Monday, February 12, 2007

Body of Evidence

On Friday morning, February 9, 2007 a young man brought his baby
to convicted felon James Scott Pendergraft's Orlando Women's Center abortion clinic
in a small white plastic trash bag. His baby was wrapped in something amber.
Perhaps a blood-soaked towel. He stood behind the Orlando Women's Center killing place with his baby in a bag.
We can imagine how it happened.

Tommy and his girlfriend Denise had come in on Thursday, February 8, 2007
to start the process of murdering their infant by abortion in the second or third trimester of pregnancy.
The clinic did an ultrasound and took their money. They sent Denise home with Cytotec tablets to stick in her vagina later in the evening to induce labor so she could give birth to the baby she didn't want.
The plan was for them to return on Friday morning to push the baby into the toilet at 1103 Lucerne Terrace.
At 4am, Denise's labor got hard.
As she walked to toward the bathroom for the umpteenth time,
the young mother fell to the floor with a strong contraction.
She felt the overwhelming urge to push. She couldn't help it.
It was uncontrollable. Their little baby came slithering out onto the carpet.
Another contraction and a whoosh, the placenta came out on their bedroom floor.
The baby was alive. She was moving.
Her baby startled. Denise screamed.
Tommy tried to settle Denise down, but she was hysterical;
"Oh my G--, Oh my G---, Tommy! She's alive! Tommy, she's alive!"
Tommy didn't want Denise to wake up the neighbors.
In a panic, he knew he had to kill the baby.
He suffocated the infant with his big hand.
As he crushed his daughter's face and broke her soft skull,
Tommy cursed the clinic for making him deal with this.
It didn't take long for the umbilical cord to stop pulsing.
His daughter stopped moving. He was swearing under his breath.
It was the abortion clinic who was supposed to deal with this mess.
That's what they paid thousands of dollars for. To do the dirty work.
What a bloody mess.

Now what?
As Denise sniffled, dazed and confused on the ege of the bed,
Tommy wiped up the carpet, scooping up his little baby in the blood-soaked towel.
The placenta was so wet and wiggly, like a liver. He had to use both of his hands to pick it up.
He called Orlando Women's Center's 24 hour hotline. He yelled into the phone. "This wasn't supposed to happen! The baby was moving. She was alive! This is an f-ing mess!" They told him to calm down and urged him not to call 911. They told Tommy that he didn't have to worry. "Just wait until 8:30am and bring "it" to the clinic. We'll check Denise and everything will be fine. This happens sometimes. We'll take care of it."

Tommy rolled his baby and the placenta up like a submarine sandwich and asked Denise to go get a bag.
Together they stuffed their little daughter in a trash bag and got ready to go to the killing place to get everything over with.
Although he wasn't due to arrive until late afternoon, the clinic staff called abortionist Randall Whitney and told him about the live delivery at home. They said that he had to come in early to calm the mother down by doing a quick check-up.

Tommy and Denise fell asleep on the bed and jumped up at 8:50am when they realized they'd overslept.
They threw the bag with their baby in it on the back seat of their car and headed for the clinic.
They almost ran a red light, but then saw a police car behind them. Tommy slammed on the brake and their baby's body tumbled to the floor. "Gross!" screamed Denise. "Oh shut up!" said Tommy. "We're almost there."
When they made a sharp turn onto Orange Avenue, the baby rolled from one side of the car to the other.
Denise covered her ears and hummed. Tommy swore.

Tommy dropped Denise at the front of the abortion clinic and told her to run inside and have someone come out to get "the damn baby".
Denise came back out in a minute and leaned inside the car and said;
"Tommy, they told me to have you bring "it" to the back door. Just wait outside. Someone will come and take "it"."

Mary Jo and I met Tommy at 9:30am as he walked slowly to the back of the killing place.
The father stood trembling outside the back door of the killing place.
I introduced myself to Tommy.
"Hello, my name is Patte. I have a special pre-abortion pack for you."
He didn't look up. He didn't move.
Tommy just stood there about 10 feet from the back door. He never knocked on it. He just waited.
His head was hanging. He was motionless.
He looked both drained and stunned, like he was in a dream.

I continued to speak to the young father:
"As you know these late term abortions are labor-and-delivery.
The Cytotec pills that she put in her vagina don't harm the baby.
There's still time for her to change her mind. Let's ..."

Tommy lifted up his head and interrupted me.
He looked straight into our eyes, "You don't understand,"
and as he lifted the bag up for us to see, Tommy said;
"This is my baby."

Tommy was frozen and expressionless, his baby in a bag.
Mary Jo and I looked down at the bag that Tommy held up in the air.
We could see the outline of his little child, slung low in the bottom of the bag.
She was obviously wrapped in something.
A baby in a bag.

