Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Eyes are the window to the soul

Matthew 6:22-23 (King James Version)

King James Version (KJV)

22 The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.

23 But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Personhood 2010 - Colorado


For Immediate Release:

29 June 2009

Press Conference Announcing Colorado's 2010 Personhood Initiative

Denver, June 29, 2009 -- Colorado Right To Life and Personhood USA will submit language for a new Personhood initiative to the Colorado Legislative Council Staff on Thursday, July 2, 2009, marking the beginning of the 2010 Colorado Personhood Initiative. The state's largest pro-life organization joins with this national political action group based in Denver to fight for the affirmation of the rights of all humans from the beginning of their biological development.

"Over half-a-million Coloradans voted for personhood in 2008. Their votes acknowledging the God-given right to life of the preborn revolutionized the pro-life movement and they encourage us toward victory," stated Gualberto Garcia Jones, one of the initiative's sponsors. "Personhood USA's volunteers plan to work around the clock to keep the momentum going in order to ensure that all humans are protected in Colorado."

The initiative has been endorsed by eminent Georgetown University medical ethicist Dr. Dianne N. Irving. Once approved by the Secretary of State, grassroots volunteers will begin collecting signatures to place the Initiative on the 2010 ballot.

"In 2008 our state's Personhood Initiative demonstrated an unparalleled grassroots effort, with more signatures gathered by volunteers than any other ballot initiative in the state's history, and 1,300 petition circulators," said Leslie Hanks, the 2010 co-sponsor and long-time vice president of Colorado Right To Life. "Abortion is wrong because it's a baby; it's always wrong to intentionally kill a baby."

What: CRTL and Personhood USA submit language for new Personhood Initiative to Colorado Legislative Council Staff.

When: Thursday, July 2nd, 2009 at 11:00 a.m.

Where: Denver, Colorado - Colorado State Capitol in front of the west steps.


Donna Ballentine
Colorado RTL
303 753-9394 or 720-394-8946

Gualberto Garcia Jones J.D.
Personhood Colorado

Monday, June 22, 2009

Martyr Neda - the face of liberty for Iran

Neda Soltan, Young Woman Hailed as Martyr in Iran, Becomes Face of Protests

Fox News ^ | Fox News
Posted on June 22, 2009 4:00:10 PM MDT by Ron C.

Protesters in Iran are hailing 26-year-old Neda Soltan as a martyr after graphic videos of her apparent murder at a protest in Tehran hit the Internet. Iran experts say images of her bloody death have galvanized the country and that mourning for her — which has been banned by authorities — will bring deeper unrest.

"Neda," whose identity could not be verified by FOXNews.com, was reportedly gunned down by paramilitary police Saturday during protests in the capital city. Videos posted on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter show her bleeding from the nose and mouth as a crowd tries unsuccessfully to stanch the flow and save her life.

The video also shows a moving clip of a man identified as her professor cradling her head and yelling out, "Neda, don't be afraid. Neda, stay with me. Neda stay with me!”

. . .

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Let's pray he begins to believe his own rhetoric!

"The Iranian government must understand that the world is watching. We mourn each and every innocent life that is lost," Obama said in a statement.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Finally a LEADER! Thank you Congressman Pence

"We Are Witnessing A Tiananmen In Tehran And The United States Must Stand In The Gap"

WASHINGTON, DC - U.S. Congressman Mike Pence released the following statement after introducing House Resolution 549, a resolution in support of the Iranian dissidents:

"We are witnessing a Tiananmen in Tehran and the United States must stand in the gap. While the President may be ‘troubled by the violence,' he has yet to express the unqualified support of the American people for those who are courageously risking their lives for free elections and democracy in Iran. If the President of the United States will not express our nation's solidarity with the dissidents in the streets of Tehran, then Congress must.

"The resolution I introduced today will do just that. It expresses our concern with the reported irregularities of the election, our condemnation of the violence against peaceful citizens, our affirmation of the universality of human rights and the importance of free elections in a democratic society. Most importantly, the resolution expresses the support of the American people for all Iranian citizens who struggle for freedom, civil liberties and protection of the rule of law.

"The American cause is freedom and in this cause the American people will not be silent. The resolution I offer today will give voice to countless Americans who stand with the people of Iran. I urge members of both parties to support this resolution and call the Congress to give it immediate consideration."

The resolution is available HERE.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hope and change but not for Iran

Hope And Change — But Not For Iran

By CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER | Posted Thursday, June 18, 2009 4:20 PM PT

Millions of Iranians take to the streets to defy a theocratic dictatorship that, among its other finer qualities, is a self-declared enemy of America and the tolerance and liberties it represents. The demonstrators are fighting on their own, but they await just a word that America is on their side.

And what do they hear from the president of the United States? Silence. Then, worse. Three days in, the president makes clear his policy: continued "dialogue" with their clerical masters.

Dialogue with a regime that is breaking heads, shooting demonstrators, expelling journalists, arresting activists. Engagement with — which inevitably confers legitimacy upon — leaders elected in a process that begins as a sham (only four handpicked candidates permitted out of 476) and ends in overt rigging.

