Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Or how this Grammy is learning all new lessons: My twin Grand daughter, Tuesday's report


Fragile Tuesday
This post is from Sara, a friend of the Whitts:

This morning my mom came over to watch the kids for a little while so I could run an errand. She told me about a little bird that was across the street from their house. That morning, my dad saw it wounded on the ground, wings flapping with urgency. He picked up the bird tenderly, and brought it home. This struck me at my core.

Is there anything more fragile than a wounded bird?

Tuesday Whitt was diagnosed with cancer on Sunday. She has a tumor o n her adrenal gland. Tests are being run as we speak to find out the severity of the tumor and whether it has spread. There have been ultrasounds, biopsies, and a bone marrow aspiration. What is known now is that she will need 6 rounds of chemotherapy. If the cancer is stage 3, it will be outpatient. If the cancer is stage 4 it will be inpatient. When there is more to share, it will be posted here.

Tuesday is being such a strong little bird, but she and the whole family need us to take them up in our warm hands and hold them tightly. Please know that all your love, thoughts and prayers are so needed and so appreciated.