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The inconvenient truth about 'safe abortion'

Posted: November 24, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern

By Karen Malec

Abortion industry consent forms admit that abortion is associated with a number of serious health risks. Nevertheless, when it comes to induced abortion, many U.S. journalists and their medical experts "see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil." Although the evidence shows otherwise, they continue to represent abortion as a "safe" procedure.

Planned Parenthood of Australia's websiteincludes consent forms that list 12 serious complications from a first trimester abortion (not counting the risks of anesthesia). It says that some complications include: "infections ... a tear in the cervix that may require stitches ... incompetent cervix/stenosed cervix (too tight or too loose cervix which may impair future fertility), Asherman's syndrome (cessation of periods and adhesions in uterus that may impair future fertility), depression or mood disturbance, suicide. ..."

Although the consent forms do not say so, infection and a damaged cervix are recognized risk factors for premature birth. Impaired fertility – which causes women to have few or no children – is a known risk factor for breast cancer.

These are inconvenient facts for the "safe abortion" lobby. The truth, however, is not an impediment for abortion enthusiasts in the media and Congress – like Rep. Henry Waxman and other Democratic members at the House Government Reform Committee – who periodically accuse crisis pregnancy centers of "misinforming" women about the risks of abortion.

Four months ago, the Institute of Medicine, or IOM, acknowledged that a "prior first trimester abortion" puts women at risk for having prematurely born children.

The incidence of premature birth has jumped an astounding 40 percent from 8.9 percent in 1980 to 12.5 percent today. One in eight U.S. births is premature. Normally, a 40 percent increase in any disease or condition would have caused health authorities to initiate preventive measures, but we're talking about abortion. Abortion is special, and it's not just any elective surgical procedure.

A prematurely born child is at risk for brain damage, cerebral palsy and neonatal deaths. Last year, premature births cost U.S. society an astounding $26.2 billion. Is it any wonder that the U.S. is experiencing a health care crisis? The cost is borne by consumers, employers, taxpayers, insurers, doctors and hospitals.

How many lawyers have unwittingly sued the wrong doctors – obstetricians, not abortionists – for causing cerebral palsy in prematurely born children?

In an Australian lawsuit against an obstetrician, Judge Michael Graves decided that Dr. Alan Kaye was not responsible for Kristy Bruce's cerebral palsy because her mother had had an abortion shortly before she conceived Kristy.

Clearly, the unprecedented increase in premature births is a catastrophe for our nation, but news reports on premature birth have been strangely silent about the abortion-premature birth, or APB, link. Their studied avoidance of the "a" word is striking.

For example, Time magazine covered a story on the subject in a Nov. 13 article entitled, "Ahead of their time."Did its journalists read the list of risk factors in the IOM's report? Although the report is quite lengthy, one would think that the list of risk factors would be required reading for every journalist reporting on the subject.

According to Time magazine, "doctors can't figure out why" the number of premature births "keeps going up" in "one of the world's richest countries." It's not hard to figure out why there are more premature births when 60 out of 60 significant studies dating from 1963 point to abortion as the culprit.

The increase in premature births was entirely foreseeable. In 1967, Malcolm Potts, medical director for International Planned Parenthood, acknowledged in the journal Eugenics Review that the risk of having a premature birth has the greatest impact on teens who have abortions before age 17.

The Hungarian communist government, concerned about the increase in premature births, responded to the evidence of an APB link by limiting access to abortion in 1976. Even they possessed enough integrity to correct the problem. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for U.S. health officials who have allowed medical ideology to interfere with their professional judgment and are intent on continuing the charade.

Predictably, the March of Dimes and the Johnson and Johnson Pediatric Institute will spend $1.5 million on a project to reduce premature births at six Kentucky hospitals. Why not save the money and tell women the truth?

According to Canadian medical researcher Brent Rooney, Poland caused its premature birth rate to drop by 41 percent between 1995 and 1997 without spending a dime. After throwing off the yoke of a communist government, the Poles limited access to abortion to cases of rape, fetal defects and risks to the mother's life.

Breast cancer link

A premature birth is biologically the same event as an abortion. Similar biological events have similar effects on breast cancer risk. Research shows that a premature birth before 32 weeks gestation more than doubles the mother's risk of breast cancer. The biological reason for it is simple.

The childless woman has immature, cancer-susceptible breast tissue known as Type 1 and 2 lobules. Most breast cancers are known to develop in these lobules. Her breasts do not fully mature into cancer-resistant tissue until the last eight weeks of a full term pregnancy.

