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Kansas AG Mounts Last-Ditch Effort to Prosecute Abortionist
By Nathan Burchfiel Staff Writer
December 29, 2006

( - In his closing days as Kansas Attorney General, Republican Phill Kline is still battling to prosecute one of America's most prominent abortionists. After a judge ruled Wednesday that Kline lacked the jurisdictional grounds to charge Wichita-based abortionist George Tiller, Kline announced that he was appointing a special prosecutor with the necessary jurisdiction.

The controversy over Tiller involves his performing of late term abortions. His willingness to perform the procedures, including partial birth abortions, has made him notorious among pro-life activists and the subject of numerous protests.

Kansas allows "post-viability" or late term abortions only in order to save the life of the mother or if continuing the pregnancy will cause her irreversible injury to a major bodily function, including psychological damage. Kline alleges that Tiller performed the abortions for reasons not falling within the two exception categories.

On Dec. 21 Kline filed 30 charges against Tiller, alleging that he had performed illegal abortions after the 22nd week of pregnancy. But Kline ran into opposition from Sedgwick County District Attorney Nola Foulston, who argued that she alone had the authority to file charges in her jurisdiction.

Kline argued that as attorney general he had the authority to file charges regardless of the support or opposition of the district attorney, but District Court Judge Paul Clark Wednesday sided with Foulston.

Kris Kobach, a constitutional law professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City told Fox News' "The O'Reilly Factor" Wednesday that the jurisdictional argument was "ridiculous."

"The attorney general in Kansas routinely brings criminal prosecutions in the counties of the state. This attorney general has filed hundreds of criminal cases," Kobach said. "And yet, this judge is pretending as if the attorney general has no power to bring a criminal case in a county court unless the D.A. wants to."

Kline lost his re-election bid in November after Democrat Paul Morrisson painted his rival's views on abortion as extreme.

In a statement announcing the appointment of Don McKinney as special prosecutor in the Tiller case, Kline noted that "two independent judges have found probable cause to believe that crimes have been committed."

He said Foulston "has never sought to review the evidence supporting these charges, despite the existence of such evidence in the public realm for several years and this ongoing investigation."

"This appointment of an independent special prosecutor will remove this prosecution from a highly charged political process in which millions of dollars has been spent in media and campaign efforts to elect as attorney general a candidate who, without reviewing any of the evidence, repeatedly pledged not to pursue this investigation," Kline said, in reference to Morrisson.

Even Kline's appointment of McKinney is expected to be short-lived. Morrisson will have the power to dissolve the special prosecutor's position and end the investigation of Tiller. He has reportedly pledged to fire the special prosecutor when he takes office, but has not commented on whether he will continue investigations of Tiller.

Georgia Cole, a spokeswoman for Foulston, told Cybercast News Service that if Kline made available the evidence his office has gathered against Tiller, the district attorney would review the material and determine whether to file criminal charges.

"Up to this point in time, the district attorney has not seen any evidence that has been gathered during the investigation," Cole said, "so she can't give any opinion as to whether the charges are or are not warranted."

She pointed out that the recent court decisions were not a commentary on the charges themselves, but rather on Kline's authority to file charges without Foulston's consent. But pro-life activists worry that Foulston won't pursue charges against Tiller even if she gains access to the evidence Kline's office has collected. They also charge that Foulston may be protecting Tiller.

Cheryl Sullenger, a spokeswoman for the pro-life activist group Operation Rescue, told Cybercast News Service that Foulston was trying to protect her "friend" by blocking the charges.

"When her personal friend has charges filed against him she reacts in an emotional way as one would react when their friend is attacked. She's not behaving as a professional; she's behaving as a woman whose friend has been attacked," Sullenger said of Foulston. She described Foulston as "a well-known abortion rights advocate here in Sedgwick County."

Sullenger suggested that Kline was reluctant to hand over to Foulston the evidence he has gathered because "he knows she's not going to do a thing about it."

On Dec. 22, Thompson told the Wichita Eagle that Kline's efforts to file charges were "the last gasp of a defeated and discredited politician."

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Charlotte Wyatt Taken Away from Family

The wickedness of the "state" is beyond measure.

These two totally dedicated parents, whose love and care have brought Charlotte this far, don't deserve to have her taken away after their incredible struggle to help her survive.

May the Lord's perfect justice bring her home and
restore their marriage.

Scrooge is alive and well in England!!

Merry Christmas to Charlotte's Mum and Dad - may God shower
you 3 with his love and care this day and through out the new year.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Disability Activists Predict Kevorkian Parole Will Impact Euthanasia Debate

Disability activists were disappointed but not surprised by the announcement on December 13th 2006 that Jack Kevorkian will be paroled on June 1, 2007. Reflecting on years of experience with the euthanasia debate and with Kevorkian himself, the following predictions were made by members of Not Dead Yet, a national disability rights group that organizes opposition to legalized euthanasia, assisted suicide and other types of medical killings:

1. We expect that Kevorkian will show near-miraculous “recovery” from his alleged grave medical problems. He has announced that he plans to speak and write. We expect him to suddenly show enough health and energy to make numerous media appearances and speaking engagements. We could be wrong, but we were suspicious his health problems were greatly exaggerated when his lawyer filed appeals for four years in a row claiming Kevorkian was essentially on the brink of death.

