Saturday, May 27, 2006


hi leslie,

we had a meeting with the hospital on thurs 5/25/06.
after long discussion, dr. lyson who is internal
medicine physician who substituting for her colleague.
she stated that my mother infection that she needed
for time in the hospital to be treated. it was her
word that the hospital administration postponed my
mother date for withdraws. as soon as it was the
extension date was 7/17/2006, i could not say a word
but thanking the internist for her words and tears
were streaming down my face as i stepped out from the
meeting and went to my mom room to visit her.

she is more responsive more now as before. she opened
her eyes as i called her name as she was receiving the

it was not only thank to the internist, but all the
people who voice their opinions taking their time and
effort to call the north austin medical center, texas
that made this big difference. their protest is
successful causing the hospital to bulge and allow my
mother for further treatment.

i want thank you and all the volunteers and everyone
who has been praying for us. please continue pray for
us because we still needed and mother is not out of
the loop yet. we need all the prayers and continue
voicing your opinions by calling the hospital.

thank you so much. god bless.
loann trinh