Of course, we were stunned and it took me at least 30 seconds to speak.
"Please, bring her over here. That's your little child, your baby. You need to report what happened. You need to tell someone."

Then Tommy came out of his daze. He shook his head,
"No. This is my business."

Before I could say another word, clinic worker Sonia Merced
(who delivers many of the aborted babies at Orlando Women's Center and prays in Jesus' name)
opened the door and stuck her hand out. Tommy walked over to the door and silently handed Sonia his baby in a bag.
"Don't!" I said. "Don't give the baby to her!" Sonia turned to me and said "Oh shut the f--- up, Patte!"

Tommy walked around to the front door. Mary Jo and I held hands, bowed our heads and prayed.
"Oh Lord, please, do something so that this little baby doesn't get treated like medical waste.
Help us find someone who is willing to DO something about the murder of this infant.
Help us find someone who cares. In Jesus Name. Amen."

Charles May was on duty.
The Orlando Police officer who does security for convicted felon (, abortionist and owner of Orlando Women's Center James Pendergraft was leaning against the building up front.
I said; "Please Charles, I need to tell you what just happened."
The Orlando Police officer wouldn't come over.
I was from 25 feet away. (I can't go on clinic property)
The police officer said: "Just tell me from there." I told the officer what happened.
I pleaded; "Charles, it's a baby. You've got to go and get that child. You've got to find out whether she was born alive. She is evidence." He looked entirely disinterested.
And he didn't do a thing.

The clinic administrator, Turiya Valette, came outside. She appeared to scramble and got into her car and sped away.
Several of the clinic workers came outside as well. One moved her car from one spot to another.
Abortionist Randall Whitney came out to his car in his medical apron.
This is NOT normal behavior for the clinic workers. What were they all doing, running around like chickens with their heads cut off?

I called the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's and left a message for agent George Cunningham. They have been investigating illegal abortions by Pendergraft's posse for years.
I called Irving Levine the prosecuting attorney with the Florida Department of Health (FDOH)
who is in charge of the current case against Pendergraft.

What case?

On August 10, 2996 the FDOH filed an emergency suspension of Pendergraft's medical license.
The order focused in part on two illegal abortions Pendergraft reportedly conducted, one in 2004 and one in 2005.
Like Denise, in the 2004 case, Pendergraft reportedly prescribed a 22-year-old patient the drug Cytotec, used to initiate abortions. He allowed the patient to go home and return the following morning to complete the labor-and-delivery abortion of her baby. The mother later gave birth to her baby on her living room floor.
The patient went to the emergency room at a local hospital suffering abdominal pain and bleeding, carrying her baby with her. The DOH reported that according to Pendergraft's medical records, the mother was supposed to be 22 weeks pregnant, which means in the second trimester of pregnancy. However, based on a hospital physician's determination, the fetus was 24 to 26 weeks in gestational age, which is in the third term. Florida law bans third-trimester abortions, unless physicians certify in writing the pregnant woman's life or health is at risk and the procedure takes place in a hospital.
The 2005 illegal abortion involved a woman whose baby was in the 28-week of gestation. When no hospital physicians were willing to kill her baby, the mother found Pendergraft more than willing to take her $12,000 to murder the infant in her womb by labor-and-delivery. Pendergraft also illegally dispensed restricted narcotics to this mother throughout the process of birth, although the abortionist has no valid Drug Enforcement number, required for the distribution of controlled substances.

This is not Pendergraft’s first run in with the law. On February 1, 2001, Pendergraft was convicted of Federal extortion in Ocala Florida, and sentenced to 46 months in Federal prison, 2 years probation upon his release, and $25,000 fine. He spent seven months in prison in Atlanta, Georgia before returning to kill children again.

And, although is is STILL illegal to murder babies in the third trimester of pregnancy outside a hospital in the state of Florida,
we were able to obtain two third trimester abortion appointments at James Scott Pendergraft's Orlando Women's Center
last week.

Orlando Police Officer Charles Mays works for James Scott Pendergraft.

I told Charles that if he wasn't going to do anything I would have to call 911.
The Orlando police officer said;
"Go ahead." We called 911.

A few of us criticized Orlando Police Officer Mays for dereliction of duty.
Paula asked Charles; "Did you see it?" Charles looked serious and said; "Yup, I saw it."
Paula asked; "Well, what did you see?" Officer Mays said: "I can't violate their fourth ammendment rights."
If someone told me you had a gun in your purse, I can't make you open it."
Paula said: "What about probable cause?"

Marian said:"That's not even a good example because it's not illegal to carry a gun.
But carrying a baby, even possibly a third trimester baby, in a bag, outside of a hospital, is illegal."

