Monday, June 27, 2005

Oh! Well, it's OK to have Murdered Her Then.

Mr. Thogmartin has told us that, after fifteen years of a patient lying in bed recovering, Terri Schiavo might have fully recovered from any abuse she endured. Miraculously he was also unable to see whether or not this person had, fifteen years ago, a heart attack or not. Of course, I’ve never met anyone whose cardiologist was ever unsure, say 24 hours after the incident, that a heart attack had occurred or not. No, in my experience cardiologists can tell you precisely how many nano-seconds the heart attack lasted.

Continuing, the Pinellas medical examiner tells us that a person's brain, which consists of 85% water, can, oh my gosh, shrink when dehydrated for 12 days while simultaneously being starved to death.

Last, he reveals that this excruciating process could leave a person blind, actually subjecting their brain to being killed as a horrible consequence of the rest of them being killed.

Friends, that's all we really know from the autopsy of Terri Schiavo. There’s nothing particularly observably wrong with anything Mr. Thogmartin did. He is simply an observer reporting the present state of the laboratory truths: brain shrunk, brain was killed, person was thirsted to death, fifteen years of living recovery erases much data. He is a scientist performing an observation today on remains which were subjected to most nasty kind of stresses and trying to say something credible about facts a decade and a half in the past. We have been deprived, by the Pasco good ole boy club, of the normative scientific process of peer review – neither science nor the law of Moses allows anything to be established without at least two observations of the same phenomena.

So what does this report mean? It means absolutely nothing. All of its substance could have been easily predicted before the report based on publicly known facts and it is the testimony of only one individual – it cannot be confirmed or denied.

What does mean something is that these no-brainer findings are being used to perform an acquittal on the national conscience – and that is vile. The argument being forwarded by the witlessly evil pontificals is that: because after being thirsted to death her brain shrunk it means that her brain must have been shrunk for all the fifteen years before that. But regardless - proof of brain damage is proof enough that we were perfectly OK to have murdered her. NPR smarmily danced around demanding an apology from Bill Frist who had the audacity to assert that a diagnosis of persistent vegetative state was hard to make.

But now we’ve got Proof!


Proof of what?

That she was brain damaged and that thirsting people for 12 days shrinks the brain.

But didn’t we already know that?

Uh, yes.

But what you don’t understand dear reader is that the smear campaign to anesthetize the American conscience to this murder needed some exalted “science” to say that proof that she was, gasp, blind means it was OK to murder her too. Blind on March 29th 2005 or blind in March 1997? Doesn’t matter, shut up.


But the absolutely damning proof is that we can now see that she was brain damaged irrecoverably! The fact that the brain damage was “irreversible” (yeah when I’m dead on an autopsy table and my brain is in a jar, its pretty irreversible too) is equated in the popular press to mean Terri was a total loss like your car when you wreck it. See? She couldn’t have been taught the full webster’s dictionary again’s OK to have even shot her! That my friends is the smarmy argument being foisted on us by the devil Felos and his apologists. And it is an evil that thinking people must forcefully resist in word and deed. They act as though proof of disability is proof of murderability – and they want you to nod your head as if you agree.

Friends, we have to cut to the quick here: this meaningless autopsy is trying to mislead the public mind away from core moral truth which is: it is evil to starve and thirst to death an innocent defenseless injured woman NO MATTER THE EXTENT OF HER DISABILITY. If we begin to make ANY disability worthy of judicial murder ALL DISABILITIES will be under threat of preemptive claim to the authority of judicial murder. They argued before hand that “substantial” disability was enough to murder her - “substantial” being a term they defined. They search afterward and announce that “substantial” disability existed – safe knowing they can define “substantial” up or down as needed. Then they celebrate everyone’s relief that their moving-target definition was reached. They stamp Terri as “worthless”, stamp the file “closed”, pop their champaign and cheer Michael Schiavo’s cheer, “When will that bitch die?”

Expensive weasels now pound one another gently on their Brookes Brothers backs comforting each other that they were right all along: whew! She was worthless! Thank God!

But God sits in judgment of them and knows that they were never given power over the life and death of the innocent. The Almighty knows that all men were created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights. Yes - God knows there will be hell to pay.

This is a smear job on the worth of Terri Schiavo and is a failed attempt to exorcise the conscience of all those who cheered her death or who sat meaninglessly by and did nothing. It is just another damnation in the string of evils spewing from the contagion that is Felos-Greer. But we don’t fall for it. The smarmy bar boys of the Pasco-Pinellas watering hole cannot convince us of their righteousness. Couch it in as much lawyer-speak as you want; the man on the street knows they committed murder.

Holocaust survivors have observed that holocaust denials are like "double killing" because they erase even the memory of the horror. Yet we who remain are responsible for all the more deliberately holding a megaphone before Terri's Blood which cries out from the ground, saying:

“You are my witnesses.”

By FarRockaway from FR