Photo courtesy Getty Images

More . . .

The U.S. should air drop Patrick Henry quotes over Tehran

Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!

"I want more than just a new president, I want an end to this brutal regime" . . .
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Why Letterman's joke can't stand!

David Letterman's crude and rude "joke" at the expense of Sarah Palin's daughter is a sorry reflection of a horrible problem in America and an ongoing criminal cover-up.

What the lecherous late night show host suggested was statutory rape of an under age girl, in the form of a so-called bad joke, which by the way, brought an inappropriate outburst of laughter.

Do we as a collective nation really believe it is something to laugh about - young girls being sexually used and abused by adult men?

Pro-life activist dynamo, Lila Rose, has caught America's largest abortion provider -Planned Parenthood - in numerous stings, revealing they routinely cover-up for the rapist.

This criminal enterprise which covers up crimes, while they are required by law to report the abuse of children, is unconscionable and while the problem is under the microscope, Bill O'Reilly ought to use his considerable clout to expose these thugs for what they do for $$$.

The young girl's baby is killed by the PP hit man and she is sent back to her rapist for more abuse until she gets impregnated again for another trip through the "family planning" revolving door.

This whole sorry mess was revealed to Colorado's AG, John Suthers in 2005
and Colorado Right to Life was told that nothing could be done about the taped recording of Planned Parenthood being caught by Life Dynamics telling the young woman to call back and not mention the age of the adult male/criminal, responsible for her condition.

When is enough, enough???

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Prez BHO, You scare me!

Lou Pritchett, a former VP at Procter and Gamble, penned this letter to the New York Times. They declined to publish it. It has since been circulated widely on the internet.

Dear President Obama:

You are the thirteenth President under whom I have lived and unlike any of the others, you truly scare me.

You scare me because after months of exposure, I know nothing about you.

You scare me because I do not know how you paid for your expensive Ivy League education and your upscale lifestyle and housing with no visible signs of support.

You scare me because you did not spend the formative years of youth growing up in America and culturally you are not an American.

You scare me because you have never run a company or met a payroll.

You scare me because you have never had military experience, thus don't understand it at its core.

You scare me because you lack humility and 'class', always blaming others.

You scare me because for over half your life you have aligned yourself with radical extremists who hate America and you refuse to publicly denounce these radicals who wish to see America fail.

You scare me because you are a cheerleader for the 'blame America' crowd and deliver this message abroad.

You scare me because you want to change America to a European style country where the government sector dominates instead of the private sector.

You scare me because you want to replace our health care system with a government controlled one.

You scare me because you prefer 'wind mills' to responsibly capitalizing on our own vast oil, coal and shale reserves.

You scare me because you want to kill the American capitalist goose that lays the golden egg which provides the highest standard of living in the world.

You scare me because you have begun to use 'extortion' tactics against certain banks and corporations.

You scare me because your own political party shrinks from challenging you on your wild and irresponsible spending proposals.

You scare me because you will not openly listen to or even consider opposing points of view from intelligent people.

You scare me because you falsely believe that you are both omnipotent and omniscient.

You scare me because the media gives you a free pass on everything you do.

You scare me because you demonize and want to silence the Limbaughs, Hannitys, O'Relllys and Becks who offer opposing, conservative points of view.

You scare me because you prefer controlling over governing.

Finally, you scare me because if you serve a second term I will probably not feel safe in writing a similar letter in 8 years.

Lou Pritchett

Lou Pritchett is a former vice president of Procter & Gamble whose career at that company spanned 36 years before his retirement in 1989, and he is the author of the 1995 business book, Stop Paddling & Start Rocking the Boat.

Hat tip: RightBias.com

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Twilight Zone Time

This coverage, from the Wichita Eagle, of George Tiller's funeral service and eulogy is a classic demonstration of the clash of world views that dominate what increasingly appears to be post Christian America.

Tiller's son, Maury, was the only member of the family to refer to the shooting.

"I struggle with the manner in which he was welcomed into heaven," he said.

But he was comforted by memories of the last weekend, when Tiller spent time with his children.

After that, he said, "I believe that God decided, 'You have done everything I asked a person to do here on earth. Now I will show the world what a loving, compassionate, courageous, selfless man you are.' And so it happened."

Boulder late term abortionist, Warren Hern served as pall bearer.

"Floral arrangements towered around him, and his portrait sat on an easel on the left side of the altar near a large wreath that said, "Trust Women."

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

No back alley abortions! Never

"Despite operating without a proper permit and putting women's health at risk, Amie Newman of the pro-abortion RH Reality Check blog applauded Carhart, saying he is "uplifting, positive and based in respect for women as human beings."

She called Carhart's continuing late-term and partial-birth abortions a "circle of care and compassion."

To read more about the late George Tiller's replacement, "Partial-Birth Abortion Practitioner LeRoy Carhart Will Run George Tiller's Center"

This ought to be front page news all over the nation!

Photo courtesy of Dr-Tiller.com