Officer Paul Jackson and Sargeant Pursley arrived on the scene. They took Tommy inside to question him. We prayed.
A friend of ours called Channel 7 WMTV to tell them what had taken place.

Soon the Sargeant Pursley was making small talk with Officer Mays outside the killing place. They were smiling and laughing together I assumed that Officer Paul Jackson was still inside investigating and interviewing the mother and Sonia as well.
I assumed that Officer Jackson would confiscate the body of evidence, the little baby and the video footage that the cameras mounted in the back of the clinic building took of Tommy standing at the door with the bag.
I felt so grateful for their thoroughness. I assumed that the Orlando Police Officers took their job seriously. I assumed that they would do their duty. I assumed wrong.

When I called Orlando Police Department later on to inquire what had happened with the case,
I was shocked and outraged by what I was told ..."The officers did not make a report".

I spoke with Sargeant Pursley by phone. I asked him why he hadn't spoken to me, since I was the complainant who initiated the investigation of a possible homocide of a newborn infant.
Pursley said that he had no idea why he went to 1103 Lucerne Terrace; "I wasn't aware that it was a response to a 911 call."
I asked Pursley whether he had found the baby in the bag or anywhere else. The Orlando Police Officer said, and I quote:
"They are not obliged to tell me what is in the bag".
Pursley said; "The young man admitted that he told you that there was a baby in the bag. But he said that he was just with you." When I ask the Sargeant if he had searched for the baby, the Orlando Police Officer said that he never looked for a baby.

I asked Pursley how I could make a complaint for their failure to investigate this probable homocide.
Pursley referred me to OPD watch commander, Lieutenant Laura Houston.
I spoke with Houston by phone. Leit. Houston said, and I quote: "This is a personal mission for you. We are not going to investigate."

So, let me see if I understand this correctly. Ms Houston, the only decent God-fearing people who will be at an abortion clinic when things happen are the people who care enough to be there. Pro-life people.
But, according to the watch commander at OPD, their complaints, my complaints will be summarily dismissed because they,
we are on a "personal mission"?

But, a young man who pays an abortion clinic to kill his baby in the second or third trimester by labor and delivery abortion and who says that he is CARRYING the baby he paid to murder in a plastic bag, is given the benefit of HIS word.
Is it the normal operating procedure for Orlando Police Department to simply take the word of a person of interest in a possible homocide when they said;
"I was just f---ing with her"?

How very convenient for criminals that the Orlando Police Department won't even make a REPORT, let alone investigate, a possible murder of a human being when they say; "I was just f---ing with her."
Is it any wonder that Orlando has a reputation as one of America's murder capitals?

Because, of course, anyone who pays to murder their child and then possibly kills her when she is born at his home deserves the benefit of the the doubt when a law-abiding citizen reports that he was carrying his baby in a bag.

And Ms Houston, just so you know ... it DOES happen and it HAS happened.

When I tried to explain Pendergraft's history and the fact that it was a late term labor-and-delivery day at Orlando Womens' Center Orlando Police Leiutenant Laura Houston interrupted me and said:
"Mrs. Smith, abortion is legal."

I called the Florida Child Abuse Hotline and reported the abduction and possible murder of a newborn infant to Sondra, operator 5638.

To this moment I have received no calls or e mails from any influential people in Orlando. (I immediately sent this story out to a large group of VIPs in and around Orlando who appear to be people of conscience and conviction. hoping for a response. NOTHING.)
I have received no offers of help from any Christian ministries or attorneys in Orlando in this matter. I have not been contacted by any concerned churches or even individual Christians. A few faithful Christian warriors here and across America who engage the lost on the street are praying that someone cares enough to pressure authorities to retrieve the videotape and that little baby's body from Orlando Women's Center before the evidence is destroyed. That poor little infant is probably in the freezer of Orlando Women's Center as I type. Stericycle will be scheduled to dump that child in an incinerator as if she was garbage. But, someone may have stashed the body somewhere, or hid it on the roof as was the case in Hialeah in July.

The baby in the bag might have been murdered in the third trimester of pregnancy. But, unless someone goes and gets that body of evidence, no one will ever know.

How very nice for people like Pendergraft.

I feel like we are re-living Baby Rowan's murder at Pendergraft's killing place in April 2005 all over again.
Baby Rowan was born alive into the toilet at Pendergraft's EPOC mill.
911 emergency response failed that infant and his mother too.
Hear the 911 call for yourself!

With the pathetic unprofessional mishandling of the emergency response system in Central and the failure of anyone to do anything about it, who are we supposed to call
when something like this happens? Who has the authority to ACT?
What is the use of laws when there is no one to investigate them when they are violated?

Does anyone CARE?

Together for Life & Eternity,
Patte Smith
Sanctuary Ministries