During the first two trimesters of pregnancy (assuming that her pregnancy is normal and that she will not have a first trimester miscarriage), her breasts double in volume. What causes this growth? Estrogen, a female hormone (and a carcinogen) increases dramatically and stimulates the lobules to multiply. Hence, she develops more cancer-susceptible lobules.

She receives protection from the deleterious effects of estrogen during the last eight weeks of pregnancy when other hormones shut off the multiplication process and mature her tissue into cancer-resistant Type 3 lobules. After birth, the lobules fill up with milk and are called Type 4 lobules, which are also cancer-resistant.

The woman who has a full-term pregnancy is left with more cancer-resistant lobules than she had before she became pregnant. The more children she has and the earlier she has her first child, the lower her risk is.

The longer she breastfeeds during her life, the lower her risk is. Breastfeeding is beneficial because it keeps her lobules matured as cancer-resistant Type 4 lobules. It reduces her lifetime exposure to estrogen because she has fewer menstrual cycles.

On the other hand, the childless woman who has an abortion has two breast cancer risks. Scientists agree on the first risk – the effect of delaying the birth of her first child. It means that she loses a chance to mature her breast tissue into cancer-resistant tissue at a younger age. The only risk that scientists debate is whether the abortion left her with more cancer-vulnerable lobules than she had before she became pregnant.

Additional evidence shows that combined oral contraceptives and combined hormone replacement therapy – drugs that contain estrogen and progestin – are risk factors for breast cancer. The evidence provides biological support for an abortion-cancer link.

In 2005, the World Health Organization listed combined oral contraceptives and combined hormone replacement therapy as "Group 1" carcinogens. Last month, a scientific meta-analysis in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings concluded that the use of oral contraceptives before a first full-term pregnancy is "associated with more aggressive premenopausal breast cancers."

Journalists with a feminist bias generally ignore studies whose authors conclude that either oral contraceptives or abortion are breast cancer risks. Yet, when a study of lesser significance reports the opposite conclusion, they rush to the presses. Their readers will never be told if, at some later date, other scientists write letters to medical journals showing that the lesser study was fatally flawed.

Two years ago, journalists from the print press and the television media raced to tell women that a large, scientific review of 52 studies in the British journal Lancet found no link between abortion and breast cancer. What they did not know was that the Lancet's authors used highly unorthodox methods. A majority of the studies they selected – 28 papers – included unpublished abortion data.

Yet, the same journalists ignored a scientific paper published last year in the journal of American Physicians and Surgeons. The author, Joel Brind, reviewed 10 studies that were being widely used to reassure women that abortion does not raise risk for the disease. Brind wrote: "Collectively, these studies embody many serious weaknesses and flaws. ... These recent studies, therefore, do not invalidate the large body of previously published studies that established induced abortion as a risk factor for breast cancer."

Researchers admit that the reasons for an abortion-cancer link are biologically plausible. Not one researcher has ever tried to refute the biological explanation for the link. Animal research and an overwhelming majority of the epidemiological studies support the link, but ABC News says that women shouldn't worry their pretty little heads about those little details.

In a Nov. 16 story, "Clinics try to steer women from abortions," ABC News reporter Dan Harris said that crisis pregnancy centers "mislead women by telling them ... that abortions can lead to breast cancer, sterility and depression." He claimed that the information has been "long discredited by the medical community."

Never mind that cancer groups agree that increased childbearing, starting at a younger age, and increased duration of breastfeeding markedly reduce breast cancer risk. Babette Francis, a feisty Australian woman said it best. How do you breastfeed a dead fetus? How do you have a larger family and abort your pregnancies? Perhaps Dr. Tim Johnson and other medical experts at ABC News can come up with a way to do it.

Even Planned Parenthood of Australia admits that the risks of abortion include infertility, depression and suicide. Why don't the folks at ABC News and the abortion enthusiasts in Congress want women to know?

The emperor has no clothes, but abortion enthusiasts act as if he's wearing a smart, new set of clothing. This attitude explains why the risks of breast cancer for the mother and premature birth for their children have been covered up since 1957 and 1963, respectively.

It doesn't matter how high the body count climbs. Women and their "wanted" children are nothing more than "collateral damage." Preserving the mythology that abortion is "safe" is of supreme importance, not respect for human lives.

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Karen Malec is the president of the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Ministry's photograph gives evidence of forced abortion
Teen accused man of rape, pro-life group documented her clinic visit
Posted: November 18, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern

© 2006

A Christian ministry whose leaders have spent 14 years outside an abortion clinic in Granite City, Ill., taking photographs of abortionists, clinic employees and customers are being credited with the arrest of a man on suspicion of the rape of a child.

