Friday, May 02, 2008


Do we have a common theme in Edith Tower's
world view?

In this Youtube video, Lauren's father, Randy
Richardson, explains his former wife, Edith's
role in Lauren's current state of limbo.

One would think her former pro-death proclivities
would disqualify her from having Lauren's best
interests at heart.

One would be wrong!

To quote Pastor Bob Enyart, "It's no longer a justice system,
it's just a system!"


Dear Bob,
Thank you for contacting the Bob Schaffer for U.S. Senate Campaign, we appreciate hearing from you. Bob has not taken a public position on a proposed Colorado Human Life Amendment. The proposed amendment is still in the process of meeting the necessary requirements to make it on to the ballot. Additionally Bob has been focused on federal issues, rather than state issues, since he is running for federal office.

Bob believes in the sanctity of life. He has a consistent pro-life voting record and will continue that record in the U.S. Senate. Bob consistently earned 100% ratings from the National Right to Life while serving in the U.S. House of
Representatives. Promoting human dignity cannot, or course, end at birth. Bob also believes we should be doing more to promote adoption, as well as giving parents the tools to provide children with adequate health care and a quality education.

If you have any further questions or comments for Bob or the campaign, please do not hesitate to contact us again.


Joshua Shields
Bob Schaffer for U.S. Senate Campaign

Bob to the pre-born: Later!

Cal's report from China!

"It was nineteen years ago when I first went to China with Bibles. Five of us successfully got 1,300 lbs. of Bibles to northern China. "Charles" met us and got our load safely to the Christians. Feeling like a hero of the Cross after a long, hot, dirty train ride, I asked him about who all was receiving this shipment of Bibles. "It sure was a lot of work to get them here. I sure hope that they appreceiate them."

Charles told us that our load was slotted for 50 house-Church pastors who were currently students at a big university in the city. It was the middle of June. They were to graduate at the end of June and return to their home cities with Bibles. Charles had give one of them a Bible and a couple of Gospel tracts in early March. As a student, this pastor got the equivalent of $.50 per day for food. For $.20 daily, this pastor could buy one scoop of steamed white rice. At the end of every week he saved enough money from not eating to purchase a postage stamp and an envelope. For three and one-half months he tore a couple of pages out of his Bible and weekly sent them home to his city in southwest China. Charles had just visited him the night before our arrival. He was having dizzy spells, had blacked-out once, and had some internal bleeding. Out of three stages of malnutrition, this guy was in number two! Charles lovingly advised him to not send any pages home that week but to buy and eat some vegetables, fruit, and meat. After all, he would be back home in two weeks. The young pastor/student replied, "Brother, you hurt me."

"I'm sorry. What is it?" asked Charles.

This humble Christian went on, "Brother, you offend me. You don't know what you are talking about. In my home city, we have a church of over 200 Christians ready to die for Jesus. Many more people are hungry to know about God also. In our church, we only had two pages of the Bible. When you become a new believer, and are ready to die for Jesus, and get baptized, then you get to look at one of page of the Bible. You do nothing else until you have that page memorized. Then, you give it back to the church and the next person starts memorizing it so the pages are always being memorized. We pray and take turns fasting, asking God to give our church one Bible. How can I sin against God? How can I sin against my brothers and sisters in my home church by living here in luxury with a Bible and not sharing it with them?"

I didn't feel like a hero of the Cross anymore. I repented and asked God to teach me to love and to give like that. Thus, I keep taking teams back to China to bless our persecuted brothers and sisters.

In my next column, I'll describe how you can help get Bibles into China through the mail, financial donations, and taking them in yourself.

Lauren Richardson Case Eerily Similar To Schiavo
Posted on Thursday, 1 of May , 2008 at 9:18 am
By June Maxam

© The North Country Gazette

The clock is ticking away the life of Lauren Marie Richardson, a 23-year-old woman who suffered an anoxic brain injury as the result of a heroin overdose in August 2006. A decision is due any day whether Lauren lives or dies. She has been sentenced to death by dehydration and starvation by Delaware Court of Chancery Master Sam Glasscock III by granting guardianship to her mother who wants to remove Lauren’s feeding tube which will result in her painful and agonizing death, in the same manner as Terri Schiavo.

(continued . . .)


Great News - Lauren's video resurfaces!

Lauren Richardson's father Randy had been thwarted
in his efforts to save his daughter by a court order
forbidding the youtube video of Lauren interacting with
her dog and friends.

The video clearly shows that Lauren is NOT in a persistent
vegetative state, which her mother Edith is claiming.

Edith has custody of Lauren's baby girl and has never allowed
them to visit.

What kind of grandmother would be so unkind to her daughter,
as to keep her from her baby and try to have her starved?

AMENDS, Edith !!!!