Thursday, September 30, 2010

State sued for “bias, lies” in describing Amendment 62

By Jack Minor

Organizers of Amendment 62, the personhood initiative, have filed a lawsuit against the state alleging “lies” about the measure printed in the Blue Book voting manual scheduled to be sent to voters. Sponsors of the amendment say this year's analysis of the proposal does not give voters a fair and balanced analysis of the initiative.

Dennis Hoshiko, a local onion farmer and one of the key figures behind the initiative, told the Gazette the state completely disregarded the detailed medical opinions provided by the group and instead relied totally on opinions from the opposition when printing the voter guide. Hoshiko said “the state’s allegation that the term ‘beginning of biological development’ has no basis in science is totally false. We provided them with multiple documents showing the term is well established in science.”

Gualberto Garcia-Jones, a co-sponsor of the amendment said "First, we were disallowed from including the text of the amendment in the 'Arguments For' section. The 'Arguments For' section is weak and does not include most of the arguments for Amendment 62. The Blue Book authors didn't stop there, however, and published several falsehoods about Amendment 62. Women could never be denied health care for miscarriages with the passage of Amendment 62, yet that is one of the lies our opposition is using as a scare tactic – and one of the lies propagated by the Colorado Blue Book.”

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