Bryant, Ark., Det. Jimmy Long has confirmed it was a photograph provided by the Small Victories ministry across state lines that helped secure a case against suspect Jeffery Cheshier, 41, who had been accused by an underage girl of rape.

But she reported he forced her to go to the "Hope" Clinic for Women abortion business in Granite City for an abortion, so there was no evidence – until Long ran across a reference to the Small Victories ministry and he checked their web site.

When he contacted the pro-life group, they were able to provide photographs, with an identifiable license plate number, of the suspect's car at the abortion business at the time the girl claimed she was taken there.

(Story continues below)

Angela Michael, who with her husband Daniel and their children run Small Victories, had just returned home from doing a radio program, and her husband told her to take the telephone because it was a detective.

It was Long, who said he was calling on a hunch. He described the situation.

"I saw that you have pictures and archives," Long said, according to Angela. He wanted to know if there was a photograph of a certain car at the abortion business on a certain date.

"I said to (daughter) Mia, 'Look this up,'" Angela said. "And we had three incriminating pictures."

"I remembered how upset she was, and pleading with him (the suspect) not to make her go in," she said. "The detective asked, 'Do you have the car?' 'Yes.' 'Do you have the plate?' 'Yes.' And I read it to him."

"And in the background I heard the clicking of the handcuffs," Angela Michael said, along with the comment "We've got him." The suspect now is being held on $75,000 bond on counts being developed in two counties, authorities said.

Long told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch he called even though he believed his chances were "slim to none."

The rape allegation was made by the 15-year-old when officers responded to Cheshier's home recently on a disturbance call. She told them that Cheshier had sexually abused her for a year.

The clinic's executive director, Sally Burgess, told KSDK television she knew nothing about this particular case but there are safeguards in place to protect juveniles.

"Anytime a teenager lets on to us that she's in any sort of jeopardy, we are going to do what's in her best interest and that's report it to the authorities," she said.

Angela Michael said she's been monitoring the clinic for 14 years, and has heard testimony from numerous former workers. All the clinic asks the girls, she told WND, is Visa or Mastercard?

Police in Bryant told the station in light of what happened to the alleged victim, questions need to be asked.

"Even as officers, we see a lot of stuff but this is very disturbing to us," said Sgt. Harold Edmonson. "I've been in law enforcement 20 years and this is a first for me. We need to make some stricter laws on this."

Angela Michael said the Granite City clinic is known nationwide because of the circumstances. Its abortionists do late-term abortions and the state of Illinois has no parental notification law.

The ministry parks its ultrasound van on the public street in front of the abortion business and encourages girls to miss their abortion appointments. Angela Michael said she's seen "an abundance" of cases where an older man obviously is forcing an underage girl into the clinic.

Calling Granite City authorities, however, has been futile, even though there are mandatory reporting requirements if there is a suspicion of assault or injury to a child.

"Those police officers are to serve and protect, but who are they serving and protecting?" she asked.

The situation is one that has come up in other places. In Kansas, outgoing Attorney General Phill Kline sought records from abortion clinics after statistics showed there were dozens of abortions on underage girls, but no reports of rape on a child, despite state laws requiring those reports.

The abortion industry reportedly responded to his investigation of those circumstances with an organized campaign to deny him re-election in favor of a candidate who had publicly promised to discontinue those investigations.

Operation Rescue, one of the nation's leading pro-life Christian groups, watched the developments closely, and said Kline's investigation of abortion clinics for "the concealment of child rape and illegal late-term abortions" was the key to the race.

"Kansas has opted to continue the practice of looking the other way when innocent young girls are taken to abortion clinics by their rapists, who are looking to destroy the evidence of their crimes," said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. "It has also voted to ignore violations of Kansas law that bans post viability abortions."

Kline had cited the 2003 state statistic that there were 78 abortions on girls under the age of 15. In a state where the legal age of consent is 16, how could 78 girls become pregnant and obtain abortions without a single report of sexual assault, or rape, on a child, he wondered.

He went to court to obtain the records, and just recently announced they had been forwarded to him from a district court where identifying information about the procedures was removed.

He also just confirmed a few days ago, in an interview with Fox News' Bill O'Reilly, that the medical records also indicate late-term abortions that were done for reasons that Kansas law doesn't allow.

His Democratic opponent had said during his campaign he would start a domestic violence unit, without any additional expense to the state. "Some of the money that's been used on misplaced priorities could easily fund" the plans, he had told the Lawrence Journal-World.

He cited Kline's investigation of the abortion businesses run by George Tiller in Wichita and Planned Parenthood as an example.

