Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Abortionist Ginde Targets Ken Scott with Her Car

Ken Scott stands at the driveway of the Planned Parenthood facility in Denver offering help and counsel to abortion bound women five days a week.

Ken stands at the gate on the left side of this picture. A surveillance camera owned by Planned Parenthood is always recording the activity at the gate. On Tuesday mornings abortionist Savita Ginde, director of Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood abortionists is on duty. But before she even walks into the killing place she regularly tries to run Ken over with her vehicle. Ken is used to it and so far has managed to avoid her attacks. This morning things were a little different.

It was around 9:30 am when I heard the familiar sound of her motor being gunned and I saw her speed up. She laid on her horn and drove at Ken. In order to make him jump out of the way she has to enter the parking lot on the exit side of the driveway. It’s the norm for Tuesdays and any other day that she shows up. But today she drove at him faster and more aggressively than usual. When she got out of her car Ken spoke to her as always. He admonished her to come to Christ warned her of the dangers of hell and plead with her not to kill children.

About 45 minutes later 4 cop cars pulled into the abortuary’s parking lot and several officers went inside to watch the video of the morning’s events. According to an officer that spoke with Ken, Abortionist Ginde called because she wanted Ken Scott arrested for blocking the driveway and for speaking to her. Savita couldn’t have been thinking very clearly because the video showed her speeding up and threatening Ken with her car on the wrong side of the driveway. As far as we know Savita wasn’t ticketed for threatening Ken with a deadly weapon. Although the thought of playing that video in a court of law with Savita on the witness stand would have been very interesting, we are thankful that Ken wasn’t ticketed either. We can only hope the officers issued Ginde a strong warning and that she will stop targeting Ken. She kills children for a living and I’m concerned that she is beginning to believe that she has the right to kill whoever whenever she feels the need.

I can’t help but wonder what set her off today. Could it be that she’s feeling the pressure of Live Action’s recent under cover films of Planned Parenthood’s blatant disregard for the law. Or maybe she’s troubled because women are finding out that the abortion giant is more concerned with killing babies for profit than protecting underage girls from pimps. Or maybe she thinks her paycheck will be cut when Planned Parenthood is de-funded.

Jo Scott
February 15, 2011