Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Abortionist Warren Hern got Plastered Today.

That is, his picture was plastered all over Boulder Colorado. Two pro life grannies decided to go for a stroll through Boulder. And what a day it was, the trees displayed their glorious fall attire in 75 degree weather while the streets of Boulder were decorated with late term abortionist Warren Hern’s Picture along with his own quotes.
Warren Hern
indicts himself with
his own statements.

Abortionist Warren Hern
Are these the words of a
respectable caring doctor,
or a man driven by bloodlust?
“We have reached a point in this particular technology
(D&E abortion) where there is no possibility of denial of an
act of destruction by the operator. It is before one’s eyes.
The sensations of dismemberment flow through the
forceps like an electric current.”— Warren Hern’s statement at an
Assoc. of Planned Parenthood Physicians meeting in San Diego — Oct. 26, 1978
“Most physicians regard abortion as a stigmatized
operation done by people who are otherwise incompetent
and can’t do anything else ...If you’re going to do abortions
and make that your specialty the best you can hope for is to be
tolerated by your colleagues...”— American Medical News, Sept. 5, 1994
Abortionist Warren Hern
We pray that God would take the wicked heart of
Warren Hern and turn it towards Himself. We
pray that Jesus would apprehend his heart and
enable Mr. Hern to use the wonderful gifts and
abilities given to him to bring health, healing,
and life, rather than destruction and death.
In Jesus Name!
Reverend Flip Benham

Fliers were posted coming and going in his neighborhood. They were attached to the back of stop signs, taped to poles, added to campaign signs and displayed in store front windows. A short hop in the car and they found themselves at Hern’s own “Boulder abortion clinic." They posted their fliers up and down the entire street, on all the cars. Most fun of all was posting them right outside the abortion mill itself.

In true granny stereotype, they found themselves in need of a restroom, which was found across the street from the mill in the Boulder hospital. There they discovered that lavatory doors were a great place to display their information.

Believe it or not, the grannies weren’t quite finished! They headed to C U Boulder for the free speech area where in the middle of the courtyard stands a pillar, ten feet in diameter, used for posting student notices. Tonight that pillar stands ringed with the "late term abortionist Hern" flier.

Next, their stroll took them to the student union. It seems their imaginations ran wild! Works of art under glass strategically placed in waiting areas now have the Hern flier included under the glass strategically placed in waiting areas. The union was strewn with bulletin boards with plenty of room for their little flier. Free newspaper stands with glass fronts made a great display case for abortionist Hern’s photo. Oh, what fun two little grannies can have on a collage campus.

When they finished their assignment in the student union, finding "where on earth" they had left their car was the next order of the day. It took a while but they did find the car - not before leafleting several parking lots, stop signs, and even a bicycle rack packed with bikes chained to it. It was truly a glorious day in Boulder and Warren Hern was truly plastered.

Jo Scott