The Democrat also got a huge boost in his campaign when a non-profit organization that the newspaper linked to Tiller mailed hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of mailings critical of Kline.

"One of the first steps for a rapist when they have a child victim and the child is pregnant is to eradicate the evidence of the rape," Kline said.

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Republicans' Loss of Pro-Life, Pro-Family Principles Translated into Loss of Power

Catholic Leader States: “The Giuliani-McCain-Romney wing of the Republican Party is responsible for this overwhelming defeat...the GOP...must [now] look to leaders like Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.)—who has never wavered on his principles or his defense of the innocent unborn—as their model.”

FRONT ROYAL, Va., Nov. 8 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer, STL, president of Human Life International (HLI)--the world’s largest pro-life, pro-family human rights organization, with over 90 affiliates in 75 countries around the world--has issued the following statement regarding the Republican Party’s loss of power in the U.S. Congress:

“If the Republican Party truly wants to know why they lost, they need only look in the mirror. The most vulnerable seats in both houses were those held by politicians who had abandoned the pro-life and the pro-marriage principles that first brought them to power.

“In many states, voters turned out in large numbers to defend traditional marriage, but voters were not willing to support those who would not support their values. Some so-called conservative senators were all too happy to water down or jettison their ‘unwavering’ defense of the unborn in the name of political expediency and now they have paid the price. Self-described Reagan conservative George Allen bragged about owning stock in Barr Pharmaceuticals--the manufacturer of Plan B--and President Bush’s shameful support of this deadly drug being sold over the counter deflated conservatives’ support of many candidates.

“In Missouri, Sen. Jim Talent fearfully refusal to come out against the state’s cloning initiative not only resulted in its passage, but the loss of his Senate seat. Sen. Rick Santorum’s race in Pennsylvania is also telling. Those who espouse ‘conventional wisdom’ will tell you that issues like abortion never decide a race. That’s a lie, as evidenced by the fact that the Democrats purposely picked a pro-life candidate, recognizing that it would neutralize the greatest advantage Santorum had in his re-election bid.

“The Giuliani-McCain-Romney wing of the Republican Party is responsible for this overwhelming defeat. If the GOP truly wishes to regain the trust of pro-life, pro-family conservatives, then they must look to leaders like Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.)--who has never wavered on his principles or his defense of the innocent unborn--as their model.”

Founded in 1981, Human Life International is the world’s largest pro-life, pro-family organization that is dedicated to defending life, faith and the family, with branches and affiliates around the world.

Why did South Dakota’s anti-abortion Referred Law 6 fail? Was it too pro-life? No! It wasn’t pro-life enough. How can I say that when there wasn’t even an exception for rape or incest in the law? The flaw was not in the law but in the marketing. Vote Yes for Life lost when they decided their strategy was to cast the mother as the victim of abortion and not the child. So their misguided efforts could better be described as pro-woman and not pro-life. While women are certainly victims of abortion, the campaign disregarded the true victim of abortion and tried to get sympathy for the lesser victim.

So when they focused on the lesser victim, they had less moral authority. They must have been resigned to the fact that the undecided didn’t care about the baby and we can’t change their mind. There was a time in America when most people didn’t care about the fate of a slave. Yet when people finally realized the humanity and victimization of a whole group of people they did do the right thing. First by rescuing only a few through the Underground Railroad, which is where America is at in the abortion battle. Then next the Emancipation Proclamation granted freedom to all men, which will come for the babies with Roe V Wade's reversal. And today in America slavery is unthinkable, as I pray abortion will someday be.

When Vote Yes for Life cast the mother as the victim to be saved, they had a problem. What about rape and incest? They were teaching the voters to have sympathy for the mother so when these topics came up it would be cruel to their victim to force her to give birth to an unwanted child. How did they work around this problem? The pro-lifers produced a television ad that promoted the use of the plan-B pill and called it “among the best options”. How could a pro-life group get so confused? They promoted the wrong victim. Instead of depicting the mother as the victim they should have educated the public about the humanity and rights of the child, when rape and incest came up, the sympathy would rightly still be on the baby and people could see that violence toward a victim is not the solution to the problem. It is the problem.

So how do we as pro-lifers continue the fight? We must show America the true victim of abortion. Every ultrasound shown to a new mother and father chips away at the lie of abortion. Every 4-D ultrasound shown is like a sledgehammer to the foundation of their evil empire. Every beautiful pre-born picture or grizzly post abortion picture is like a wrecking ball to the lie that this baby is just a blob of tissue. The walls of abortion will not fall tomorrow, but they will fall if we stay focused on the true victim of abortion, the baby.

