Sunday, June 07, 2009

Twilight Zone Time

This coverage, from the Wichita Eagle, of George Tiller's funeral service and eulogy is a classic demonstration of the clash of world views that dominate what increasingly appears to be post Christian America.

Tiller's son, Maury, was the only member of the family to refer to the shooting.

"I struggle with the manner in which he was welcomed into heaven," he said.

But he was comforted by memories of the last weekend, when Tiller spent time with his children.

After that, he said, "I believe that God decided, 'You have done everything I asked a person to do here on earth. Now I will show the world what a loving, compassionate, courageous, selfless man you are.' And so it happened."

Boulder late term abortionist, Warren Hern served as pall bearer.

"Floral arrangements towered around him, and his portrait sat on an easel on the left side of the altar near a large wreath that said, "Trust Women."