and adds to the overall baby-killing problem," Dan Holman said.

The couple also believe women's place is in the home and they should not seek careers or education.

One of the reasons they chose to protest Clinton events is because "Hillary models the 21st century role reversal of women," they wrote in a recent Missionaries to the Pre-born Iowa newsletter.

John Gaines/The Hawk Eye

Friday, January 18, 2008

January 15, 2008 Denver, Colorado Contact: Leslie Hanks 720-394-8946


Julie Makimaa sat quietly at the National Right to Life conference a few years back, listening to their strategy about
including rape and incest exceptions in any abortion bans that states would promote that year. After hearing all their
arguments and finding herself steaming inside, this bold woman stood up and stated in no uncertain terms that she
disputed their claims.

Julie Makimaa told National Right to Life that they were wrong, that her mother did the wise thing and gave her
up for adoption. She continued that she was very glad she had lived to meet her mother, Lee Ezell, and to be able to tell this
confused organization that they needed to re-think their flawed strategy.

Colorado Right to Life is pleased to present Julie as March for Life 2008 guest speaker January 19, on the West Steps of the
State Capitol at 1:30 P.M. As a woman who agrees with our statement of purpose that abortion is always wrong and that every life is
worthy of protection, from the moment of fertilization, Julie states:

"Many people believe abortion is morally justifiable and medically necessary for women pregnant through rape and incest.
I encourage everyone who holds this position or who has doubts about the best solution for women in these situations, to attend the rally on
January 19th. I guarantee you'll gain a new understanding of the value of every life and the benefits for women who choose life."

"The promotion of abortion for children conceived in rape or incest is society's way of punishing an innocent victim for the crimes of another."

Kristi Burton, sponsor of the Personhood Amendment will speak briefly and Tony Funderburk will sing his song

Colorado Families Against Planned Parenthood founder, Will Duffy, will encourage the crowd to fight efforts to build the
biggest death camp for babies in the nation at PP's new Stapleton location in north Denver.

March for Life - January 19, 2008 - West steps of the State Capitol - 1:30 p.m.

For more information, please call: 303-753-9394
*Greenwood** Village** Police Abuse John Wiechec
Jo Scott

Planned Parenthood is building the largest death camp in the country to date in Denver, Colorado. Pro lifers there are making a monumental effort to stop the construction of the new super-sized killing center.

Included in that effort is Ron Brock who drives a large ostentatious truth truck displaying large graphic pictures of aborted babies along with scripture verses and the Weitz company name. His truck was parked outside of Bill Hornaday’s home several mornings a week. Bill Hornaday is the president of The Weitz Company Rocky Mountain. One of his neighbors lied about Ron’s peaceful morning protests in the neighborhood and got a temporary restraining order against Ron. In an effort to fight the restraining order in court Ron needed to subpoena two Greenwood Village police officers.

Fellow pro-lifer and friend, John Wiechec, volunteered to serve the subpoenas on the two policemen at the Greenwood Village police department. On the evening of December 17, 2008 Ron left a voice message on Officer Michael W. Fultineer’s phone alerting him to the fact that a subpoena would be delivered to him the following day. John was able to reach Officer Gipson on the phone and made arrangements to meet him at 10:15am the next morning, Dec. 18^th . At 10:15 the following morning John met Officer Gipson, shook his hand and gave him the subpoena. John then asked the receptionist if he could speak to Officer Fultineer. When the officer walked into the lobby, John held out his hand to shake Officer Fultineer’s hand and gave him the subpoena. Officer Fultineer threw the subpoena on a nearby chair, grabbed John’s hand and twisted John’s arm up behind his back. John was confused, but allowed Office Fultineer to throw him to the ground and search his pockets. He then told John to sit in a chair and five other officers entered the room. Officer Fultineer told them that he “had” to tussle with John. John told the sergeant that entered the room that he did not “have” to tussle with him; he had just tried to hand Officer Fultineer a subpoena. The sergeant told John to “shut up” or he’d be arrested. John complied. The sergeant continued to yell and make a scene for another minute.

