Monday, January 27, 2014

The Wild Goose Case

The Wild Goose Case

Back in March of 2013 Tony Massey and myself, Jo Scott, were accused of "following" Christa Pryor, the wife of Jim Pryor, Planned Parenthood's head security guard.  With me at the wheel and Tony in the passenger seat, we allegedly chased Christa from Planned Parenthood to I -70 N, to I -25 south, all the way to south Santa Fe Drive, reportedly  weaving in and out of traffic, endangering everyone around us.  

Christa left Planned Parenthood (PP) on March 7, 2013, called 911 and told the dispatcher that a convicted “attempted murderer” was following her.  The truth is that when I was ready to leave Planned Parenthood that day, I sat in my car for several minutes waiting for Tony to finish loading my husband Ken Scott’s car.  I watched as a car sat in the PP driveway for the entire time that Tony was loading the car.  It struck me as odd for several reasons.  First, there was no traffic coming either way, so there was no reason to sit there, waiting to exit the parking lot. And second, the security guards at PP throw fits whenever anyone is sitting in the driveway, insisting that the drivers move along.  That time the car was ignored.  

When Tony finished, he hopped into my car and we pulled away from the curb and proceeded to leave.  As I approached the driveway, the car that had been sitting there abruptly pulled in front of me so quickly, that I had to put on my brakes to avoid hitting the car. Tony informed me that the woman driving the vehicle was Christa Pryor.  I have to admit hearing that gave me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. 

Planned Parenthood and their cohorts continually lie about the protesters in order to make themselves look like the victims of "evil" Christians while they're killing innocent children every day. What happened next we certainly didn't anticipate.

We depart from PP the same way every day and Christa knew that.  Tony and I were behind her, until we came to the first light on Quebec St.  Christa went through the light and we did not.  That was the last time that we saw MS Pryor.  I took Tony home and went directly to my mother-in-law's and arriving at 12:30pm.

When Ken and I arrived at the abortion mill the next morning, Christa’s husband Jim was bragging that I was going to jail, claiming I followed his wife and on and on.  So Ken called the police.  When they arrived, they spoke to us as well as Jim.  At that time, I requested a meeting with the Denver Police District 2 Commander. The police declined to charge us that day.  Later Jim and Christa went to the police station and tried to file charges there and were refused.  Finally, Jim Pryor insisted on meeting with the Commander until he got his way.  Tony and I were not allowed to meet with the Commander until several weeks later.  And when we did, we were told that we had to turn ourselves in, because we were being arrested.  We spent a day in jail and had to post bond to get out.

After we were processed into the jail, I was put into a cell with two women that were sleeping in the bunks.  I got the floor.  The whole place was on lock down, so I couldn’t even talk to the women in my cell about Jesus.  While they slept, I prayed for an opportunity.  After several hours they woke up and wanted to know why I was in jail. I told them about sidewalk counseling and what had happened and they both began to cry.  Incredibly, both were pregnant and thinking of abortion.  I was able to convince both new moms to keep their babies and to seriously consider re-committing their lives to Jesus.

Since Tony and I have been out of jail, it has been a constant battle to prove the truth.  We’ve put in hours upon hours preparing for court dates, pouring over transcripts to find Christa’s lies, searching out her past to prove that she has little to no credibility.  Tony has worked tirelessly day and night, writing motions, (40 to date) and researching.  He discovered that she embezzled  $42,000 from CenterPlate, a catering company in 2010 and she is on probation for 8 years.   Prior to that, she leased a car and an apartment and didn’t pay for them.  

Kyle Sawyer a lawyer in Terry O’Malley’s office took my case pro-bono, thank you Kyle!   He was able to find Christa’s former employer and others who would be able to speak to her credibility and he complied an impressive list of her lies and contradictions throughout the last year of court proceedings.  

Soon after Kyle got involved we were hit with another charge.  One of the motions that Tony and I filed was to alert the court and Christa’s probation officer that she was involved in another case.  The DA tried to charge us with harassing the witness.  The charge carries a six month jail sentence.  If a lawyer had filed that motion it would have been perfectly legal.  We were representing ourselves at the time, so we filed a legal motion.  The DAs usually start with a weak case against us then add charges, after the proceedings begin.  It’s always a bait and switch game.   I guess that has to be expected in Denver, which  is totally sold out to abortion.  It took the judge a few months but he finally refused that charge.

