Friday, February 12, 2010

Tuesday: This one's for you!!

This past summer I had the privilege of traveling to Las Vegas for a national PersonhoodUSA strategy meeting and the honor of actually being able to say a few words to the assembled about our efforts in Colorado
to legally protect pre-born babies in the womb.

As I shared about our newly launched campaign to champion life, I lapsed into a teary moment of explanation about why I decided to be a sponsor of Personhood CO 2010. My family's world had just months before been rocked by the death of our 2 year old twin granddaughter, Tuesday.

The brief message I shared that day was that life had become even more intensely special to me, since suffering such profound loss.

I told my peers that I was doing the Personhood campaign for Tuesday, "because she was so precious - and every baby is so precious and worthy of protection and welcoming into our human family."

Yes, every baby is precious - because he or she is a gift from Almighty God - and should be protected by love and law.

And so today I celebrate! As I will have the honor of delivering box after box of petitions to the Colorado Secretary of State representing the blood, sweat and tears of our volunteers in the state that started the abortion holocaust.

We are a cultural cadre - a remnant, if you will. We celebrate life! We honor God and we praise him for every new day that we are given to serve Him.

Thank you Jesus for inspiring our volunteers to work so hard these past 6 months to make it possible for us to go to the Secretary of State's office with our love offering to you and for the babies!

Thank you precious Tuesday for reminding me every time I wondered if we could do it, that for you and all the little ones, I had no choice.