2. Pro-euthanasia advocates will be scrambling to figure out how to maintain control of the debate over euthanasia and assisted suicide. Over the past few years, groups such as the Hemlock Society have reformed and sanitized their images – even changing their name. They’ve worked hard to maintain the
fiction that the goals of the euthanasia movement in the U.S. are limited to legalization of assisted suicide for people who are close to death from a terminal illness, despite the fact that Hemlock provided $40,000 for Kevorkian’s legal defense. With Kevorkian once again gaining prominence in the debate, the public will be reminded of his role as a hero to the pro-euthanasia movement, in spite of the well documented fact that the majority of his body count consisted of people with disabilities who were not terminally ill. It’s also doubtful that Kevorkian will cooperate with the sanitized euphemisms for assisted suicide being promoted by the pro-assisted suicide activists, which will help undermine some of the very expensive public relations work they’ve engaged in over the past few years.

3. Some things are harder to predict than others. Will Kevorkian preside over any more suicides or actively kill anyone? There’s no way to know, since the only rules Kevorkian cares about are his own. The fact that he’s made a promise doesn’t mean anything – he’s made promises to courts before and broken them.

4. Mike Wallace or Barbara Walters can be expected to do a very sympathetic and biased interview with Kevorkian. They’ll downplay his history of helping nonterminally ill disabled people commit suicide and
portray him as some kind of martyr. They won’t mention his advocacy of lethal experimentation on death row prisoners or disabled infants at all.

Whatever happens, Not Dead Yet and the disability community will be paying attention and responding to developments. We witnessed the long awaited justice that put him in jail. We won’t forget the struggling disabled people he preyed upon. And we won’t be silent.

For more information, contact:

Not Dead Yet
7521 Madison St.
Forest Park, IL 60130

Sunday, December 17, 2006

88: REAL Pro-Lifer Heads Colorado Group
On our 88th "The American View" we interview 100 percent pro-life, no exceptions, Brian Rohrbaugh who's been elected head of the Colorado Right To Life Committee. Why he even talks openly, explicitly and unashamedly about "God's Law"! We also discuss such egregious compromisers as Steve Ertelt and the "National Right To Life Committee's" Doug Johnson. Did you know that over the years the "NRTLC" has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Republican Party? And we discuss a new revelation re: the "Constitution Party's" continuing de-Christianization.

Link to full article:

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Condition won't slow his efforts

December 7, 2006

Trent Evans enjoys eating tacos and taking his friends and family out to eat. He also likes to help clean the house and mowing the grass with the lawn tractor.

This handsome young man from Crest Hill was born with Down syndrome 26 years ago.

Approximately one child out of 800 will be born with this condition, which occurs generally as a result of an extra chromosome. The National Down Syndrome Society estimates that there are 350,000 people living with Down syndrome in America.

Evans enjoys working part time at Bob Evans Restaurant in Joliet. He keeps busy washing dishes and bussing tables. The para transit service picks Evans up at his home and takes him to work.

He enjoys basketball, soccer, swimming and softball, and he participated in the tri-county Special Olympics.

Sometimes, like most people with disabilities, Evans is sad when people in stores or other places gawk at him.Evans believes everyone in this world should be treated with dignity and respect.

One of Evans' favorite television shows of all time was the family sitcom "Life Goes On." It focused positively on how Corky -- a kid with Down syndrome -- was included in the family's life and everyday activities. His favorite actor was Chris Burke, who played Corky. Burke is an actor with Down syndrome and now serves as a goodwill ambassador for the National Down Syndrome Society.

Like Corky, Evans dreams of the day when he might have his own apartment and find someone to love and marry.

Evans is fortunate to have a loving and supportive family. His mother, Cindy, has been his advocate. This family also has a profound faith. Evans has been accepted by members of his church and he ushers every Wednesday night.

A piano sits in their living room. I asked Cindy if she played the piano. She sat down and played an original song she titled "Wonderfully Made," in honor of her son. The melody was hauntingly beautiful and the chorus sums up her view on life:

I'm wonderfully made. That's who I am.

For I am part of God's great plan.

I'm wonderfully made by His own hand.

He loves me you see, for he made me me.

Valerie Brew-Parrish can be contacted at

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Friday, December 01, 2006



Nancy Keenan, President

NARAL Pro-Choice America

“Pro-choice Americans have always believed that women deserve access to all the information relevant to their reproductive health decisions. For some women, that includes information related to fetal anesthesia options. NARAL Pro-Choice America does not intend to oppose this legislation.

Most importantly, I hope that over the next few years those of us who believe in a woman’s right to choose and those who oppose that freedom can find ways to work together to reduce unintended pregnancies and the number of abortions. Helping pass Senator Harry Reid’s Prevention First Act would certainly be a good start in that direction.”

# # #

NARAL Pro-Choice America
1156 15th Street, NW Suite 700
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 973-3034