Monday, June 12, 2006



I recently cleaned out my purse. In it, I found the
information on the lady that joined us in protesting
in front of St. Luke's Hospital in Houston, when they
were trying to kill my sister:

Sylvia Garza's sister was in the hospital (St. Luke's
Episcopal) with pneumonia for 3.5 weeks and developed
sepsis (an infection in the blood, just like Andrea)
and the doctors recommended to the family that she be
taken off of life support. Sylvia's sister, who had
never drank or smoked in her life, was 62 years old.
Her brain was functioning normally, but doctors didn't
think that she could survive the sepsis. They
"counseled" the family to take her off of the
respirator and the family reluctantly agreed.

The doctors gave her shots of morphine (which are
known to depress respiratory function) and took her
off of the respirator. Ms. Garza's sister lived,
breathing on her own, FOR EIGHTEEN HOURS. This is
with morphine pumped into her, to depress her
respiratory system and with NO VENTILATOR, to help her
to breath. When her doctor was approached by Mrs.
Garza, the patient's sister, and asked, "I thought my
sister was going to die very peacefully and quickly
once you removed the respirator?" the doctor replied
that the patient was just "very strong."

TO LIVE? Why pump her full of morphine and take her
off the respirator? Clearly, this patient had a
chance! Clearly, this patient could have made it!

Mrs. Garza's email is: Her phone
number is: 281-265-4207. She has a list of the
doctors involved in this. This is clearly murder and
since the doctors (this happened three years ago)
didn't even convene an ethics meeting, they are
legally and criminally liable. This is a woman who
was willing, after she saw the news that we were going
to protest in front of the hospital, to come out and
help us protest, because of what they had done to her
sister. This might be someone who can speak out, as
well, against what these murderers are doing.