Each time Christa made a statement her story would change.  The more she found out about what we had to say about what really happened; the more she would change her story to fit the facts.  She seemed to enjoy telling her story about the chase down I -70 and I -25, to show how adept she is at driving while being followed ; so much so, that she greatly embellished the 911 call to the court.

Christa got a criminal protection order against me in Denver, but that wasn’t enough.  She tried to get a civil protection order against me in Arapahoe County.  That’s when attorney Terry O’Malley took the case.  He did a terrific job in court, and no protection order was issued.  What did happen, was Christa got to tell her story of the car chase adding explicit non-existent details to the 911 call when Terry asked her to recall her conversation with the operator.  She told the court that the dispatcher told her not to use her turn signal and hop in and out of the lanes to see if we were still following her.  Then Terry played the actual 911 tape and the dispatcher never made those statements.  The rest of her testimony was fraught with contradictions and outright lies as well.  

Yesterday, January 26th, 2014 Tony and I were informed that all charges against us have been dropped, due to Christa’s lack of credibility.  Between her various police statements, court statements and a video testimony before a detective, the DA couldn’t make heads of tails of the case, much less prove it! This morning instead of going to court to be tried for a crime we didn’t commit, our case was dismissed!  Praise God.

My sincerest thanks to my attorneys throughout the proceedings. Terry O’Malley and Kyle Sawyer, my good and faithful friend Tony Massey for his tireless effort to keep us free and to my husband Ken Scott for all his advice, help, support and all the long hours on the computer.  

GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME---Jo Scott, P.S. The Goose is cooked!!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Worshiped the Creature rather than the Creator ~

On the eve of the anniversary of America's January 22 commemoration of 55 million children slain by their cruel parents and given no funeral, no name, no grave, no chance ~ we learn that Colorado will seek to protect animals from "inhumane" deaths.

This shouldn't really surprise us but it does. 

As God tells us in Romans 1:25' "who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen."

"DENVER - A group of animal advocates are proposing a ballot initiative for this fall that would prohibit shelters from euthanizing animals unless they were sick, suffering or dangerous.

George Brown, an attorney from Aurora with Animals Vote, is leading the effort to take the issue to voters in November.

"I'm with a nationwide organization that believes legislation is the only way we can achieve some sort of humane way of dealing with the overpopulation of homeless pets," Brown said.

The No-Kill Pet Animal Act is being drafted, but would only appear on the November ballot if the signatures of enough registered voters are gathered to meet state requirements."

Colorado has the dubious distinction of being the state to open the Pandora's Box that led to America's abortion holocaust.  Rather than rend our garments and weep for the rivers of blood flowing through our sewers and repenting for the family lines destroyed by utter selfishness; Coloradans will
soothe their consciences for ignoring the plight of our pre-born neighbors ~ feigning great compassion 
for our furry friends ~ while pretending the slaughter by dismemberment of human beings isn't a problem.

"Ballad of the Unborn

My shining feet will never run
On early morning lawn;
My feet were crushed before they had
A chance to greet the dawn

My fingers will never stretch
To touch the winning tape;
My race was done before I learned
The smallest steps to take

My growing height will never be
Recorded on a wall;
My growth was stopped when I was still
Unseen and very small

My lips and tongue will never taste
The good fruits of the earth;
For I myself was judged to be
A fruit of little worth

My eyes will never scan the sky
For my high-flying kite;
For when still blind, destroyed were they
In the black womb of the night

I’ll never stand upon a hill
Spring winds in my hair;
Aborted winds of thought closed in
On motherhood’s despair

I’ll never walk the shores of life
Or know the tides of time;
For I was coming but unloved,
And that my only crime

Nameless am I, a grain of sand
One of the countless dead,
But the deed that made me ashen grey
Floats on seas of red."

by Fay Clayton, November 8th 1972