Friday, May 26, 2006


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Friday, May 26, 2006

Tom Tancredo for president
Posted: May 26, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern

By Joseph Farah
© 2006

No to Condoleezza Rice.

No to John McCain.

No to Newt Gingrich.

No to Haley Barbour.

None of these Republican politicians will be able to stop Hillary Clinton in 2008 or solve the most pressing problems facing this country.

Naturally, some readers are asking me for an alternative.

I've thought about this a great deal.

Hillary Clinton will be the choice of the Democratic Party. She is a dangerous demagogue who could, as president for four years, complete the destruction of this country begun during the eight years her husband held office.

She must be stopped.

While I have no faith in the Republican Party, given its pitiful track record since grabbing the presidency and control of Congress, it probably represents the only chance to limit the damage the federal government is wreaking on our country every day.

My preference would be a new party. My preference would be to build an alternative to the Republican-Democratic political trap. But time is short. I don't see this happening in 2008.

Unless a person with charisma, money and convictions – someone like Mel Gibson – arose to the challenge of an independent bid for the presidency in 2008, like it or not, we will be faced with a choice between a Democrat and a Republican.

Therefore, freedom-loving, security-conscious Americans need to rally behind a Republican candidate of principle and courage – someone who will speak to the core issues facing us all today.

In my humble opinion, there is one man who fills that bill – Rep. Tom Tancredo of Colorado.

He's a maverick. He marches to the beat of his own drummer. He's not afraid to criticize members of his own party – including his president. And that's what I love about him.

There is no one else in Congress or in national public life who has provided better leadership on the No. 1 national-security issue confronting the United States – the border and immigration policy.

Tancredo's prescription isn't radical – though it might seem that way based on the reaction of the Big Media and establishment politicians in both parties. What Tancredo is advocating are common-sense principles being implemented in nations all over the world – including in supposedly "progressive" Europe.

You can read about his plan for turning America around in his new book, "In Mortal Danger – The Battle for America's Border and Security" – published by WND Books. You can encourage him to make the run by buying it. You can raise his visibility as a national spokesman by sharing it with your friends. You can make your voice heard in Washington and around the country by making it a best seller.

It's real simple. A nation without borders ceases to be a nation. That is the threat we face with as many as 20 million illegal aliens already here and more pouring over the border every day.

I believe this is such a hot-button issue with the American people that Tancredo, a distinguished but otherwise obscure member of the House of Representatives, could actually win.

But even if he doesn't win, it is imperative that the issues he raises get a national debate before 2008. The chickens have come home to roost. This issue I have been writing about for years is now on the front burner. Much of the credit belongs to Tancredo. He has done an admirable job winning over many colleagues in the House.

However, it may take a national political campaign to save this country from the looming disaster illegal immigration and open borders represent.

That's why I am urging Tom Tancredo to make the run. I simply don't know of any other candidate in a position to make the case effectively.

Will he do it?

We need to encourage Tom Tancredo to gear up, raise the money he needs to get his campaign going, start organizing. We need to let him know we will back him. And we need to mean it.

You may say, "Farah, it's only 2006. There's a mid-term congressional election this year. Why are you obsessing over the 2008 presidential race?" Because it takes planning to win. And I want America to win in 2008.

Tom Tancredo for president.

How do you like the sound of that?

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Joseph Farah is founder, editor and CEO of WND and a nationally syndicated columnist with Creators Syndicate. His latest book is "Taking America Back." He also edits the weekly online intelligence newsletter Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin, in which he utilizes his sources developed over 30 years in the news business.


We need to be praying for Tom Tancredo.

"Please Lord, let this man rise to the occasion and lead our nation from the
destruction that is at hand!

Let him see the mantle that is logically his.

Give him your vision, wisdom and guidance as he contemplates all that it
will take to save America from the new world order.

Thank you father God for his commitment to borders, language, culture and
your Word which have made America the "city on a hill,"
for the past centuries.

In the mighty name of Jesus we pray,

Amen and Amen?