Friday, January 25, 2013

States of Refuge to the Queen of Mean: Stop the killing !

Jackson, Mississippi's Abortion Queen Diane Derzis ~ The Queen of Mean ~ sashayed around her decaying empire and claimed Jesus is her savior during OSA's States of Refuge event coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the tragic Roe v Wade decision.  

Her bluster and bravado throughout the showdown between our nearly 100 dedicated Christian warriors for the Gospel of Life and the 15 motley pro-aborts were on full display, yet the event stayed peaceful for most of the weekend.  The Jackson Women's Health Organization has run out of all options, but tried to put a smiley face on the last remaining killing mill in MS, with balloons and typical pro-abort lies and cliches.

Chet Gallagher and his lovely wife, JoAnn drove a truth trailer from Las Vegas to Jackson with Johnny Brekeen and we were grateful for his stirring words which inspired us to persevere until babies are no longer vulnerable to those who would profit from killing them.

Our rescuers and musicians went to two high schools, had a tremendous street protest and an information outreach to the King Edward Hotel where abortionist Bruce Norman stays when he comes to Jackson from out of state to kill innocent baby boys and girls.  As we often say, No Child Killing with Tranquility.  "Cursed be he that takes reward to slay an innocent person. And all the people shall say, Amen." Deuteronomy 27:25

One of the great highlights of the weekend was Pro-life Mississippi's Doug Lane leading us on a tour of closed former killing mills.  Doug had great stories to share about God's faithfulness to the "rag tag" band of Christians who merely showed up to let their theology become biography on the streets of Jackson.  

 Almighty God's favor on the OSA States of Refuge team and especially Pastor Flip Benham was on full display at the 2nd Amendment Rally.  Not long after Governor Phil Bryant told the crowd that he'd fight for their rights, including life, Flip found himself at the microphone and gave a stirring and impassioned exhortation for Mississippi to seize the moment and CLOSE the abortion clinic ~ making it the first abortion free state in the nation which will be as it should be, since it was the first state to pass an abortion law in 1966, to its great shame.

On the final day, Father Pavone joined the States of Refuge event for a memorial service for Baby Daniel, who although he was aborted, still speaks to us about his infinite worth in the eyes of God.

Sadly the peaceful four day gathering ended with a completely unjustified attack on Cal Zastrow and his son Jimmy.  Diane Derzis can't have been very happy to have given Governor Bryant yet another reason to consider in the litany of reasons he already has to remove this evil blight from his city, yet she told the press her security guard had every right to "defend" himself if he felt threatened.  

"Woe to those who call good evil and evil good."  Isaiah 5:20