Fighting for the pre-born,

Jason Troyer
Director, Colorado Right to Life

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November 01, 2006, 3:09 a.m.

My How Those Embryos Grow
A closer look at who it is some are intent on destroying.

By Deroy Murdock

Just 14 months old, fraternal twins EmmaLyn and Ian Burnett are oblivious to the embryonic stem-cell research (ESCR) controversy dominating their home state of Missouri. It’s too bad they are too young to respond to actor Michael J. Fox’s TV commercials endorsing Democratic Senate candidates Claire McCaskill in the Show-Me State and Ben Cardin in Maryland. If EmmaLyn and Ian could speak, they might help Fox and other Americans understand how ESCR literally kills living human beings just like them.

Just like you, EmmaLyn and Ian began as embryos. On their first day of life, their biological parents froze them for later implantation. EmmaLyn and Ian were suspended in liquid nitrogen for four years.

Facing pregnancy risks after having two kids, EmmaLyn and Ian’s Illinois-based natural parents relinquished their remaining embryos. Rather than toss them in the garbage, they placed them with the Fullerton, California-based Snowflakes Frozen Embryo Adoption Program.

“We pretty much had tried everything,” Anna Burnett, the kids’ 41-year-old mother, tells me from her Kansas City, Missouri, home. The then-public elementary-school music teacher and her network-engineer husband, Robert, had spent some five years trying to conceive a child. They finally turned to Snowflakes, which paired them with EmmaLyn, Ian, and their biological parents’ eight other cryopreserved embryos.

Anna and Robert Burnett of Kansas City, Missouri with their children, Ian and EmmaLyn, who spent four years as frozen embryos
“Snowflakes matched us with 10 embryos from the same family,” says Robert, 43. Of these, four were defrosted in October 2004. The three viable ones were inserted in Anna’s uterus, but did not stick. In January 2005, they tried again. Of the remaining six embryos, four did not survive thawing, but, Robert explains, “they implanted the other two, and both of those took. We used all 10, and out of them, we got our twins.”

“They’re both healthy, well-adjusted kids,” Robert adds. “They both are normal for their age. We’re truly blessed.”

“It’s like a miracle,” says Anna, now a full-time mom. “After waiting so long and finally getting what you dreamed about, it’s great…They are very curious. They are real live, little people. And I want to see other embryos have that same chance.”

Stem-cell research advocates overlook stories like EmmaLyn and Ian’s. Michael J. Fox’s ads caricature ESCR critics as heartless Luddites who supposedly oppose all stem-cell research. This claim is as broad, unfair, and inaccurate as saying that anti-vivisectionists want to end all medical research.

Republicans Jim Talent of Missouri and Michael Steele of Maryland oppose ESCR in which living, albeit frozen, human embryos, like EmmaLyn and Ian, would be killed to extract their stem cells for research.

If these embryos were mere medical waste, opposing their use to cure serious diseases would be cruel and stupid. However, Fox and his allies don’t tell Americans that frozen embryos are being thawed, implanted, and delivered as boys and girls.

To date, Snowflakes has placed 2,013 embryos, of which 1,419 have been thawed; 762 were viable, 222 were transplanted, and 116 were born alive. Another 25 babies are gestating. Expanded embryo adoption would help more of these souls on ice graduate from frozen orphanages into the warm, loving arms of mothers and fathers.

ESRC boosters eagerly point to the 400,000 embryos frozen in America’s fertility clinics. However, the RAND Corporation reports that parents are using 88 percent of these embryos for impregnation. So only 48,000 are “surplus” — not 400,000. If the Burnetts’ 20-percent success rate applied to this population, it could yield perhaps 9,600 little boys and girls.

The Burnetts, Snowflakes, Talent, Steele, and virtually everyone else support research on adult- and umbilical-cord stem cells, which is no more ethically problematic than research on barbershop hair clippings. According to the Coalition of Americans for Research Ethics, adult- and cord-blood research already has created 72 treatments for diabetes, leukemia, and other ailments. In contrast, embryocidal inquiries, ballyhooed from Hollywood to Broadway, have not generated even one therapy. It remains the most immoral and least productive stem-cell laboratory technique.

One need not be religious or crazy about kids to recoil at the horror of fatally dissecting microscopic human beings for medical experiments.

Anna with her EmmaLyn and Ian

While footage of Michael J. Fox suffering Parkinson’s disease saddens TV viewers, his pain and that of other disease victims should be treated through adult- and umbilical cord-stem-cell research, not by grinding up future EmmaLyns and Ians into pills and powders.

— Deroy Murdock is a New York-based columnist with the Scripps Howard News Service and a media fellow with the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.

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