John was given a ticket for disobeying a lawful order and disturbing the peace. Before he left the building he asked for the name of the receptionist who witnessed the incident and one of the officers told him that he would find out in court. Fortunately, John has ascertained the name of the receptionist and a copy of the police video tape of the incident. When asked about the incident John said, “I’m thankful that office Fultineer did not shoot me.” John is now in the process of finding a lawyer to represent him at his arraignment on January 23rd .

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ban The Word 'Fetus' (Brent Bozell Column)

NewsBusters.org ^ | 1/5/2008 | L. Brent Bozell III

Posted on 01/15/2008 3:02:15 PM MST by Pyro7480

The Democratic presidential race is turning into a snippy identity-politics battle waged around the question: Is America more racist or more sexist? Is America too racist to deserve Barack Obama? Or too sexist to deserve Hillary Clinton? Liberals think this is a real puzzler, since they assume America is bigoted both ways. It’s going to be a long, America-accusing election year no matter who wins.

This is nuts. Our system of laws in this country contains energetic remedies for discrimination against blacks and women. Discriminatory attitudes still exist in isolated, politically irrelevant pockets whose existence is then magnified one hundred-fold by those in the media who want this picture of discrimination to exist. Blacks and women simply are not as a rule denied their humanity, as evidenced by a black and a woman vying to become America’s next president.

If we don’t want this year to be an exercise in liberal accusation and intimidation, we should force the Democratic front-runners to answer a different question. If we want to identify the one segment of American humanity that is routinely disregarded, we should ask them: when will you recognize the civil rights and humanity of the unborn baby? When will America overcome this injustice of destroying human lives in the name of "choice"?

While Gloria Steinem is fussing on National Public Radio about why the B-word isn’t taken as seriously as the N-word, perhaps pro-lifers need to really accuse America of insensitivity to what they’ve long seen as an F-bomb: "Fetus."

What a cold, humanity-negating word that is. Happy pregnant women carry "babies." But indecisive or panicked pregnant women carry a "fetus." How discriminatory that sounds in regard to an innocent human life.

"Fetus" has a dictionary definition: the young of a mammal that resembles its parents in physical form, in our case, a human with hands and feet and eyes and a beating heart. But to our media and political analysts, it has a different definition: a subhuman appendage, a disposable mass of tissue, a slave to our whims, and too often, a casualty of our irresponsibility.

The media drop this version of the F-bomb all the time. On January 14, the networks took up the awful case of Marine Corporal Maria Lauterbach, whose burned body was found in the back yard of another Marine she had accused of sexual assault. CBS reporter Jeff Glor uttered the offensive word: "Over the weekend, police found what they believe to be the charred remains of missing Marine Maria Lauterbach and her unborn fetus." Glor repeated the offense an hour later: "Lauterbach was eight months pregnant, and her badly burned body and that of her fetus were found in a shallow grave in [suspect Cesar] Laurean's back yard over the weekend."

ABC was only half-offensive on "Good Morning America," a show that has accused America repeatedly of inherent racism and sexism. Reporter Jeffrey Kofman noted the investigation into "Maria Lauterbach and her unborn baby will continue." But an hour later, news anchor Deborah Roberts reported "The remains of Maria Lauterbach and her fetus were found buried" in Laurean’s back yard.

We saw the same standard in the case of Laci Peterson, another woman murdered with an eight-month-old baby five years ago. When a pregnant woman is murdered, shouldn’t the news media show a preference for the term "baby," since the murdered woman clearly intended to have the baby, and, in these cases, the baby would have been viable outside the womb?

Pro-lifers could press harder for the media to label this a "double murder." This is one small civil-rights advance for the unborn: the Unborn Victims of Violence Act recognizes the murdered baby as a fully human victim of homicide, which President Bush signed (to dismissive media yawns) in 2004.

On the same day as these network reports, the January 21 issue of Newsweek arrived in the mail, complete with a story on impressive advancements in medical imaging technology. The story carried two golden-toned photos of babies inside the womb, in three dimensions. But the Newsweek caption offended: "The latest ultrasound technology allows doctors and patients to view the developing fetus with breathtaking clarity."

