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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Barbequed sacred cows
Posted: February 15, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern

By Jill Stanek

© 2006

Chicago is no longer my kind of town. It's a liberal Democrat kind of town. It's a town with a gay and lesbian center – funded by taxpayers. It's a town that aborts over 20,000 of its residents a year. It's Jesse Jackson's home town. It's a town where Republicans meet in catacombs. It's a town where even Catholic priests vote 4-to-1 Democrat.

So imagine my surprise when last week the overpowered Cook County Republican Party issued a press release accusing Democrat tyrants of abusing their most prized possession, African Americans.

In conjunction with Black History Month, the Chicago GOP wrote a profound pro-life editorial blaming the Democrat "pro-slavery" Party of "black genocide" because of its pro-abortion position:

One of the most infamous cases ever decided by a Democrat-controlled court was the Dred Scott case ... The result of Dred Scott was to strip African Americans of their standing under the law and thereby prevent them from ever exercising political power for the good of their people. Roe v. Wade subtly accomplishes the same ends by a different means.

The black population is curbed by convincing black mothers that their unborn children are only property which will financially destroy them, so it is in their interests and the interests of society to kill them. African Americans can thank the Democratic Party and its unyielding support for Roe v. Wade ... for today's veritable black genocide. Today's Democrats continue to advocate a society in which certain people are stripped of their humanity and denied political power.

Score a major hit for the GOP.

I don't know what got into those scrappy Republicans, but they weren't finished. They next took aim at Planned Parenthood:

Recent statistics indicate that since 1973, abortion has reduced the black population by over 25 percent. Because abortion has been aggressively peddled to innercity black communities, black babies today are three times more likely to be killed in the womb than white babies. Abortion kills twice as many black babies as AIDS, accidents, violent crimes, cancer and heart disease combined. Although it is possible that Planned Parenthood and its ilk are racially blind, 80 percent of Planned Parenthood facilities are located in minority neighborhoods.

Score a second major hit for the Republicans. Chicago's Planned Parenthood isn't accustomed to attacks. As the Democrat Party's very public mistress, Planned Parenthood is considered untouchable.

I blogged on the Cook County Republican Party's brave effort to bring the truth about the racist agenda of Democrats and Planned Parenthood to African Americans.

I linked in my blog post to an ad by titled, "Why?" This ad exposes the eugenic agenda of Planned Parenthood's founder, Margaret Sanger. I isolated one of Sanger's quotes from the ad as an illustration for my post: "We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population ..."

One place I blog is Illinoize, a gathering hole of political bloggers in the Land Formerly of Lincoln. Illinoize is inhabited predominantly by liberals. I didn't quite fathom before I blogged how sacred are the Democrat Party and Planned Parenthood cows to liberals. But here is one sample of 139 mostly furious comments I received:

Jill Stanek is an animal. Absolutely an animal, and the Cook County GOP, the most irrelevant political organization in the country, is disgusting, and whatever hack consulting firm they're using for this ... are (sic) hate-mongering punks. Margaret Sanger said those words but, of course, meant the exact opposite – she was quoting a concern.

Stanek, you are a misleader, a liar, intellectually dishonest, a queen of the facile analogy, and best of all politically and socially irrelevant. Pathetic. This is absolutely disgusting, and you deserve this type of vitriol, because that is the kind of hate and vitriol you're putting out into the world.

And you thought I was exaggerating about those sacred cows.

Meanwhile, just as Indians revere their untouchable sacred cows while people lay dying in ignorance all around them, so do African Americans continue to revere their two sacred cows.

But I have hope.

Historically speaking, cows don't fare well in Chicago. It was a cow, after all, that kicked over Mrs. O'Leary's lantern and started the Great Chicago Fire.

It's only a matter of time before history repeats, and these two cows torch themselves due to their abortion obsession.

Jill Stanek fought to stop "live-birth abortion" after witnessing one as a registered nurse at Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, Ill. 2002, President Bush asked Jill to attend his signing of the Born Alive Infants Protection Act. In January 2003, World Magazine named Jill one of the 30 most prominent pro-life leaders of the past 30 years. To learn more, visit Jill's blog, Pro-life Pulse.
FEBRUARY 16, 2005

My name is Bobby Schindler. My sister was Terri Schiavo.

On March 31st of 2005, Terri died of starvation and thirst after having her feeding tube removed by court order on the hearsay testimony of her husband, Michael.

My sister lived in a neurologically compromised state for reasons that are still unknown and my family wanted nothing from anyone but to be granted the permission to care for Terri for the span of her natural life. We were denied.

Terri tenaciously fought for her life for more than 13 days after being deprived of the most basic, natural and constant need that we all share – the need for nourishment – food and water. Terri was not on a respirator, not terminally ill, not dying and not succumbing to any killer disease. She was disabled. She was dependent on others. But, she was still very much a life, a woman and a person.

Throughout the entire history of mankind, never was it held that food and water constituted “medical care”. Our nation now claims food and water to be “medical treatment” instead of ordinary care, to facilitate their removal from persons deemed by the medical industry or the courts as “unworthy of life” primarily for economic reasons. Persons like Terri, with injuries and disabilities, are seen as not being worthy of life, not worth the investment.

It is beyond comprehension that we are seeing a culture of death impose its will upon society’s weakest and most vulnerable members. Every human being is endowed by his or her Creator with inestimable worth. Therefore no human being or agency has the authority to pronounce an innocent person such as my sister as “unworthy of life.”

We, as a society, are standing on a cliff with two clear and utterly polarized choices that we can make: Either we value each other – in spite of disability, or we despise each other based on those limitations.

I urge those in leadership to afford the protections to all weak and vulnerable people which were denied to my sister Terri.