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Terri Schiavo's Former Husband Attacks Tom DeLay After Resignation

by Steven Ertelt Editor
April 4, 2006
Clearwater, FL ( -- The feud between retiring pro-life Congressman Tom DeLay and Terri Schiavo's former husband Michael is not as old as the legal battle with Terri's family, but intense nonetheless. After DeLay made an announcement that he is retiring his Congressional seat, Michael released a statement attacking him.

Schiavo claimed "there's no question " that DeLay retired in part because he supposedly didn't want to face voters in November after having sided with the Schindler family against Michael's desire to kill Terri.

"After what he did to Terri and me, he no longer deserved the public trust that he had been given," Michael said, applauding DeLay's decision to step down from public office.

“I hope Mr. DeLay's actions in the Congress and the political costs associated with it will be a warning to other lawmakers that Congress just does not belong in the personal and private lives of Americans," Michael threatened.

After Circuit Court Judge George Greer finalized his order allowing Michael to euthanize Terri and state and federal courts refused to review the decision, DeLay said the judges who abrogated Terri's right to live would be held responsible.

"The time will come for the men responsible for this to answer for their behavior," DeLay said at the time, adding that the House "will look at an arrogant and out of control judiciary that thumbs its nose at Congress and the president."

Later DeLay apologize for the strong words but maintained his position that the courts gave the Schindler family the shaft in their legal efforts to save her life.

DeLay's remarks earned him Michael Schiavo's ire and Terri's former husband placed him at the top of the list for lawmakers to be defeated when he announced the creation of a new political action committee in December.

The PAC will target pro-life lawmakers who sided with the Schindlers. The PAC is expected to oppose pro-life Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum's election and also targets President Bush and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist on its web site.

The Schindler family, meanwhile, has set up a new organization to help disabled people like Terri receive appropriate medical care and treatment.

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Dear Pro-Life Friends,

We have been encouraging you to let Susan G. Komen of Central Texas know of your displeasure at their relationship with Planned Parenthood of Central Texas.  In the name of helping needy women receive mammography, Komen's unnecessary grant of $45,000 to Planned Parenthood helps them to appear as a caring medical facility instead of the evil abortion business that they really are.

 Many pro-lifers have responded in amazing ways.

 Donna and Wayne Garner have taken a lemon and turned it into lemonade.  Recently, their friend's wife passed away from breast cancer.  Kathy was a truly pro-life Christian woman.  After hearing of a team running in the Komen Race for the Cure in Kathy's name, they went into action.  Discouraging all those who signed up from running in her name, they found the perfect way to memorialize Kathy and help other women fight breast cancer without supporting Planned Parenthood.

Donna and Wayne contacted the Hillcrest Hospital Department of Development and set up a memorial account in Kathy's name.  The money will be used for mammograms for women who do not have the ability to pay.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that Susan G. Komen is the only source of helping and treating women with breast cancer.  The Komen organization grows fatter each year and refuses to inform women of the abortion/breast cancer link while partnering with Planned Parenthood abortion facilities.

Here is your alternative to help women in your own community!


Hillcrest Health Foundation
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I still can't believe my government let a completely innocent
woman be starved to death with the whole world watching, to our eternal shame!

My week long fast in solidarity with Terri, didn't make the difference I prayed it would have. Nothing any of the hundreds and thousands of us did could stand in the way of the EVIL
ones, who wouldn't stop until Terri died and was cremated, in order to cover up the evidence.

I pray nearly every day for God's perfect justice to be served
upon Terri's tormentors and for Him to bless every effort of
the very classy Schindlers.

Mr. Delusional still persists, keeping many of us more committed than ever to see him behind bars.