Newsweek also has a clarity that’s breathtaking. It’s clearly not convinced that a baby should be defined as a human being until it is born. Later in the caption, Newsweek added the improved images have allowed "expectant parents to bond with their babies much earlier." But the next sentence points the reader to a picture of a "13-week-old fetus."

Our media elite prides itself on an official or unofficial policy of not using insulting or offensive terms about women or minorities in its daily news content. It’s about time they took the same approach to the unborn baby, and nixed the word "fetus" as too demeaning of human life.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Does Anybody Care??

January 16, 2008

Killing of babies by abortion should be top concern

One child named TaJanay dies and we are shocked, outraged and saddened. Every death of an American soldier makes us cringe. We ask ourselves how we can make these killings stop.

On Jan. 22 we will observe the 35th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision on abortion. Since 1973, 50 million unborn children have been killed. Where is the shock? Where is the outrage? Where is the sadness?
The late Rep. Julia Carson had a reputation for speaking for the voiceless, but she supported abortion. Columnist Dan Carpenter defends every downtrodden cause that comes along, but he won't defend the unborn. I don't get it. We all know these babies are being killed and we don't care as long at they're hidden away at a Planned Parenthood clinic and we don't have to experience it.
The deaths of 50 million children should be the number one issue for every voter who goes to the polls this year. How can it not be? Our American way of life is not going to disappear because our property taxes are too high, or we don't kill enough terrorists or the Dome is not big enough for the Colts. It will be destroyed because we are killing a million of our children every year and we know it and we don't care.
Stephen J. Martin

Thursday, January 10, 2008


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Thursday, January 10, 2008
Black pro-life leader rips Obama
'He doesn't care that abortion is the No. 1 killer of African-Americans'
Posted: January 10, 2008
1:00 a.m. Eastern

© 2008 WorldNetDaily.com
The leader of a black pro-life organization is blasting Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama for "applauding the efforts" of those who are aborting unborn African-Americans.

Day Gardner
Day Gardner is president of the National Black Pro-Life Union, which helps to coordinate the efforts of black pro-life groups.

"Senator Obama doesn't care that abortion has obliterated the rights of more than 15 million black children since 1973," Gardner said in a statement. "He doesn't care that abortion is the No. 1 killer of African-Americans surpassing deaths caused by accidents, heart disease, stroke, crimes, HIV-AIDS and all other deaths – combined!

"He won't make one of his powerful speeches decrying the injustice of abortion providers as they plant killing centers firmly in black communities – making it easier to kill black children. Instead, he actually applauds their efforts! These children are denied their most basic human right, which is the right to life, a right which our ancestors so proudly worked for, marched for and many of them died for."

Obama's record of supporting abortion in both the Illinois state Senate and the U.S. Senate is undisputed.

WND columnist Jill Stanek has written about Obama's opposition to Illinois' Born Alive Infant Protection Act, legislation clarifying the terms "person," "human being," "child," and "individual" in Illinois statutes included any baby born alive, no matter what gestational age or circumstance of birth.

(Story continues below)

Wrote Stanek: "In 2001 and 2002, Obama was the lone senator speaking against Born Alive on the Senate floor. In 2003, Obama killed the bill altogether by burying it alive in a committee he chaired. …

"By the third time Obama tried to snuff Born Alive, he was running for the U.S. Senate. The federal version had passed the year before unanimously in the Senate and almost unanimously in the House. Even NARAL went neutral. Pro-aborts agreed to let it pass without a fight lest they appear extreme.

"Except Obama. He decided to battle alone further left than any other senator – Boxer, Clinton, Kennedy, Kerry, et al."

Concluded Gardner: "Unfortunately, Barack Obama supports the ruthless culture of death – one that includes killing the smallest Americans – too small to flee or fight back."

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Chinese Couple Will Get Court Hearing in Brutal Forced Abortion Case

by Steven Ertelt
LifeNews.com Editor
January 5, 2008
Beijing, China (LifeNews.com) -- A Chinese couple who have filed a lawsuit against family planning officials over a forced abortion that has left the couple unable to have children may get a court hearing. The suit involves a woman who, in the ninth month of her pregnancy, was forced to have an abortion because the couple violate the nation's laws.

