Tuesday, February 28, 2006

US Supreme Court Gives Unanimous Victory to Pro-Life Protesters
Schiedler/Operation Rescue Vindicated

Washington, DC - Feb 28, 2006 The United States Supreme Court issued an unanimous ruling today finally clearing pro-life protesters of a 20-year old suit brought by NOW under the Federal Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations (RICO) laws. Joseph Scheidler, a long- time pro-life activist from Chicago, took the lead in defending the case on behalf of over 20 defendants, including Operation Rescue.

In an historic third trip to the nation’s highest court, Justice Stephen Breyer issued the unanimous opinion clearly stating that the case is over and that pro- lifers may not be sued under RICO. This decision also puts an end to a nationwide injunction against the protesters.
“We are very excited to finally see this case put behind us once and for all,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “This is a victory not only for pro-lifers, who can now exercise their First Amendment rights to speak out about abortion without fear of a RICO suit, but it is also a victory for the women and babies who are entering our nation’s abortion mills, who now will have greater access to more information and practical assistance that can help them spare the lives of their pre-born children.”

“This is a victory that is a long time in coming, but whose arrival was never in doubt,” said Rev. Patrick Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defense Coalition. “Every American owes Joe Scheidler a debt of gratitude for fighting this battle over two decades to preserve freedoms for all Americans.”

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BRIAN ROHRBOUGH'S March for Life speech
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Death for rapists, not their unborn children - Denver Post Letters February 28, 2006

South Dakota passed a bill to end abortions that doesn't include an exemption for cases of rape. That bothers some people. Their thinking, as told in an Associated Press article, is that if a rape victim becomes pregnant and bears a child, the rapist could have the same parental rights as the mother.

The idea that, to prevent a living rapist from being a father of a living child, some think it best to let the rapist live and to kill the child, instead of the other way around, is incredibly moronic.

Obviously, one better solution is to add convicted rapists to the list of those eligible for the death penalty. That would forever rid the child and all of society of a rapist in our lives. Another can be addressed by the legislature and/or the courts wherein rapists have no parental rights whatsoever over any child conceived during a rape.

The fact is that we don't have to think that the only solution is to kill the rapist's children, whether born or unborn, when other solutions are available.

Robert E. Forman, Lakewood