Friday, March 14, 2008



When Yesenia rode to her appointment with death, at Denver's Planned Parenthood killing place today, she never knew she'd be approached by Jo Scott.

Jo spoke to her for 30 minutes about the humanity and dignity
of her baby and how God didn't want her to kill. Yesenia went
into the clinic but 30 minutes later she came out in tears.

I watched her collapse into Jo's loving arms and sob with the
realization of what she almost did.

She shared her ultrasound photos with us:

As you can see she will be having twins next fall. She decided for LIFE!! And we Praise God for all who were there today being voices for the voiceless.

Many Denver women killed today, but Yesenia will someday stand before the Lord and thank him for the double blessing He sent her.

The Silver Dollars are gifts from Jo to the women who keep their babies. As a precious metal they are symbols of how precious the moms and babies are in God's sight!

I'm about to print this disturbing article to take
to my Denver Wachovia bank for what it's worth.

I banked for years with a Colorado entity called World Bank. Wachovia recently took them over and I had heard about their support for evil Planned Parenthood.

Thanks to Life Decisions International for keeping pro-life citizens apprised of who
and who not to do business with!

Bank of America, Wachovia Accused of Denying Gifts to Abortion Business

by Steven Ertelt Editor
March 13, 2008

Washington, DC ( -- A pro-life organization that monitors corporations that provide contributions to Planned Parenthood says Bank of America and Wachovia need to come clean about donations the companies have made to the nation's largest abortion business. Both corporations appear on Life Decisions International's boycott list.

LDI president Douglas Scott tells that "Bank of America continues to play word games in an attempt to mislead consumers" and "Wachovia is not any better."

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