Just days before she was scheduled to give birth, authorities took Jin Yani from her home to an abortion center. There, family planning officials injected a drug into her abdomen that killed her unborn child.

"Several people held me down, they ripped my clothes aside and the doctor pushed a large syringe into my stomach," she told the Associated Press about her ordeal last fall. "It was very painful. ... It was all very rough."

Jin was hospitalized for 44 days and lost considerable blood because of the abortion and the hospital sent the couple a considerable medical bill.

The couple filed a lawsuit but the case went nowhere. Now, according to a London Telegraph report, the regional people's court said in October that it would eventually hear the case.

It's the first time such a court has agreed to take a case of this nature.

Once that decision came down, Jin's husband Yang Zhongchen, a small-town businessman, said family planning officials contacted him about a job and health care for his wife to make up for their actions.

He told the newspaper the offers are too little, too late.

"They have made no mention of damages," he said. "We can get a job anywhere."

Jin says the couple can never be fully compensated for the death of their child, whom Jin says he planned to name Yang Yin.

"Our baby will never come back," Jin told the London paper. "We just hope this kind of thing will never happen again."

When the couple found out they were illegally pregnant five months before their marriage ceremony -- birth outside of wedlock is prohibited in China -- Yang hoped he could buy off family planning officials to allow him and his wife to have a baby.

Jin was an 18 year-old high school dropout when she met 30-year-old Yang, who works in construction, in September 1998. They moved in together and 18 months later Jin was pregnant.

The couple couldn't get married because Chinese law prevents anyone under the age of 20 from getting a marriage license. They eventually got married but could not obtain the paperwork to have their child.

According to AP, Yang faced a fine of $660 to $1,330 for not getting the proper papers in advance and he tried to buy off Di Wenjun, head of the neighborhood family planning office in their hometown. He also bought a meal for the local head of the Communist Party.

But three weeks later they took Jin for the abortion.

One of Yang's two lawyers, Wang Chen, told AP that's because Yang merely bought them dinner but did not give them a bribe to look the other way.

"Dinner is not enough," Wang said. "Nothing gets done without a bribe. This is the situation in China. Yang was too naive."

Courts originally sided against them saying Jin consented to the abortion.

Today, Jin has lost his construction business because he cannot afford it and doctors say nothing is wrong with Jin, even though she has repeatedly tried to have children.

The Yang's attorneys don't expect the courts will ever reward them the money they are seeking in emotional and medical damages from the abortion.

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According to Lifeissues.net:

"International Planned Parenthood Federation supported the coercive one child policy from its inception in 1979. Beijing's
coercive family planning program includes, forced contraception and sterilization, compulsory abortion, widespread
sex selection abortions and the notorious dying rooms for less than perfect newborn babies."

Monday, January 07, 2008


Coach Dave Daubenmire
January 3, 2008
As the old United Negro College Fund commercial used to tell us, “the mind is a terrible thing to waste.” Losing one’s mind is even worse.

America has lost her mind.

What is the mind? It is "the element, part, substance, or process that reasons, thinks, feels, wills, perceives, judges, etc." In most Americans this part of the brain no longer functions. For many the loss of our mind is a result of the “mind blowing” experience of the sixties, or from sitting at the feet of the radical Humanists who permeate our nation’s universities, or perhaps from a life filled with Oprah, Dr. Phil, Jerry Springer and the Cable News outlets.

The average American no longer thinks. Years in the public-fool system has sucked all ability to use logic and reason out of our populace. Americans have been systematically dumbed-down. “No Tax Dollar Left Behind” had as its goal a slick transformation in educational method. Measure, measure, measure…test, test, test. This is the only way, we were told, to determine whether or not our children are learning.

Testing measures rote memory. In other words, for those of you who never learned that word, it means a measurement of WHAT YOU HAVE MEMORIZED.

“Jack Spratt could eat no fat, his wife could eat no lean.” Today’s “testing” measures whether you can recite the poem, not your ability to analyze the dietary principles enunciated therein. (I used those fancy words so that you would know I still have my mind.)

