Friday, January 05, 2007

"Radical Abortion Anarchists Shout Down New Democratic Leaders".

The Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee chairman, Rahm Emanuel (D-IL), was shouted down as his press conference was interrupted last Wednesday by Cindy Sheehan and a group of anarchists she supports from the organization, World Can't Wait.

Later, World Can't Wait's advisory board member Sunsara Taylor appeared on The O'Reilly Factor [] and forcefully justified the organization's disruption of the week's inaugural events, calling it part of her group's obligation to end the war in Iraq.

However, embarrassing the Democratic leadership and driving Republicans from office are not the only activities on the group's docket. Last July, the anarchist group attacked and attempted to silence peaceful, pro-life activists in Jackson, Mississippi July 16, 2006. A group of masked World Can't Wait marauders targeted Operation Save America members who were entering a church parking lot, jumping on their vehicle and smashing the windshield with their fists and PVC pipe.

World Can't Wait activists wore orange t-shirts during the OSA weeklong protest in Jackson, stating "Abortion on demand, and without apology." The organization lists Boulder, Colorado's notorious late term abortionist, Warren Hern as an advisory board member.

Leslie Hanks, VP of Colorado Right to Life commented, "The radical leftist group apparently believes the incoming democrat leadership is so moderate that they were completely justified in trying to keep the newly elected officials from being heard."