Logic is the ability to frame an argument based on knowledge. Knowledge is “acquaintance with facts, truths, or principles, as from study or investigation" and reason requires the application of logic in order to determine the validity of a particular theory.

Ultimately, wisdom is the goal. Wisdom is “the ability to discern or judge what is true, right, or lasting.”

Proverbs 4:7 says “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.”

“What is true, right, or lasting……” sort of puts you in mind of the knowledge we are pumping into America’s young “skulls full of mush,” doesn’t it?

Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools. What is a fool? Why, a fool is “a person who lacks judgment or sense.” Americans and American schools are producing trained-fools. Not just fools, “a stupid person,” but trained fools, fools who have been “coached in or accustomed to a mode of behavior or performance.” All wrong thinking leads to wrong action. The thief thought he would get away with it. The rapist never thought he would get caught. The teenager never thought she would get pregnant.

Just because you believe something, anything, does not make it true.

We no longer teach our children HOW to think. Instead, we “coach” them on WHAT to think and then test to measure if the indoctrination has worked. Ooops, “indoctrination,” that is probably another word many are not familiar with. Indoctrination is “teaching someone to accept doctrines without proof.” Everywhere you look we are being indoctrinated. Our news is indoctrination. “They decide, we report.” “We have to stop Hillary.” “Who are you to judge?" “Global warming is destroying the planet.” “Top-tier candidates.”

American-adults have lost their minds. Look at the garbage we are teaching our kids:

A child doesn’t need a mother and a father. Two moms or two dads are fine, because men and women are really no different.
Anal sex between men is normal, but those who speak out against it are not.
Killing a wanted unborn child is homicide; an unwanted unborn child is choice.
Global warming kills more people than abortion.
“Choice” is good for unborn children, but bad for born school children.
A young woman can have an abortion and yet never have regrets about it.
We have lost our minds!

A child must say no to cigarettes, but it is ok to say yes to sex.
Abortion is good and the death penalty is bad.
Divorce is best for the children if it makes the parents happier.
Spanking your children will cause them to be violent.
Famous people are better than “regular” people.
Love is sex and sex is love.
Condoms will prevent disease.
We have lost our minds!

Creating more laws will lower crime.
Gun control makes law-abiding citizens safer.
Being sick is an excuse for breaking the law.
Government needs to spy on us to keep us safe from terrorism.
“Experts” know what is best for the rest of us.
Our rights are granted by government.
We need more money for education.
We have lost our minds!

Paying people not to work will make them more productive.
We have no right to judge the actions of another person.
The government is the answer to everyone’s problems. .
There is a big difference between Democrats and Republicans.
President Bush is a Christian-conservative.
The National Education Association cares about kids than teachers.
We have lost our minds!

Jesus has forgiven our sins so stop talking about sin.
An hour of Sunday school will undue 7 hours a day in public schools.
God is not to be included in public ceremonies, government, or education.
Remove the teachings of Christianity and people will naturally be good.
The US Supreme Court over-rides the law of God.
Jesus is most concerned with making us happy.
Those who believe the Bible are not very well educated.
We have lost our minds!

I could go on. Let me leave you with a few Scriptures to chew on. Perhaps they can help explain the mess we are in.

Proverbs 1:7 “The fear of God is the beginning of knowledge.”

Philippians 2:5 “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:”

Psalm 14:1 “The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God.”

America has become a “ship of fools” captained by fools. The ship has lost her moral rudder. The blind are leading the blind.

Thursday, January 03, 2008


Sent to the Cherry Creek and Tamarac stores in Colorado
as well as the corporate headquarters:

I see from Life Decisions International's newest boycott
list that Whole Foods is still listed as supporting the nation's
most evil organization - Planned Parenthood.

PP of the Rockies killed 8,800 pre-born babies in 2006.

Why does Whole Foods want to have potential customers
lives destroyed?

It saddens me to have to share this news with our supporters.

Leslie Hanks
V.P. Colorado Right to Life

To ask Whole Foods to stop supporting America's largest
killer of pre-born babies:

National Contacts
Ashley Hawkins

Amy Schaefer

Kate Lowery